Thankful Challenge: Day 12


85d1ef33e561f7ecf58db8aeca770cf6I raise my hands in praise for my ancestors. They are my bloodline. I am their legacy. I humbly honor them with glad tidings and offerings!

Whether you realize it or not, you are surrounded by those who’ve passed. They have a hand in your life. They offer knowledge if you can still your mind and listen. People become desensitized to their whispers. Many believe that hearing them is indicative of demonic activity. I’m here to tell you that’s false.

Embrace those who’ve gone on before you. They are wise and they want to help you through this life’s journey.

Blessed be!

Thankful Challenge: Day 11

The Elements

59461657551102383_ckvgrkda_cToday I’m thankful for the elements: earth, fire, water, air. These elements give life and cleanse us.

The earth is a healer.

The fire offers heat and burns away the negativity that plagues us.

The water washes it away.

The air gives us breath, so we can take in all things anew!

As I said in my last post, I’ve been a spiritualist since 2012. It wasn’t until recently that I learned the importance of the elements. I learned that these elements provide balance to every single being in the universe. If one is missing, everything is out of balance. So mote it be! Blessed be!

Spiritualist Revelation

As most of you already know, I’m pretty liberal when it comes to spiritual beliefs and practices. I want to share something with you that is not only fascinating, but it is also unbelievable. Most would say that I’m crazy or having hallucinations, but I promise you I’m sane. I do not do drugs and I haven’t been diagnosed with anything that would promote hallucinations. So, as you read this, keep in mind that I have certain “abilities” that aren’t exactly conventional and cannot necessarily be explained through the teachings of the Bible. I do believe in the power of various ancient religions, however, so I believe that might help you make sense of this. Because this was such an awesome experience, I knew I had to share it.

So, I have been doing a meditation program for about a month. It’s an app on woman-meditating-21my phone. My goal at first was to master the ability to quiet my mind, lower my BP, and just relax. I started with a guided program to understand how to bring my mind back to center when it tried to wander off during practice.

I do a 10 minute guided lesson and then do 10 minutes of timed meditation all to myself. As I’ve practiced, the ability to calm and quiet has gotten better, but something happened during the first week of May that sort of changed the game.

My best friend is a Reiki master. He did a reading for me in the beginning of April and some of the foreseeable future was a little ominous. However, I discovered that by using Reiki as a healing tool I could possible change the outcome of the the future. So, he attuned me in May. At first it was no biggie. It just opened up some gifts that had been dormant. Before I was a medium. Now I can see glimpses of the future. Before I could communicate and be present with someone from long distance. Now I can feel when that person I’m connected to is upset or anxious. There are vast amount of other things that opened as a result of my attunment, but there is no way to even put all that into words at this point.

The moment I was attuned, my spirit animal showed up. My friend and I both saw the animal appear in the room (remember, we’re not on drugs). We don’t see anything with our naked eye. Everything is seen through the mind’s eye and through the use of chakras (you’ll want to look that up if you’re interested). My spirit animal is a grey wolf. I’m not necessarily surprised about this either.

485198177I had a dream about a grey wolf and a woman standing in a mirror. The grey wolf was beside her. I won’t go into that now, though. The point is that I was familiar with the wolf and recognized him when he came after the attunment.

The goal of my attunment has been to treat my dog’s cancer. Studies have shown that people diagnosed with chronic or terminal illness have shown improvement and have even been cured. My dog isn’t visibly ill, but he looks pregnant because he has a massive fatty tumor inside of his body. It isn’t attached to any major organs. It is encased in fat. The reason I know this is that we’ve already had it removed once and it grew back to the same size within 6 months of removal. He has carcinoma and was given a death sentence. He should have been dead in January 2015.

The day of my attunment I told my son because he has some abilities of his own. We agreed to work on the dog together. He was a natural at Reiki and turned it on immediately. I still had some trouble quieting my mind enough. So, our first session with the dog wasn’t very successful. The second session was a little better. The third session involved my husband. That was the last time we did anything and I’m about to tell you why.

If you research Reiki you will likely be paired with a guide of some sort. You can call it an angelic being or something along those lines, but you can really tap into the power of healing through your guide. I meditated alone for a few days and my ability to turn the Reiki on became more pronounced and much easier. I started by healing myself physically. My nose piercing was the first place I focused. However, Saturday, my healing ritual revealed that I was sick and by Sunday I was at the E.R. Nothing serious. Just a UTI/bladder infection.

During my meditation Tuesday, the most amazing thing happened. I met my guide. Her name is Iaya. She told me that the wolf’s name is Oakoe. Iaya has long black hair and came dressed in a white linen gown. She had very fair skin and crystal, almost see-through, blue eyes. Then I saw her change into the image I remember from the dream I had of the woman in the mirror. In an instant she was back in the linen gown.

She told me that Oakoe is simply my spirit animal and my warder. She told me that he serves as a protector. What this means is that whenever I’m attacked spiritually, he acts as a defense. I believe this is true. That connection ability I told you about; sometimes it is a double-edged sword. Whenever someone doesn’t like me or throws hateful thoughts my way, I can feel it. It drains my energy. Since Oakoe has been around, I haven’t had that problem.

Iaya also told me that she wants me to work on self-healing for 30 days. I will not be able to focus on and heal my dog if I don’t look inward and heal myself. She told that she wants to teach me how to heal my spirit and my anger. In fact, she put it this way, “If you don’t heal your own soul and your anger, you’ll be of no use to anyone, especially your dog.” The moment she said that, the scripture “Physician, heal thyself” came to my mind.

She told me that she was a sister to me in another life, but wouldn’t reveal anything else saying that her purpose is “the here and now.” At one point she stood, grabbed a bowl, and poured oil over my head. Most of the meditation, however, she sat across from me, her hands in mine. Oakoe was beside me most of the session as well.

isis2When I talked to my best friend, he told me to look up the order of the Magdalenes. Turns out they were an order of priestesses and it is believed that there is some association with the Egyptian Goddess, Isis. This made sense because I have been digging into my past life in Egypt. But, the Magdalenes were Gnostics, which I’m still learning more about.

And there’s my crazy reveal for today. I guess my point is this. In order to truly embrace life and YOUR potential you not only have to think outside of the box, but you have to be open to ALL of life’s possibilities. I have learned more studying ancient religion, relying on my own soul to guide me, and depending on my spirit to take me in the right direction than I ever did sitting in the church. I’m not knocking Christianity, mind you, but for me there was more to be discovered. I believe the teachings of the Bible are very important and I do believe that Jesus was the God-Man, but I also believe that we weren’t created to be indoctrinated into a stifled way of thinking.

If you adhere to science, you know that energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be changed. So, with that said, if you believe in a soul, isn’t that what it’s made up of? Energy? So, wouldn’t it make sense that we can reincarnate? It makes sense to me.

I know. You can call me a radical if you want, but I’m tired of keeping all of this a secret. I love being spiritual as opposed to religious. In fact, I’ve been happier away from the church than I ever was in it. I went down the Atheist path as well, but was then called back to the “spiritual” way of life.

My next set of books are going to recount each of my past lives. I may put it in a series. I may not. I am not going to hold myself to a time frame. I’m going to let my guides take me where things need to go and that usually doesn’t happen quickly. So, it’s going to take personal patience as well as listening to my inner-self to figure out what I need to learn and take away from this life experience as well as why I share with the world.