Thursday’s Special Feature: Joyce Gatschenberger

The Blue Cubicle Held My Destiny

My outlook was oblivious to what life would be like with a disability. Waking up with swollen hands and feet gave me pause. For a moment, I couldn’t quite decide if I was still in my dream or the twilight of waking. Flexing my fingers and toes offered instant pain.  Attempting to shift my stiff, aching body was like heaving a load of wet laundry out of an old wash tub.  A vision of soaked cloth slapping on the concrete as the load found relief, developed in my mind’s eye.

Medical tests confirmed Systemic Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  How could this be?  An accomplished woman “at the top of her game.”  My life changed literally, overnight. Boy, was I pissed – and still am. It wasn’t fair.  It wasn’t right. Admitting that the situation was real overwhelmed my ability.   My only option was to learn to live with it – which I didn’t want to do.

No one could visually see that I was disabled. All of my appendages were connected to my body. My posture was straight, with effort, when I walked or entered a room.  I didn’t need a wheelchair when I reserved a seat on the airplane. People couldn’t see the disability – therefore it wasn’t there.

The final indignity came when the doctor offered to fill out the motor vehicle disability placard application, with me.  Sitting motionless in the clinic chair, I knew that this would make the disability “real” for both me and the world.

I envisioned myself slowly driving my car down the row of parking spaces and finally locating the blue marked spot. The government had authorized boldly marked parking spaces with blue paint displaying to the world that the person driving this car is authorized to park in this special space.

Circling twice and then three times, I couldn’t encourage myself to pull into the marked space – each time driving slower and slower.  Coming full circle, I stopped the car – in front of the first blue-marked space.   Slowly, and with great physically and emotional effort, I turned the steering wheel.  Pulling into the space felt like I was a long-haul trucker driving an 18 wheeler and just lost my air brakes. Turning off the key, the car engine ceased.

Looking up I came face-to-face with the blue figure that would announce my arrival for the rest of my life – the disabled parking sign. I was a disabled person!

Teaser Tuesday: Guest Post, C.D. Hersh

MERCENARY AND THE SHIFTERS_505x825 (2)Title – The Mercenary and the Shifters, The Turning Stone Chronicles, book four

Author – C.D. Hersh

Genre – Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Suspense Romance

Heat Level – Sensual

Release Date: July 27th, 2016

The Mercenary and the Shifters (The Turning Stone Chronicles Book 4):


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The Promised One (The Turning Stone Chronicles Book 1):



Blood Brothers (The Turning Stone Chronicles Book 2):



Son of the Moonless Night (The Turning Stone Chronicles Book 3):


The Mercenary and the Shifters (The Turning Stone Chronicles Book 4):


Mike’s presence in her bedroom as she gathered overnight items for the guesthouse comforted Fiona. It also set jitters off in her stomach. The man was hot and muscular and very alpha. He’d removed a sword and gun from his duffel bag and slung them, along with a bandolier of ammunition, over his shoulder after they’d been attacked. The sight of his weapons and his protective behavior did unfamiliar, disconcerting things to her.

“Does the guesthouse have a phone?” he asked over her shoulder.

Fiona jumped and slammed her palm to her chest. “Jeez, don’t sneak up on me. I didn’t hear you cross the room.”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

“After what happened tonight, it won’t take much to make me jump. And, no, it doesn’t. But I’ve got my cell.”

“I’ll need the number.”

“Ditto, on yours.”

“I think you need to take your gun. The one you pulled on me.”

“After tonight, I’ll sleep with that baby under my pillow.”

Mike studied her. “You’re certain you don’t have an idea who might want you dead? What about the group you’re dealing with? What was the name again?”

“OmniWorld? I think I’m more important to them alive, at the moment.”

A knowing smile flashed across Mike’s face, and she realized he’d tricked her into revealing the name of the cartel she’d withheld earlier.

“At the moment?”

She thought about the cargo Mr. Swindell’s associate had forced her to ship. Had he’d lied about the cigarettes? If he had, she needed backup. Hugh trusted Mike. She needed to do the same.

“I’m handling some freight for them. I don’t think they want to off me, at least until the deal’s finished.”

Mike swore under his breath. “What are you mixed up in, Fiona?” When she didn’t answer he continued, “If I’m going to help, you have to be completely honest with me.”

She cringed at the word completely. Honesty with anyone, at this point, could only be partial. How much could—should—she tell him?

Help Wanted: Still Seeking Ambitious Writers

I have received a lot of feature requests. I still have plenty of dates open. I am providing this post to tell you what dates I still can fill.

Remember Teaser Tuesdays are for published authors with books they’d like to provide blurbs, artwork, and/or teasers for.

Tuesday’s Tales is designed for folks who have not published anything, but wish to provide inspiration poetry, artwork, and/or short stories. If you are a published author, you can also submit to this feature. If more interest seems to be in Tuesday’s Tales, I will run these twice a month.

Please email me with your teasers or your inspirational work! I am looking forward to introducing my followers to your work!

The open dates are as follows:

4/11: Teaser Tuesday opening

5/23: Teaser Tuesday opening

5/30: Tuesday’s Tales opening

6/20: Teaser Tuesday opening

6/27: Tuesday’s Tales opening

7/4, 7/18: Teaser Tuesday opening

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Help Wanted: Apply Within

All of you know that I ask for article submissions many times during the year. I also ask for authors to send teasers for Teaser Tuesday. Here’s what I’d like to do for 2017: Tuesday’s Tales: Inspirational Works.

So what does that mean?

I would like to find people willing to submit poetry or positive works of any kind. I would like to feature it on the last Tuesday of every month. If you write positive articles, heart-felt short stories, engaging poetry, or anything else that would be considered “inspirational,” please send it my way. I have many spots open for this year. You don’t have to be published either. Anything that you consider to be uplifting, please think about sharing it on my blog.

Additionally, I have spots open for Teaser Tuesday. If I have not featured teasers for you, please contact me. I filled a lot of spot in 2016, but I’m looking for authors I have never featured before. SO PLEASE SHARE THIS BLOG POST WITH YOUR WRITER FRIENDS.

How do you submit?

Click the “submit an article” button and follow the prompts. It will send an email to me.

How many times can you submit an inspirational piece?

As many times as you’d like. I would love to get some regulars.

I sort of lost track of my Freaky Friday and plan to start it again as well.

I really hope to hear from you!