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Most of you already know that last week I became an “indie” author. In doing so, I decided to do something not only to protect my work, but also to create credibility for the books I write. So, I am forming an LLC. Ozwind Publishing, LLC will be the designated representative for my novels as well as Jayme Ronan’s. We are meeting with the powers that be next week to ensure legal formation of this dream-come-true.
Ozwind banner (2)Ozwind is not a traditional publisher and it is not a vanity press. I’m not saying that it won’t grow into something larger, but right now, I’m starting small and slow. I’ve seen what wild, unbridled growth can do to a company. I’ve seen how it can destroy the personal touch of a business. I do not want to do anything half-way. So, Ozwind will not be accepting submissions for some time. I don’t want to leave a legacy of disorganization and empty promises.

I know that some might feel that the creation of this “business” is a waste, but actually it is quite wise. It is a legal way to protect your property as well as to provide a point of reference to my work. It seems that, locally, people still expect an author to be associated with a publisher. They haven’t made the leap to the indie world nor do they understand the discipline it takes to be an indie. So, in order for me to keep local interest, this needed to happen.

ozwindI want to thank Select-O-Grafix for creating my banner and logo for the website and Facebook page.

So, now, the next thing…

In April, my books we be available. BETWEEN WORLDS will be a trilogy. THE FINE LINE & VOICE OF THE DEAD (formerly known as IDOLUM) will go up immediately for sale in April. THROUGH GLASS DARKLY will go up for pre-order, more than likely. My goal is to schedule at least one local appearance each month starting in May and running up until the end of November.

After BETWEEN WORLDS is finished, I will be working on an anthology of paranormal stories which will hopefully be released in October. KACONS OF DARKNESS will be further down on that list. I’m not sure if it will be a stand alone or the start of a series. But, since I have the freedom of choice now, I don’t feel the pressure of having to make a decision right away.

There you have it! If you would like to learn more about Ozwind, please visit the website and the Facebook page.

Have a wonderful day!


Hello everyone. I am blogging today to make a formal statement about a very important change that has happened within the last several days. As most of you know, my books have been published by PDMI Publishing, LLC since April 2013. That relationship ended Thursday, February 19, 2015. Due to irreconcilable differences, I am venturing out on my own as an author and possibly a publisher. This means that the books that were published under PDMI, THE FINE LINE and IDOLUM, are coming down off of Amazon and various other purchase sites. Because all rights are back in my hands, thankfully, the books will be reworked, redone, and re-covered. They will be released as 2nd editions very soon.

I am currently working with a very competent and creative company (I will not name names yet). Our first production meeting showed great promise. The books will be an official trilogy. They will continue to be the BETWEEN WORLDS SERIES, but some titles will change. However, due to the nature of the extreme content (i.e., haunted houses, demons, psychic abilities, serial killers, heroin addiction, adult situations, language, sexual references, and near death experiences), they will stay in the eighteen and over age range for readers. It would take months, if not a year, for me to revamp and rewrite each and every book to make them teen/YA friendly. The plots themselves are adult and very dark in nature. So, once THROUGH GLASS DARKLY (TGD hereafter) is published, it will be the last of the series and readers won’t have to wait another year to read it. It will be done sooner rather than later.

sinkin3To give you a bit of insight as to how I came to this decision, I think it’s important to understand that while with PDMI, I made some wonderful friends. No situation is all bad. My work with them up until the last year has been solid and they delivered on the two books that I put out with them. However, TGD was taking quite a bit of time in the process. October to February was nothing but waiting on edits. There were several passes of edits and I just happened to start reading through the “final pass” to find 130 errors. They were careless mistakes and things that would have caused devastation to my credibility as an author. In fact, the most glaring mistake that comes to mind is parentheses within the actual text manuscript with suggestions for edits. I can’t imagine if that would have remained in the copy. So, I addressed my issues with the publisher, and in doing so, here I am. It takes a strong person to smile as they take the blame for someone else’s mistakes. But, all in all, I was happy to be leaving PDMI, so as I said, no situation is all bad.

I won’t do a formal review of the company today. In fact, I would encouraged you to do your own research. The other night, as I waited for a response to my complaint, my business partner and I started finding horrible, gut-wrenching reviews of PDMI and their business practices. So, if you’re interested, you might want to check out what the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has to say as well as other review sites.

What I will say is that they started out on the right track. They were personalized in their approach and I think they genuinely cared. However, I feel that has been replaced with the desire to grow fast and we all know that growing too fast can cause growing pains.

logo.bigThe truth is, I hold no ill-will toward them. They did a huge favor for me. They gave me a lifeboat so I could get off of a sinking ship. I called them out on something and they disagreed. Happens all of the time. I count myself blessed to be able to go out on my own, still maintaining my creative works and freedom, and get those works back out there for readers. The publishing world has changed so much that a traditional publisher isn’t always the answer. At first, for me, the idea fit like a glove and then the glove got to small.

Even while with the publisher, I was marketing my own work, especially in the beginning. They currently have a very capable marketing volunteer that does a wonderful job. But, when I first started with them, I was the front woman for my own books. So, really, I’m not new to that. Now I have allies in the writing world that can help with marketing as well as other things necessary to help me become successful and most of all, to teach me. I have an editor that I am now free to use because I am not under contract with anyone. I have a talented web designer and web manager. I have a formatting person and a cover designer. What more do I need?

I am not the greatest writer on the planet. I am not a best seller. However, I do know that my writing is important to me. If the people who are reading my books or those that are following me would have gotten TGD with those sorts of atrocities in it, it would have been career suicide. I would have been more than ashamed. I will say this: the situation regarding the errors and the complaint was completely turned around on me as if it were my fault. I guess I was supposed to be quiet about it. That’s not who I am, especially when a fourth grader could hemorrhage all over the manuscript with a red ink pen. Like I said, all is well and I start this morning with hope and a new direction (and the possibility for at least 70% of my royalties when the books sell). It is an opportunity for me to learn and grow as well as to make new friends and find new allies. For that, I am grateful.



**Libel: a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation.

In this blog, I have presented nothing that is false as I have the appropriate documentation to substantiate my claims. Freedom of speech is alive and well.  For anyone that is offended by my opinions, I recommend that you quit following my blog. Keep in mind this isn’t a formal review yet.


vdaysaleI am running a special sale until Sunday night, February 15th. I realize that I have no new material out right now, and I am working on that. However, I’m trying to clear my inventory, so I’ve decided to offer a BOGO event. I do this a couple of times a year now. If you are interested, please email me (see ad) or private message me on Facebook.

A How To Video: Organizing Your Life

Enjoy the second episode in The Sundry Series.

A Book Report by Kim Smith

Front Jpeg (2)I want to thank Kim for reading The Fine Line. Here is the report she did about the book.


Local Paranormal Romance

Between World Series

Book I

The Fine Line by Tracee Ford

When I picked up The Fine Line written By Tracee Ford, I could not put it down it was just that good.  Have you ever had a book that you just bought and could not put it down? This book is defiantly one of those books.  The Fine Line is a fictional, paranormal, romance and a horror all in one story.  I thought it was great that the writer Tracee Ford is from Southern Ohio, and the setting of the book takes place in Southwest Ohio.  I bought The Fine Line on a Thursday and had read the 235 pages by Sunday night. I read it from the time I woke up in the morning until I was falling asleep at night with it in my hands.

I walked into Barns and Nobles Bookstore at Shawnee State University to purchase some school supplies.  I am browsing around Barns and Nobles for a good ten minutes to see if I need anything else for school.  I get to the novel books section, thinking to myself “Hey, I need a new book to read!” so I was looking around, and then came upon The Fine Line.   I read the first sentence on the back of the cover “Set in Southwestern Ohio, Dr. Matthew Gregory and Robin Hillard meet, fall passionately in love, marry, and settle into their newly restored historical dream home originally constructed in the 1800’s” and knew right away I wanted this one to read.  I thought I was buying and reading just another romance novel. I love to read romance novels. I just finished The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy; it is also a romance series.  The first few chapters of The Fine Line were like any normal romance novel, boy meets girl, boy asks girl out, fall in love and get married.  The story started to get good when Dr. Matthew and Mrs. Robin Gregory started their lives together in their newly remodeled home with his daughter Olivia. They named their home “Pikeview Manor” it was located in Southwest Ohio. Then their fairytale life became a nightmare.  Unexplainable things started to happen in the historical home.  Not only did the story line test the characters religion but also I felt like it was testing my own beliefs. It talks about spirits, demons, angels, a creator and ‘The Creator”. (Ford 89-90) I got to a point in the book where I almost wanted to stop reading it, under the conclusion of my religious assumptions I was starting to read something that I do not believe in. I had to remind myself it was a fictional novel.  There were parts of the book that was hard to read, because of some events that had happened, but it also had me on the edge of my seat to where I wanted to know what was going to happen next, I had to know what would happen to this family in the end of the story. Therefore, I had finished the book.

Tracee Ford is a local Southern Ohio author. She attended Shawnee State University studying social science and psychology. She then went to University of North Dakota for her master’s degree in forensic psychology.  She has two books out and one coming soon, Idolum, The Fine Line, and Through Glass Darkly.  She says she started to write The Fine Line as a crime novel and then divided it into two different books and that is where her first book Idolum came from.  She was inspired to write The Fine Line about the oldest house in the town that she lived in. The house was across the street from her in Southwest Ohio.  The house in the book is designed exactly the same as the one across from her in Southwest Ohio. Tracee Ford based the main character Robin Hillard with some of her own experiences, but not everything that happened to Robin had happened to her.  Matthew and Olivia Gregory’s characters are make-believe. Tracee Ford says, “Matthew, in my mind, looked like Robert Downer Jr. His attitude wasn’t anything like that of Iron Man, but the appearance was dead on.” (Ford) Olivia was just someone she made up.  The Fine Line is a fictional haunting love story.

The Fine Line by Tracee Ford was a thriller and I could not take my eyes off it.  I have seen scary movies and have read many romance books, but this one kept me on my toes.  I was inspired to read this book for its setting, since it is in Southwest Ohio and I live in Ohio, and then I found out the author Tracee Ford is from Southern Ohio also so I thought that was amazing. I highly recommend The Fine Line, if you like horror romance books. I am looking forward to reading her next book in the series Through Glass Darkly, to come out so I can read that one.

Works Cited

Ford, Tracee.  The Fine Line. Ed. Richard Sprigg. Albertville: PDMI 2013, Print

Ford, Tracee. Personal interview. 20, January 2015

Welcome to my new series! Check it out!
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Last night I put an episode on YouTube asking for suggestions for a new series. Due to Facebook’s new algorithm, no one saw my post announcing this on Facebook. However, after some people helped get the word out today, I got some great ideas. So, I’ve complied them into a brand new series on my channel.

The shows will air on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. EST. The first episode airs tonight at 8:30 p.m. EST. It’s entitled The Cost of Publishing. Here is the link to my YouTube Channel

To keep everyone in the loop about the episodes, I have created an event on Facebook.

Some of the topics we will cover are titled as follows:

How to Schedule Your Life

Your Own Evolution

My Weight Loss Journey

Cover Design and Sales

Character Preparation and Development

Plot Development

Synopsis Development

Radio Interviews

Newspaper Interviews

Traveling and Expenses

Public Speaking

Learning from Mistakes

Yesterday I witnessed what happens when you treat people the wrong way your entire life. There are some things that you can just see in people; darkness, light, genuineness, compassion, hate, fear. When you come across someone who has held you in high regard only because of what you can give them, you have seen the worst kind of person besides a liar and a thief (although they often overlap). You have beheld the legendary “user.” The person that searches their entire life for people that they can suck dry and take advantage of. Their true self is often difficult to hide. In fact, others usually catch onto this personality type quite fast or even the user sometimes doesn’t try to hide what they really are.

They say “what goes around, comes around” and it is rare that you get to see this, but when you do, you can’t deny that it’s happening. It’s rather astounding, in fact. It’s also a fact that when someone dies, it usually brings out the absolute worst in people, especially the user who is anticipating a large pay-off. In our little story, we’re going to call the deceased person “Mother.” In her last requests, she left her worldly possessions to everyone but the User.

The User spent her life stealing from and using the Mother. If there was nothing to gain, the User would not participate, yet, presently, she demands that everyone, namely her close family, fall down at her feet and give her all. This view backfired on the User.

I observed the User’s expression before the will of the Mother was read to those summoned together. She looked confident and prepared for a reward. However, it did not turn out quite that way. While others in the family were left money and property, the User was given a very, very small sum of money. It didn’t even exceed $10 (nothing else). The User was also given a three page letter from the Mother. The pain she caused the Mother didn’t go unnoticed. The Mother may have kept quiet all of those years, but when it came right down to it, her hurt spilled over into her last wishes and her last requests.

I once felt that the Mother’s view of the User was skewed and unfair. I thought the Mother was too hard on the User. Nonetheless, I have since changed my opinion as I have watched the User try to take from her own children and other family. In her world, she is all that matters and she should be held as royalty by others around her. The User demands money from her children and tells them that they should leave all that they have worked for and mold their lives to suit hers.  And now, because I do not have the job or the career, per say, that I once had and my ability to be used went to the floor, I too am worthless in the eyes of the User as well.

I am seen as an inconvenience. I can’t count how many times I have been told by the User I need to get my a** to work and come to where the User lives and take care of the User because I’m a “nurse.” I’m not a nurse. I am a nurse’s aide, but that isn’t the issue. I was told I should make her child bow to her wishes. When I was assisting with going through the Mother’s things, more comments were made about how the cousins “all worked.” In other words, “You don’t. Thus you are of now use.” Keep in mind, reader, I have worked seventeen out of my thirty-eight years compared to the User’s sparsely worked seven years out of her sixty-odd on this planet.

As most of my followers and readers know, 2014 was a very dark year for me and I find myself still struggling with that darkness. Long before that, I battled a similar situation to the User. I was to worship and bend to the person’s will and I was even called “evil” at one juncture because I developed a backbone. I have learned from the situation, though. But, has it made me stronger or just bitter? So, when the User implies over and over that I am worthless because I do not have a job, it brings back other painful memories that I must battle.

Despite the fact that the situation is painful for me, I do not feel right about causing a scene when the User just lost someone close, if the person even has the ability to feel anything unless money is involved. In fact, I overheard the User say that she would stay and be “polite” and make sure the Mother was buried. Otherwise, she would leave. Because there was nothing more to take and nothing more to gain, she had no reason to stay.

To top it all off, last night the User accused me and her own child of stealing her money. Should I remain quiet? Because it is not my family, I am keeping my mouth closed. In doing that, is that healthy? I have kept quiet about so many other things and all of that pain just builds and festers and makes the darkness even more real. So, what is the answer? Is there an answer? I’m not the kind of person that can just shrug things off, even though I am guilty of burying it deep inside.

I suppose the point of this is that I saw the User get what was coming to her. No more did I have to wonder why the User’s own children want nothing to do with her. I don’t have to question why her children are unsympathetic and why her brothers and sisters do not wish to be bothered with her. She plays the part of the victim, but she doesn’t even do it well.

The other point to today’s blog is to say this: Karma is real. It isn’t a made up “might be.” What we do will come back to us in time. I need to remember this, too. Whatever I have done to others will re-visit me. There is a natural order, I believe. A system of checks and balances in the universe. When we treat someone well, we will find that others treat us well. When we show compassion toward others, we will receive compassion. When we treat others poorly, those seeds that we sow, we will reap. I sincerely wish I didn’t feel the anger I feel, but I am told that only time will heal it. Because I know that the anger will come back to get me, I wish I could put it aside and become numb to its damage. Still, I can’t dismiss it because it is always there, waiting to come forward through tears or some other manor of release.

So, remember, Karma truly isn’t a nice lady. She is wicked and just. And when you are able to finally see Karma at her best or her worst, you’ll never forget what it looks like or what it feels like. You’ll never doubt her existence after that.

Cover Reveal: Georgina Hannan

UntitledToday I am featuring a very talented author, Georgina Hannan. She has always been a part of my blog tours in the past. She has always been a loyal fan of mine. Here is the cover reveal to Georgina’s next book – Another Life!


Lily’s only escape from her tortured reality is the dream world, and the guy, she’s made up.

After trying to take her own life and surviving therapy her life moves forward as she begins university.

However soon her reality and dream world begin to merge and her once grey world takes on the adventure and excitement she always wanted as she begins to learn she isn’t who she thought she was and that her dream guy is in fact real.

Follow Lily on her journey of love, truth and self-discovery as she faces problems that would test even the strongest person.

Release Date: TBC – COMING SOON (keep updated by following one her links below)

#amwriting #amreading #YA #Fantasy

When Facebook began changing its mission and made announcements about how things would change in 2015, I started researching a website that was recommended to me. When my author profile on Facebook was forced to become a “page,” I delved further into researching.

When my profile was converted, I even went out on a limb and paid for a few weeks so that my page would be seen by more people. As of today I have 6279 followers. Most of those were from my old author page merged to the new one. However, since I have decided NOT to pay for another few weeks, I lose a follower each day. Out of the over 6000 followers I have, only an average of 151 of them see my posts. I find that extremely sad and, most of all, I find it infuriating! It has been said and is obvious within the last month that if you do not pay, you remain hidden to the masses. Those very people you are trying to engage are not seeing a thing you post.

The better question is this: Are the “followers” gained from paying BOTS or real, breathing people? I don’t know the answer to that.

tsu-logo-social-networkSo, I’m posting this today, not only to vent my frustration, but to let you know that there is another website for those of us that are trying to engage people. It is From what I can see, it appears to be the new face of social media or at least that is what I am hoping. You actually get royalties for gaining followers. If you would like to get on the wagon, you can friend me there. Once you do that, you can create your own followers, for which you will receive royalties. Here is my link. Follow the prompts to create your own account and there you have it. A way to reach and engage your friends and followers.

facebook-logoOf course you can follow me on my Facebook page, not that you would ever see my posts unless I PAY to let you see them. You can also ask to friend me on my personal profile.


To conclude, I would like to update you on other places you can find me. And I want to send out a big thank you for those that already do follow and engage!

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