Spirit Animals: The Raven

Every time I think of a raven, I think of Edgar Allen Poe.  The raven is sort of mysterious.  People often associate the arrival of a raven to be a warning.  They are messengers.  That’s true, but what does it mean when one flies into your life?  Again, see the crediting in the reference section if you are interested.

Ravens signal the arrival of magic in your life.  A raven arriving means that there are changes that can be made in your life, and if you have dreams that you want to make a reality, now is the time.  The raven will take you to the darkest places of your inner conflicts and open doors to your healing abilities.

The raven totem symbolizes intelligence, mystery, and the ability to learn fast.  So, this is the opposite of the last two posts.  The raven is a quick moving guide.  Swooping in and making things happen is the mantra of this fascinating animal spirit.

You can also intimidate others.  You may exude assertiveness, which can be frightening to some people unless they know how to handle you.  When this animal arrives, nonetheless, it is likely to amplify those traits.

Folks who practice magic can be enabled by their raven.  The raven is a divination animal and can arrive because of knowledge you may already have about success and magical practices.  Cosmic forces are at work already when the raven comes calling.

Let’s get some history about this gorgeous, dark creature.  According to Wild Gratitude (2013), tribal people see the Raven as a hero God who either created the world or assisted in its creation.  Many tribal people know the raven as a spirit who provides aid, but also provides trouble.  The raven is known as a “trickster” (Spirit Animals, 2013) and often brings about hardship.  However, the raven’s ability to trick people often comes with setting things right.  In other words, things are already wrong and the raven tricks the recipient into changing things, which actually works toward positive outcomes.  You could say that the raven is a teacher.

When the raven comes to you it may signal that it is time to re-evaluate.  You may be in for a rebirth.

Another interesting fact is that the raven is an illusionist, which isn’t surprising given its power in magic.  They can help us wrap our head around things that we don’t understand.  When we have things happen to us that we know that no one else would ever believe, it may be your raven at work.  The raven works very hard to tear down your preconceived notions opening you up to limitless possibilities.  He is the driving force behind the belief in the fact that EVERYTHING is possible.


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Spirit Animals: Turtles

Call me biased, but I think turtles are the cutest little animals!  However, they aren’t always little.  The sea turtle is large.  These are beautiful, timeless animals who have been around for a very long time.  They also live long lives if they are left undisturbed.  For crediting, see the reference section.

The turtle is another patience animal.  These animals are naturally slow-moving in the wild.  Does it feel like the turtle took forever to find you?  Maybe that’s the case.  Timing is essential for the arrival of the turtle.

For those of you who find that a turtle is sitting on the tree stump by the pond of your life, pay special attention to the details in your world.  Whether it’s a project or your personal situation, be mindful of the tiny things.  Take each step knowingly and willingly.  Try not to rush ahead.  It might take some time to reach your goals, but the turtle reminds you that you will succeed.

Turtles also signify earth energy.  So, it may be that it’s time to ground yourself.  Additionally, you might be one of those people how are great at navigation.  That ability might stem from the spirit totem.  You may also have the tendency to withdraw in uncomfortable circumstances or in situations you see as threatening (this is like the turtle going into its shell).  To help with this, be cognoscente of returning to the earth what she has granted you.  In other words, honor the creativity you hold within yourself.  Use water and earth energies to create balance in your life.

The arrival of a turtle also signifies the need for peace.  Again, this goes back to the willingness to be determined, but doing it at a steady pace.  The patience may bring about a settling down in your life.  However, remember that turtles might be slow on land, but they fly in the water.  So, once more, it’s association with earth and water is crucial to understanding the spirit this animal is granting you.  This might mean it’s time for you to take a break from the busy world around you and find serenity.  Do you like the ocean or being near water?  This may be why.  Your spirit animal may be drawing you back to the basics.  Standing in the water with bare feet is a great way to ground yourself.  If you can’t escape to a tropical paradise, stand on the ground with bare feet.  It offers the same relief.  The turtle will teach you these things and much more.

More information provided by Harris (2017) also states that the turtle represents the following:

  • Ability to stay grounded, even in moments of disturbances and chaos
  • Slowing down, pacing yourself
  • Determination, persistence
  • Emotional strength and understanding
  • Ancient wisdom

Because I always enjoy reading Harris (2017) and her work with spirit animals, she presented some pretty compelling information about the turtle that might help you.  The American continent is actually known as “Turtle Island” according to Native American lore.  Here is a direct quote to help you understand the legend:  “It is said that the Turtle carried the weight of the land of that continent on her back. This image is also present in Hindu and Chinese cultures, where the turtle is the animal carrying Mother Earth  and holding the world in balance” (Harris, 2017).  This means that a turtle totem gives you access to ancient wisdom, but not just wisdom, earth wisdom.  You are likely very aware of the elements, land, plants, people, and animals.  You are peace.  When people find you, they find that they are calmed.  That might be your turtle coming through to others.

The turtle also symbolizes longevity and immortality in many mythologies around the world.  Why?  Because of the turtle’s appearance.  The wrinkly, dry skin and slow movement calls to mind old age.  However, the association with longevity is a good thing.  I found something fascinating when reading an article by Wild Gratitude (2015).  The relationship to aging could come from as far back as Darwin’s research.  He met “Harriet,” a Galapagos tortoise, while studying evolution.  Harriet passed away 171 years after befriending Darwin.  She passed in 2006 at the age of 250.  Isn’t that astounding?

Something else that Wild Gratitude (2015) taught me was that the internal organs of turtle DO NOT age!  They are the only animal that can brag about this.  Therefore, the solution to aging may actually be in the DNA of the turtle!  So, does that mean that these animals can open the gate to eternal life?  Are they the key to the fountain of youth?

Think of the wisdom you would gain living 250 years.  The point is that there is a timeless quality that comes with the human soul.  That is why it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that our souls have lived through MANY  lifetimes.  The turtle reminds us of this possibility.  If we can embrace that timelessness, we may be able to relieve some of the stress we sometimes shoulder.  We’ve been through all of this before!  This may even ease our anxiety surrounding death!

Remember that turtles are determined.  So, if you find that you are struggling with making it from point A to point B, don’t give up.  Your animal might help you pull through.  Along the way, there are lessons you need to learn and areas of growth that have to happen in order for you to truly appreciate your journey.  Welcome you turtle into your life for those reasons.  When you feel weary, pull from the determination this spirit animal offers you.  The end results may astound you!




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Spirit Animals: Elephant

How in the world can an Elephant spirit animal even fit in your front room?  If a dragon can fit into your life, an elephant can easily make its way into your world.  As always, the crediting will be at the bottom.  So, if you want to see where some of the information for this post came from, take a look at the reference section.

Elephants are beautiful animals.  These magnificent animals have a cognitive ability that amazes me.  They remember their dead.  They cry, and exhibit emotions like humans.  What does it mean when one of these animals attaches to your spirit?

When an elephant arrives in your life it is likely a reminder that you need to be mindful of self-care.  I’m not just talking about bathing and brushing your teeth.  Spiritual self-care is just as important as hygienic self-care.  The arrival of this animal may also signal that you need to help others, but our first priority should be ourselves.  The elephant is there to tell us that we have natural instincts that will take us where we need to go, and that there are parts of ourselves that require nourishment.  If you’ve isolated yourself, the arrival of this animal may tell you to find your way back to the ones who love you.

The other option is that you’ve lost focus.  Maybe you have been focusing on parts of your life instead of looking at the whole picture.  In some cases, it may mean that you have to dig into some buried, and even painful memories, and then learn to let them go; learn to heal.

Elephants are strong, robust animals.  In fact, no other land animal can match an elephant’s strength.  Better yet, the elephant knows its own strength.  It is acutely aware of how powerful it can be.  They also have an incredible memory bank.  They often bring those qualities with them when they attach to your spirit.

The other quality that elephants possess is patience.  I think I heard a collective sigh out there.  Patience isn’t something that most of us want to consider, let alone practice.  In our instant gratification world, we want everything right now!  The elephant teaches us that sometimes waiting is what we need to do to discover our true destiny or even our deeper strengths.  You need to rely on conscious processes, not speed.  Your elephant can help you with that.

Most of the time, according to the research I’ve completed for this post, a person who is highly intelligent attracts the elephant spirit.  These people feel deeply and respond to “those feelings from a place of inner knowing” (Elephant Symbolism, 2017).  Family tends to be first in your life, and you are especially mindful of the children in your life as well as the elderly.  You have compassion for those who need help, and the elephant is attracted to those who show a strong sense of loyalty in all situations.

Elephants are selfless.  They will look after each other, and provide for the weaker members of the group.  That is likely a quality you possess, but remember that the elephant is also calling you back to self.  How can you take care of you?  When this animal trumpets into your life, you have found a motherly figure.  She will look after you and bring things to your mind when you lease expect it.  She is gentle, but when the time comes that discipline is required, she will exercise it for your betterment.

As I always say, in order to connect with your animal, meditate.  Quiet yourself.  Collect tangible totems that represent your connection to the animal who has chosen you.  Reflect.  Take the time to commune with the animal because bonding is crucial.


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Spirit animals: Eagle

Aren’t eagles beautiful?  As the symbol of my country, I wondered what the animal means to those of us who have an attachment.  The eagle is another one of my son’s spirit animals.  So, as we delve into this study, be sure to note the reference section for proper crediting.

When the eagle arrives in your life it is time to find courage and to really reach for the stars.  Don’t accept the words, “It can’t be done.”  Defy them.  this symbolic totem tells you to believe in yourself, and try to see things from a brand new perspective.  However, the eagle also tells us to be patient with what is happening in our lives right now.  It can reassure us that although the current situation is hard, what is ahead will allow us to soar to new heights with untold possibilities.

Various cultures drew conclusions about the eagle as a spirit animal.  The Native Americans viewed the eagle as strength, power, leadership, and vision.  The eagle was the symbol of many ancient cultures ranging from Egypt to Rome and now to the U.S.  In Aztec culture, the chief was told to settle in an area where an eagle sat on a cactus eating a snake (Phillips).  Zeus changed into an eagle at times.  The Pueblos saw the eagle to be associated with the sun (Phillips).

The eagle is associated with the element of air.  The qualities the eagle spirit offers is meant to help you find balance on all levels of existence.  Additionally, it’s there to promote inner-growth.  You will also find that with the eagle in your life, you can become profoundly aware of spirituality.  However, because these animals live near water in the wild, it is thought that they can also bring the cleansing power of the water element.

Other qualities associated with this animal are provided by Spirit Animal Totem (2014).  They are as follows

  • action
  • bigger picture
  • creation
  • creativity
  • dignity
  • grace
  • hard work
  • healing
  • intuition
  • knowledge
  • magic
  • respect
  • responsibility
  • strength
  • truth

The other fascinating fact about eagles is they cleanse the environment.  They are a bird of prey and help restore balance to the natural world.  They find weak and sick animals and kill them.  This helps prevent the spread of disease in the wild.  Therefore, it is understandable as to why many cultures see the eagle as a healer.  Thus, if an eagle enters your life, the gift of healing may be opening to you or the eagle may be there to provide self-healing.

Eagles mate for life.  This totem can offer lessons about relationships.  Eagles are loyal, and they honor commitment.  They teach us to rise above the petty problems.  They also teach us to make careful choices.  The reinforce that we shouldn’t run away from problems inside our relationships, but we should hit them head on and find viable solutions, even if that means we need to separate from the person we are with.  You must balance health and happiness.

My guess regarding the arrival of the eagle in my son’s life has everything to do with his situation over the summer.  This animal arrived at the same time his lion arrived.  They worked in concert to provide strength and courage as well as to tap into those intuitive sense my son already possessed.  I also believe that my son has the capacity to heal.  I think if he were ever attuned to Reiki, that gift would open wide.  His core gift is just life mine, but from that core comes branch gifts.  One of his is channeling.  I believe the other might be healing.

I hope you are enjoying the posts so far.  It’s been a week since we began this series together.  I hope you are learning something.  Please feel free to comment or ask questions.


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Spirit Animals: Lions

*For crediting please see the Reference section

When you think of a lion, what do you see?  What do you feel?  The lion is the ultimate fighter in the face of challenges.  This unique spirit animal symbolized courage, strength, and overcoming.  When a lion shows up in your life it means that something is happening or is going to happen that is difficult and out-of-control.  Having a lion totem can help manage the primal emotions of anger and fear.

The lion is the king of beasts.  It didn’t get that title easily.  The lion spirit represents raw power and even aggression.  Sometimes when we lack these essential qualities, our lion totem will step in to lend us those essential elements to get us through hard times.

According to Harris (2017), lions not only represent strength and assertiveness, but they also stand for personal power.  Anger and aggression directed toward someone or an event can summon this totem.  Moreover, personal struggles can bring the lion into your life.  They come with a warning, nevertheless.  Some sort of threat is lurking.  The appearance of a lion tells you to be on alert.

A lion roaring into your life could signal weak spots in your spirit.  The best part of the lion spirit is that it can often show you ways to deal with the problems you are going to encounter or are encountering.  The lion can also show you how to be brave as you move forward to face those challenges.

Even more fascinating is that the lion could signify a conflicting relationship with power and authority.  This isn’t far off the mark.  My son was introduced to his lion in July only days before he got into an altercation with his father.  The lion, however, is a skinwalker (a post for another time).  The lion is male, but it is highly possible for female lions to attach to humans.

A lion is a powerful ally.  If one arrives in your life, hopefully this post will be able to assist you.



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Spirit Animals: The White Owl

What happens if you are told that your spirit animal is a white owl?  What happens if you recognize that you have a white owl without anyone even telling you?  What does that mean?  As we explore the meaning of this animal totem/spirit, remember to look at the reference section for proper crediting.

The owl in general is associated with feminine energy.  It is also symbolic of the moon and the night.  These birds also bring about magic, prophecy, and wisdom.  An owl totem allows a person to extract secrets.  For lack of a better comparison, they are like a lasso of truth.

Taking again from Harris (2017), a person who has attracted an owl can usually “see what’s usually hidden to most. When the spirit of this animal guides you, you can see the true reality, beyond illusion and deceit. The owl also offers for those who have it a personal totem the inspiration and guidance necessary to deeply explore the unknown and the magic of life.”

The white owl is particularly interesting.  The appearance of a white owl means that a person is growing, maturing into what they will become.  It also means that knowledge is there for the taking, and through this knowledge the person will evolve into something greater.

The arrival of an owl also foreshadows change.  The owl is filled with wisdom.  To have one as a spirit animal is a big deal.  These animals thrive on intuition and truth-seeking.  The souls that they are bound to will be able to see things and see through things others can’t.  Nevertheless, across all cultures and beliefs the owl represents death.

Harris (2017) explained that some cultures still believe that the owl is a bad omen of imminent death of a loved one.  The Romans thought that if an owl was on top of a building, the call (the hoot) meant that death of a public figure was on the agenda.  In fact, some still believe that the arrival of the owl in the spirit world signals the death of a family member or close friend.

Although many take the owl as literally meaning that someone will die, I’ve found that it doesn’t always mean that.  For example, a pupil of mine learned that she has the ability to see the dead.  On her shoulder, I could see a big, gorgeous white owl.  She confirmed that she knew the owl was there.  Oddly enough, her ability to see the dead is directly associated with the appearance of the owl.  Additionally, because the owl represents change, it stands to reason that it could signal the death of a belief system, an old way of life, or outdated ways of thinking.

Owls usually bring news.  According to KimberlyMystic (2013), owls were knowns as psychopomps.  This is known as a spirit that guides a person from life into death.  Essentially, they cross souls over.  This makes sense as to why the young girl I am teaching has an owl.  She is learning about her gift, which entails crossing over earth-bound souls.

The fact is that owls are not something you should be afraid of.  These enlightened animals bring abilities that could help you transition to something much larger.  They arrived to tell us that it’s time to learn more about ourselves, gaining wisdom about who we are, what we will become, and the world’s role in that process.


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The Gray Wolf: What does it mean?

This post will explore the spirit of the gray wolf.  As I’ve said in past posts, crediting will be included in the reference section, but I won’t cite in-text.  So, if you are interested in where some of the information I’m providing comes from, please take a look at the reference section of the post.

The first thing you need to understand is that one of my spirit animals is a gray dire wolf.  Okoae came into my life when my friend introduced to Reiki.  Along with him, a Reiki guide arrived.  That’s a discussion for a different time, however.

Okoae is very large.  The image to your right lets you see the difference between today’s wolf and the dire wolf.  Although the Epicyon is the largest, Okoae is still quite large.

What I have seen my wolf do is quite intriguing.  She devours negative energy.  I have seen this happen.  When she sense a predator, her body language is undeniable.  The hair on her neck rises and her tail fluffs out.  Her head lowers, and she snarls.  When she isn’t guarding me, she offers security and companionship.  

If you discover that you have a wolf companion, what does that mean?  The role the wolf plays ranges from teacher to an intuitive force.  The lessons they often teach is adaptation to change.  They represent the water element.  Crystal Wind (2017) explains it best:

The soul who has inherited the gray wolf as their power totem, is a soul who is constantly transforming themselves, improving themselves as they encounter the lessons and challenges of life.

Wolves are loyal.  In the real world they exercise intelligence and unparalleled instincts.  They thrive in a free environment.  When they are presented with a threat, they go into attack mode quickly.  They are loving parents and provide guardianship.  They are skilled hunters, too.  What I’ve seen from my wolf echoes this sentiment.

According to Harris (2017), wolves have both positive and negative meanings in the spirit world.  The upside is that spirit wolves represent a deep connection to instinct and insight.  However, the wolf can also represent a perceived threat or lack of trust.  The appearance of the wolf may also be a warning to you as well.

If you find that your wolf actually takes on characteristics of a spirit guide, which is very possible, it could mean that you need to focus on your true self; authentic expression.  The wolf serves as a reminder to keep your spirit alive and to trust your instincts.

As I read Harris (2017), I found that the dark side represents my relationship with Okoae.  She runs into action when there is a perceived threat.  However, she doesn’t represent my feelings of vulnerability when she does her job.  She lets me know something is near that shouldn’t be there.  She is warning me that there is a presence that is either unwelcome or unfamiliar.  Her predatory stance is usually brought about by someone or something.

My bond with Okoae goes back to a different time.  If you have the ability to engage in past life regression, you can often find roots to your spirit guides as well as your spirit animals.  Okoae belonged to me in a different lifetime.  I raised her because she was alone.  Her mother was killed and she managed to hide and survive.  She walked by my side throughout that lifetime until we met our end together.  She arrived again in this life, and she has been just as loyal as she was when we were mortal.

Do you think you have a wolf as a guide?  A totem?  A spirit animal?  Reflect on dreams.  Meditate.  These animals will reveal themselves when THEY are ready or when your life warrants their arrival.  Until then, they will lay quietly and patiently waiting.  Once they do introduce themselves, they will never fail you.  They will be with you until you cross over, and even then they will be there.  Remember these are pack animals with a strong sense of loyalty.  That doesn’t disappear when the flesh falls away.  It’s timeless and eternal.


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