Month of Thanks: DAY 21

Today I am thankful for the ability to move forward.  There are times in life when a person can question his/her purpose and whether or not all of the trials are worth the end result.  There are situations I never thought I would make it through.  I did.  Yes, I have scars, and yes there is some damage, but all of that can be turned around and used for my benefit.  Lessons were learned.  Revelations were discovered.  Growth occurred.  The fact is that if you’re breathing that means you’re trying.  Giving up is the easy thing to do.  It’s fighting the good fight that’s hard, but that fight is what matters most.


Month of Thanks: Day 20


Today I am thankful for incredibly understanding employers.  I currently have the stomach flu.  I can’t teach today, and because I’ve been sick since Saturday night, I’m anticipating that I may not be better tomorrow.  Therefore, I can’t teach tomorrow.  Whenever I have had to call off for other jobs, I was made to feel guilty.  I have never been made to feel that way by the folks I currently work for.  So, today I am thankful for respect.


Month of Thanks: Day 19

I’m thankful for the mystical things in life.  Next month I will be doing a blog series about spirit animals and the role they play in our lives.  This may sound completely crazy, but I assure you they exist.

In January I want to do a series about Roman/Greek mythology.  I will probably take another mystical path in February, but I haven’t decided which path to take.  No matter what the path, mystery and mysticism is awesome to explore.

Month of Thanks: Day 18

Today I’m thankful a roof over my head, food in my belly, and clothing on my back.  I know that sounds cliché and simplistic, but there are folks out there who do not have those three essential needs in their life.  I learned that those three things can be placed in jeopardy quite quickly.  Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of just how lucky we are.  The things we often take for granted are the things that other dream of obtaining.  Simply embracing the blessing of basic needs is enough to make us smile and reflect.

Month of Thanks: DAY 17

I am thankful that I spent the afternoon with a group of awesome, talented high school students.  I was invited to a creative writing activity at a local school.  It has been a few years since I have done anything like this. I truly missed it. I was very  excited and honored that they thought of me!

This entire activity reminded me of why I started publishing.  I wanted to reach people and touch them with storylines and plots.  The writing bug usually begins to bite around this time of year.  I will be glad when I have the entire month of December to devote time to working on my novels.

Month of Thanks: Day 16

Today I would like to say how thankful I am to be an American.  I am thankful for the rights I have afforded to me by those who have bled and died for my country.  I am thankful for the opportunities that have been given to me as an American citizen.  I can pursue any avenue I choose.  I can even run for public office, which is quite tempting.  I have started a business.  I teach on two college campuses.  I have empowerment at my side.  That is not something everyone can say.


Month of Thanks: DAY 15

I moved back to the area I’m in now because of my Aunt Kat.  In 2010 I made the decision to come home because I knew her health was failing.  I’m glad I did.  Today I am thankful for her influence on my life.  She was quiet and calm.  She was always peaceful.  She was selfless and kind.  I miss her every single day.

I’ve noticed a distinct pattern with my list of Thanksgiving this year.  Many of the posts are reflective.  The fact is that death is such a significant part of life with each passing year.  We really don’t give it much thought when we’re young.  However, as the years creep by we begin to consider our mortality a little more.  I think because we have suffered two significant losses this past year (my father-in-law and my aunt Evelyn), it has made an impact on how I view things.

I’ve had many losses, but I always dreaded the days that would surely bring the passing of my aunts (Kat and Evelyn).  These ladies were a fixture in my life from the time I was a small child.  They were a part of every holiday, birthday, celebration, or anything else of significance.  I still grieve over both of them.  With them my childhood died in a sense, which is very hard for me to cope with.  Yes, I still have my parents, but these women were like grandmothers to me.  My grandma died when I was very young and Kat and Evelyn stepped into her place quickly and willingly.

I am crying as I type this post because I can still hear their voices, see their faces, and remember the finest details about experiences we shared together.  But here’s the light at the end of the tunnel.  No one can ever take that from me.  I will always have those precious memories.  I am thankful for every single second I spent with my aunts.  I wouldn’t trade those times for anything in the world!