Spirit Animals: Reindeer

Ho, ho, ho!  Merry Christmas!  For today I thought it appropriate to discuss the reindeer spirit animal.  Since Santa is now in bed asleep from all of the traveling, and his reindeer are now safely tucked away for another year, what better way to honor the childhood dream of Christmas?

The reindeer comes to you to remind you to stay focused, fight the good fight, and don’t forget to keep your goals in sight.  They encourage you to keep on keeping on because the end of your emotional and/or spiritual journey is coming to a close.  It doesn’t mean you’re going to die.  It means that you have learned the things you needed to learn in order to reach elevation.  The reindeer also reminds you to trust in yourself, and more than anything, get away from drama!  Avoid drama-queens and drama-kings at all costs.  Let your red nose shine.

The arrival of the reindeer also whispers, “Take a leap!”  They come to you to tell you to close your eyes and move forward; take a leap of faith.  You can truly fly, but you must believe that the impossible is possible.  Let go of your fears.  Let go of your personal hang-ups.  GO!  You got this!  The fact that you are having faith in the new journey helps build your trust and your instincts.

What does a reindeer person embrace?  They are usually very family oriented.  This person will be a skillful communicator.  He/she will be a very social animal and do well in leadership positions.  You are a guide to most folks and help people see the new directions they can take.  You are mindful of others, including their needs.  This means that you are probably involved in the community in some capacity, whether it is volunteer service or a paid position.  You tend to wander and always have your eyes peeled for new places and new experiences.  You are the adventurer.  You may like to travel to places you have never seen.  Once you’ve done that, you cross it off of your list and move on.

Reindeer in the wild are a hearty bunch.  They live in colder climates and move as families.  Both male and females have antlers and keep them year-around.  Reindeer also form bonds with humans in the wild.  They can perform tasks similar to that of the horse, thus the reason why they pull sleighs for Santa.  They actually do perform this task for their humans.  Cars and trucks won’t go in deep snow or on ice, so what better way to move about your world than a sleigh pulled by one or two of these gorgeous beasts?

In the spirit, these animals help you be a true visionary.  Keep up that heart-felt determination!  Additionally, the reindeer symbolize shamanic vision.  These animals are filled with magic.  Their antlers are the most mystical part of the animal.  Legend says that they store their memories in their antlers, dating back to their ancestors (Reindeer symbolism).

The reindeer is a test-animal.  This means that they will require you to test your limits.  How far are you willing to go to learn the lessons you must learn?  Will you work hard?  Will you stay determined?  Those are the questions  you will be forced to answer.

The journey will be long, much like the migration that the reindeer endures on the frozen Tundra.  However, with sheer will and drive you can make it.  The rewards are well worth it.  Keeping this in mind, you can depend on the reindeer as you make your way through your long life’s journey.  They make wonderful, loyal companions.  At this time of year, they can pop through rather clearly, so keep your eyes open to their presence!

Have a great Christmas today!  I’ll be posting tomorrow about the dolphin.



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Spirit Animals: Hummingbirds

The hummingbird is one pretty little bird.  I began feeding them during the mid-summer months.  It was the first time in my life that I decided to do such a thing.  The reason was because I had a hummingbird come to the porch twice while I was sitting outside.  The creature buzzed me and then looked me straight in the eye.  I knew what it meant, so my dad taught me how to make their food.  My parents have fed them for decades.  Furthermore, when I hung the food out for them I learned that they are very feisty animals.  There was a clear hierarchy.  One dominated the others, hogging the food and bullying the others.  Because a hummingbird had never approached me before, I decided to learn more about them.  There must have been a reason why they came to me.  References are below as always.

What we’ve learned about most birds in the spirit world is that they are often messengers.  They relay important information from the Spirit to you as the recipient.  When the hummingbird pops into your life it is trying to tell you to go after your dreams, and do it with some umph.  They are telling you that those dreams can now become a reality.  You may be in a rut, but happiness is close by.  It is time to stop waiting.  The other option is that you may have lost your joy.  Perhaps the hummingbird is trying to tell you that it is time to be happy.

The hummingbird is a hopeful animal.  They are granting inspiration, renewal, and vision.  If you have a hummingbird spirit totem, you are probably someone who always seems to be easily inspired.  You area also likely to be a very loyal, playful person with a knack for persistence.

Spirit Anima Totems brings forth some excellent additional information about the characteristics of the hummingbird.  They are as follows:

  1. ability
  2. aggression (believe it or not)
  3. ecstasy
  4. endurance
  5. happiness
  6. healing
  7. joy
  8. life
  9. love miracles
  10. rhythm

If you find that a hummingbird is buzzing into your life it may mean that it is time to actually enjoy your life.  Get out of the negative squalor and learn to love the work of daily living.  The hummingbird can easily travel long distances and fly backward.  This is something most birds cannot do.  This means that if you have a hummingbird spirit animal then you can learn to be very adaptable and resilient while learning how to gain a positive outlook during the darkest of times.

As I researched this animal, I learned some fascinating things.  I knew that this bird drinks nectar.  In fact that is the staple of their diet.  I also knew that they can cross oceans.  However, I did not know that the hummingbird can cheat death by “going into a hibernation-like state called a ‘torpor’ when food is scarce” (Couch, 2014).  During this hibernation, the hummingbird metabolizes her food slower.  This ability goes far beyond survival.  Therefore, what the hummingbird spirit animal is telling you is that there is more to life than just surviving.  Drink in the sweetness at every opportunity!  Abundance and joy is the key cornerstones of understanding this tiny little spirit animal.  That means that those should be your themes as well.  Enjoy life!  Embrace it!  Live it!

I think blogging about the happy little hummingbird is very appropriate for Christmas Eve.  It reminds us that it is a time to feel the love of our family and self-love.  Regroup.  Take the time to smell the flowers, even if it is Poinsettia.


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Spirit Animals: The Hawk

The hawk is a bird of prey much like the eagle, so you might be wondering how they are different?  This post will explain the differences.  It will also help you recognize whether or not you have a hawk as a spirit animal.  If you do, you will be able to pick out key components regarding temperament and attitude.  References are always provided.

If a hawk has flown into your world, you might want to be open to receiving messages from the Spirit (God).  The hawk is signaling that you need to not only receive the messages, but take the time to understand the messages and then apply them to your life.  The hawk is the gatekeeper to higher consciousness, therefore, enlightenment is in your grasp.

Hawk people can see meaning in hum-drum situations.  The key is that you have to be more observant.  Many messages that the hawk brings to you will be about freeing yourself.  Lay down old thought patterns and beliefs and pick up the new.  Stop limiting yourself.  The bigger picture is where you should focus, which will then help you flourish.

According to Harris, the hawk has several other attributes and meanings.  One of those is using the power of focus.  Another is that you should take the lead when the time is right.  Like the eagle, the hawk encourages you to fly high.  The hawk also encourages magic, especially divination.  The hawk totem can increase and reinforce your abilities involving guidance.  Intuition is a big deal with the hawk.

The arrival of the hawk tells you to be laser focused.  The hawk on your shoulder can help you move through your day effortlessly, yet help you receive underlining messages you could normally miss.  The hawk acts as a daily blessing to you.  You can rely on their connection to the spirit world to learn and act.

As always, connect with the hawk through meditation and prayer.  Tangible totems can also help with this animal.  The hawk possesses a vast knowledge of spiritual actualities and facts.  Learn from their wisdom!


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Spirit Animals: Bats

I think bats are adorable.  Yes, I know.  That’s not normal.  I just think they are fascinating, beautiful animals.  In the summertime I watch them from the front porch.  They fly in and devour the bugs by the street light.  They are fast predatory animals.  People often associate bats with vampires.  However, not all bats are vampire bats.  There are fruit bats as well as many other species.  People typically cringe at the thought of the bat.  They fear them.  So when the bat swoops into your life, what should you do?  As always, take a look at the references.  I have found three primary blogs to be very helpful throughout this entire series.

The Bat means that change is imminent and that you should be mindful of your surroundings.  The transition is most certainly looming, but don’t be afraid.  It may seem daunting and terrifying, but the change will grow you and help you elevate.  The bat means that you will change physically, mentally, emotionally, or all three.

Change is so hard.  When the bat arrives in a reading or in your life, the automatic reaction is terror.  It’s much like the reaction to The Tower in a tarot reading.  Sometimes we are thrust into change unwillingly, kick and screaming.  The bat reminds us to stay strong and keep our eyes on the prize.  The bat/change may be scary, but if we can see beyond that fear we will be successful.  Because the bat signifies change, it also symbolizes bravery.

The bat totem means that you probably a very sensitive person. The bat may be responsible for that trait.  You are also very observant and can see through the bull shit.  You don’t play games.  You get to the heart of the problem.  You are probably very social and have strong social ties.  You tend to be nurturing and use communication very well.  Your strongest sense is touch.  You use it to convey how you feel.  You are very perceptive, too.  You might have mighty psychic abilities.  Dream-state is your most profitable time of day; you may get very vivid messages while you dream.  This is a gift.  This is YOUR gift.  Can you see and interpret past lives?  You may want to see if there is a bat flying around you.  You may also be really good at adaptation.  Perhaps it’s because the bat signifies that consistent change.  You’ve learned to roll with the punches.

If you have ever seen nature shows featuring bats, you’ve noticed that they hang upside down.  The upside down positioning could symbolize a turn of events when it relates to spirituality.  However, that may not be the case.  The bat has the ability to outsmart gravity.  Whether you realize it or not, your past can be the force of gravity.  It can keep you from moving forward.  The bat reminds you that the past is behind you.  Hang tight.  It’s all going to come together.  These spirit animals are actually very positive.  They aren’t to be feared.  Yes, they bring change, but they also provide the courage you need to get through the change.

Couch (2015) provides some excellent information about the bat and rebirth.  In the wild, the bat gives birth to the baby while hanging upside down.  Believe it or not, the baby is born feet first (Couch, 2015).  These animals are born against the pull of gravity (Couch, 2015).  What this means is that you can use the bat’s strength in your own life.  Your new self is coming as a result of the change.

Many people think that rebirth means that we are coming into the light and that everything in the darkness will be revealed.  That isn’t always true.  Think about it.  Bats are nocturnal animals.  Their day begins at dusk.  Could it be that the big reveal will come when the sun goes down?  When things are at their darkest?  It is up to you to decide.  Once you do, you can fly just like the bat.  Realizing that you don’t have to be afraid of the dark, the change, and the growth will help you transcend far beyond the here and now.  You can delve into the mystery of the spirit with the help of your bat, learning new things about yourself as well as the many gifts you possess.


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Spirit Animals: The Horse

The horse has been a part of our culture for a very long time.  In the Americas we killed them to extinction.  However, in the East the horse was used for speed, mobility, and advancement.  When the settlers came to the New World they brought the horse with them, which helped the animal rebound.  We too used the for their speed.  We also used them to help us with farming as well as transportation.  Wild horses still live among us, nonetheless.  I have friends who own horses but I have never touched one or been close to one.  I’ve never ridden one.  I would like to, but they are a little intimidating to me.  I’m not completely sure why.

When a horse gallops into your life and decides that your soul needs some help, what does that mean?  Always check the references to supplement the reading.  I intend to answer the question and help you understand the signs.

The spirit horse signifies your personal ambition.  It also is significant to your passions and your yearning for freedom.  The horse spirit animal enables strong motivation to follow through.  The animal literally carries the human through tough times.  The thing you have to look for when it comes to your horse is whether or not the horse is tame, wild, bridled, or roaming free.

The horse is symbolic of masculine energy.  You may have a very high sex drive, but also a tamed side to your personality.  You are probably very emotional and can be overly passionate about things in your life.

Your horse spirit animal also lends inner strength when it is needed.  In essence, you can hop on and ride out the storm, charging head-long toward your personal goals.  You’ll make it to the finish line, too.

As a psychologists (not licensed, but degreed), I love it when spirit animals are associated with psychological concepts and theorist.  Harris includes information about Carl Jung in her blog and his association with the horse spirit.  Jung equated the horse with “natural forces by human beings” (Harris).  In other words, we manage to rope the horse and use its power, which should teach us how to rope our own energy stores.

When my son was small, he underwent occupational therapy.  I took him to a farm.  The OT owned many farm animals.  In the summer she offered Equine therapy.  This is therapy using horses.  These animals are emotionally aware, yet they can provide such phenomenal therapies for individuals with delays.  Perhaps you are much like this animal.  You may be extremely aware of your emotions as well as the emotions of others, but you have the ability to offer something that can help people.

According to Couch (2016), a lot of folks who train horses say that in order to tame a horse emotions have to come under control.  Horses often mirror the emotions of the human.  For instance, someone who is high-strung can impact the maneuverability of the horse inadvertently.  The horse won’t calm.  Then you have the rider who becomes more frustrated, and with that frustration, the horse climbs equally into a very anxious place.  So how is it that these animals can provide the therapy I just outlined?  Do they have the ability to differentiate the differences between disordered individuals, delayed individuals, negative people, positive people?  The list could go on and on.

Couch also points out that the horse spirit isn’t telling us to be unafraid.  It’s telling us not to masquerade our fear.  Further to that point, fear is often accompanied by other emotions:  guilt, shame, low self-esteem, poor confidence.  These secondary emotions can then trigger fear.  The horse is meant to teach you how to exist with those powerful emotional without judging yourself; without calling yourself a failure.  This means you have to go to a place where you simply do not care what people think.  If you are a horse person, let your horse guide you through this process because it isn’t an easy one.  Once you learn to stop harming yourself you can move toward some pretty unbridled potential.  The horse will keep you centered and balanced.  After all, if you lose balance, you fall.  Hold tight to the reigns.

The take-away with the horse is that you possess the power to change anything.  The freedom that the horse symbolizes can be used to help you grow.  The horse is wise and intuitive.  Keep family and humanity in your sights.   The arrival of a horse means there are new paths ahead.  You must be brave enough to climb on.  Use the horse’s observant powers to assess the challenges ahead, but then decide with the deep gifts of the spirit.  Once you choose, ride.




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Spirit Animals: The Tiger

Are you being stalked by tiger?  Does that prospect frighten you?  Don’t be afraid.  The appearance of a tiger in your spiritual life signifies all sort of positives!  See the references for more information.

The tiger is symbolic of courage and strength, of course.  In the wild, the tiger is fierce.  They can take down prey that is twice the size.  As far as giving you a visual of their size, the tiger is just as big as the lion.  They can even grown larger than lion.  They weight about 600 pounds and can grow up to 9 feet long.

In everyday life, you see Tony the Tiger.  My school mascot was a tiger.  You will also hear someone say, “that’a boy/girl tiger!” or “hold on tiger!”  The first statement indicates praise for the strength and prowess it takes to win.  The second statement signals caution for going too far.  This speaks to the intensity of the tiger.

I love reading Couch (2016).  The blog is so informative and helps me understand how the actual physical attributes of the animals can be used in our daily lives.  So, let’s delve into the wild and then look at the spiritual.

What are tigers best known for physically?  Those beautiful orange/gold and black stripes.  According to Couch (2016), the stripes allow the tiger to remain camouflaged in the forest and in the grasslands.  The broken pattern of the stripes is like a fingerprint.  Each tiger has a unique pattern.  Either way, they blend in with their environment to avoid detection.  Moreover, “the tiger’s stripes demonstrate a sharp directness, slicing through the darkness, and cutting to the chase” (Couch, 2016).  Now, let’s transfer that.  The tiger allows you to blend in, but moreover, it allows you to cut through the garbage.  The tiger can help you elevate, transform, and heal.

Back to the wild.  The tiger is not a long distance runner.  He is prowler; a stalker.  He navigates through miles this way.  Then, when the victim least expects it, the tiger pounces, and it’s lights out.  They are committed to the success of their hunt, and in the spirit, they signify passion and focus.  In other words, in your spiritual life, the tiger can help you remain focused and get the job done.  When you are having trouble cutting through the chaos, look to your tiger for help.

Let’s go a step further.  Persistence pays off.  The tiger provides a constant reminder of this well-known saying.  Set goals and get there.  Be patient in your pursuits.  Use a method that has worked and remain determined.  In time you will succeed, but you must be a patient.

The tiger might be signaling to you to plan.  If you struggling with planning, that might be why the tiger has stalked you and arrived.  He sees what you want.  He can help you get there, even when you feel weak and defeated.  He also reminds you to quit wasting your energy on things that don’t matter.  Stop feeling guilty for procrastinating.  You may just be incubating.  That’s perfectly alright!

If you have a tiger spirit animal, you may fit the following description:

  • Confident
  • Persistent
  • Strong willed
  • Balanced
  • Solitary
  • Observant
  • Graceful
  • Sensual
  • Independent
  • Blending well in social atmospheres
  • Charismatic

Think back to the first few posts.  I introduced you to Chakras.  The tiger has a primary role in those.  Sometimes (many times) the energy produced by those Chakras will diminish.  The tiger offers healing and allows you to use knowledge to heal your energy.  The strength of the tiger can be transferred to your physical life, helping you deal with ailments.

Where there is light, there will always be dark.  It’s up to us to find the balance.  Therefore, with that said, the tiger also has a dark side.  When the tiger comes into your life, it could amplify the aggression you already feel.  In fact, the tiger could point out that your feelings of aggression.  You may not have even felt aggressive, but when the tiger arrives it will allow you to see those feelings.  Because this animal is a hunter, the tiger may come to you when you feel threatened.  Thus, the tiger symbolizes a potential threat and the courage to face it.  What’s happening in your life?  Is there anything that you perceive as dangerous in which you need to escape?  If so, that may be the reason why the tiger has joined with you.

The other fact is that tigers represent unpredictability in the events surrounding your life.  There may be things that have happened that have upset plans or that have caused things to move too fast.  With this it’s hard for you to choose a strategy.  The preceding feelings might be anger or fear.  These emotions are primary emotions, which means they are raw and easily felt.  The tiger can amplify these.  However, in providing that amplification, the tiger is able to teach you not to make impulsive decisions.

In all circumstances remember that your tiger is there to heal, teach, and help.  No spirit animal comes into your life to threaten you or frighten you.  They won’t do that.  They are sent to help you work your way through your journey on this earth.  Some provide comfort whereas others provide much more.




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Spirit Animals: The Ram

Have you ever watched any nature shows involving the ram?  They are one hard-headed creature.  They actually have a special padding on their head to take the impact of butting their heads together.  Do you know how they start a fight?  The ram hits another ram in the balls.  Seriously.  It’s sort of funny when you see it, but then the fights start.  Of course, if someone hit me in the privates I think I would be mad enough to fight.  So, when the ram comes butting into your life, what does that mean for you? (see the references for source information)

The ram signifies new beginnings and conquest.  Again, back to the nature shows.  These animals are expert climbers.  They can manage their way up a mountain side without even falling.  They are agile and obviously quite brave.  Transfer that to your life.  The ram stands proudly on the mountain that he has conquered.  This should encourage you if you have a ram in your world.  He keeps you moving up the mountain.  Whether it is personal obstacles, life circumstances, or any other challenges that make a mountain for you to climb, the ram pushes you to move forward; onward and upward.  Once you’ve overcome the mountain’s terrain, you can stand proud of your accomplishments.

The sure footing of the ram also speaks to faith.  Sometimes things become so dark that you can’t seem to find the ground.  The ram helps you do that.  He might punch you in the balls a couple of times to get your going, but once you’re moving he won’t leave you to languish.  Keep the same faith he does as he moves up the side of the rocky mountain.  He knows where he’s going.  He knows he can get there.  So can you!

The other thing about a ram is they don’t look away from a challenge.  In other words, in a stare-down with an opponent they won’t look away.  They don’t bury their head in the sand.  They take on the adversary with full force.  The ram is fearless.  He wants you to be fearless, too.  He wants you to keep your eye on the prize and move toward it.  Cowering isn’t his forte.  He won’t advocate for that sort of behavior either.  If the ram has appeared in your life he is likely there to tell you to grab what you want and not to be afraid.

I am an Aries, so my Zodiac sign is a ram.  We tend to be hard-headed (stubborn) and exhibit strong  leadership.  This goes along with the nature of the ram.  Let me give you a quick lesson in culture and the Zodiac.   The ram (Aries) is the first sign in the Zodiac chart.  It symbolizes leadership as well as authority.  It signifies renewal, masculinity, and force.  Dominance, drive, courage, and energy are also embraced by the sign.

The ram has been admired by the Egyptians, the Greeks, Romans, Celtic people, and the Indian cultures.  In the Middle East, it was included in the worship of Zeus, Apollo (a member of my pantheon), Amon-Ra, Cernunnos, Agni, Indra, Hermes, Ea, and Baal (Bostwick).  According to Bostwick, “symbols of these gods were the most highly revered of animals and objects. From this we can understand the importance of these symbols throughout time.”  Furthermore, she stated that if the ram was good enough for the Gods then surely the ram could bring quality to the lives of humans.

What qualities transfer to the spirit totem?  Rams are highly intellectual spirit totems.  They encourage us to hold ourselves to a higher standard.  The totem also finds contentment in gaining knowledge.  In fact, a person with this totem will crave it.  They will continually exercise their intellect and keep pouring more into the knowledge base.  If they don’t fill up the tank,, they feel unfulfilled.  In the wild, the ram’s horns grow stronger with each year of life.  This holds true for the human who has adopted the totem.  Each year the person gains more and more mental capacities.

Although I don’t have a ram in my life, I am a ram based on my sign.  The aforementioned explains a lot for me.  It may be why I have always been on a conquest toward education; why I can’t seem to get enough of it.  I love it, but sometimes the flesh doesn’t follow.  I have a drive to attain more and more knowledge (education), but due to circumstances in my life I can’t at the moment.  However, the desire is always there in the back of my mind whispering, “someday.”

The ram sends a spiritual message with the bucking behavior.  It tells us to be assertive especially when taking on new tasks.  The ram is quick and moves without hesitation.  He reminds us that when we find ourselves in new situations that we need to see those situations as opportunities and act quickly to secure a spot.  Opportunities comes and go, and if we don’t jump on them they may not come again.  I’m not telling you to be an impulsive idiot.  I’m telling you that fear should be examined for what it is.  Are you afraid to fail?  Or are you afraid of something else?  Are you embodied by a spirit of fear?  If so, the ram can help you get out of the rut (again kicking you in the balls).

Folks who attract and connect with the ram are usually sensitive.  They love philosophy.  They are naturally curious, but can sometimes approach life in a creative way, especially if the circumstances call for some outside-of-the-box thinking.

If you are an Aries, I encourage you to do your own research about this fascinating sign.  Although the Romans knew Aries as the God of War, those of us who carry this sign aren’t always looking for a fight.  Sometimes we have to embrace the idea of being a warrior to climb the mountain before us.  It’s the spirit of the ram that helps us accomplish those daunting tasks of finding our footing and moving on up!


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