Spirit animals: Eagle

Aren’t eagles beautiful?  As the symbol of my country, I wondered what the animal means to those of us who have an attachment.  The eagle is another one of my son’s spirit animals.  So, as we delve into this study, be sure to note the reference section for proper crediting.

When the eagle arrives in your life it is time to find courage and to really reach for the stars.  Don’t accept the words, “It can’t be done.”  Defy them.  this symbolic totem tells you to believe in yourself, and try to see things from a brand new perspective.  However, the eagle also tells us to be patient with what is happening in our lives right now.  It can reassure us that although the current situation is hard, what is ahead will allow us to soar to new heights with untold possibilities.

Various cultures drew conclusions about the eagle as a spirit animal.  The Native Americans viewed the eagle as strength, power, leadership, and vision.  The eagle was the symbol of many ancient cultures ranging from Egypt to Rome and now to the U.S.  In Aztec culture, the chief was told to settle in an area where an eagle sat on a cactus eating a snake (Phillips).  Zeus changed into an eagle at times.  The Pueblos saw the eagle to be associated with the sun (Phillips).

The eagle is associated with the element of air.  The qualities the eagle spirit offers is meant to help you find balance on all levels of existence.  Additionally, it’s there to promote inner-growth.  You will also find that with the eagle in your life, you can become profoundly aware of spirituality.  However, because these animals live near water in the wild, it is thought that they can also bring the cleansing power of the water element.

Other qualities associated with this animal are provided by Spirit Animal Totem (2014).  They are as follows

  • action
  • bigger picture
  • creation
  • creativity
  • dignity
  • grace
  • hard work
  • healing
  • intuition
  • knowledge
  • magic
  • respect
  • responsibility
  • strength
  • truth

The other fascinating fact about eagles is they cleanse the environment.  They are a bird of prey and help restore balance to the natural world.  They find weak and sick animals and kill them.  This helps prevent the spread of disease in the wild.  Therefore, it is understandable as to why many cultures see the eagle as a healer.  Thus, if an eagle enters your life, the gift of healing may be opening to you or the eagle may be there to provide self-healing.

Eagles mate for life.  This totem can offer lessons about relationships.  Eagles are loyal, and they honor commitment.  They teach us to rise above the petty problems.  They also teach us to make careful choices.  The reinforce that we shouldn’t run away from problems inside our relationships, but we should hit them head on and find viable solutions, even if that means we need to separate from the person we are with.  You must balance health and happiness.

My guess regarding the arrival of the eagle in my son’s life has everything to do with his situation over the summer.  This animal arrived at the same time his lion arrived.  They worked in concert to provide strength and courage as well as to tap into those intuitive sense my son already possessed.  I also believe that my son has the capacity to heal.  I think if he were ever attuned to Reiki, that gift would open wide.  His core gift is just life mine, but from that core comes branch gifts.  One of his is channeling.  I believe the other might be healing.

I hope you are enjoying the posts so far.  It’s been a week since we began this series together.  I hope you are learning something.  Please feel free to comment or ask questions.


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Piercing Journal: Entry 2, Getting Inked

13254651_10208648896213671_8968596509173433926_oSo, today was monumental for me for two reasons. First of all, my nose piercing has healed. The bump is gone. The skin looks healthy. I know that it won’t be completely healed for a while yet, but the chamomile tea compresses have certainly helped with the scar tissue. I am still keeping my fingers crossed and using wound wash in the morning and afternoon and a compress at night. I won’t ease off of that until week 14.

I got inked today; my very first tattoo. I’m 40. I have wanted one since I was at least 16. I was so nervous and anxious about the pain. On a 10 points scale, it was maybe a 2. It was more irritating than painful.  I am so glad I did it. I just need to take really good care of it. Because the line is so thin, my artist told me to keep it moisturized otherwise it will flake. I know you’re supposed to do that anyway, but apparently the thinner the line, the bigger the chance that it will flake off.

So there it is. I can’t believe it. I will get another either before the summer is over or next summer. I still want the semi-colon for mental health awareness.

As far as describing the experience, I used Reiki and meditation to step outside of myself. It helped me deal with the discomfort. I used my meditation app, too. If no one reading this has ever had a tat, eat before you go, drink plenty of fluids, get a good night’s rest, take a friend, and bring some music or soothing sounds. It does help.

Spiritualist Revelation

As most of you already know, I’m pretty liberal when it comes to spiritual beliefs and practices. I want to share something with you that is not only fascinating, but it is also unbelievable. Most would say that I’m crazy or having hallucinations, but I promise you I’m sane. I do not do drugs and I haven’t been diagnosed with anything that would promote hallucinations. So, as you read this, keep in mind that I have certain “abilities” that aren’t exactly conventional and cannot necessarily be explained through the teachings of the Bible. I do believe in the power of various ancient religions, however, so I believe that might help you make sense of this. Because this was such an awesome experience, I knew I had to share it.

So, I have been doing a meditation program for about a month. It’s an app on woman-meditating-21my phone. My goal at first was to master the ability to quiet my mind, lower my BP, and just relax. I started with a guided program to understand how to bring my mind back to center when it tried to wander off during practice.

I do a 10 minute guided lesson and then do 10 minutes of timed meditation all to myself. As I’ve practiced, the ability to calm and quiet has gotten better, but something happened during the first week of May that sort of changed the game.

My best friend is a Reiki master. He did a reading for me in the beginning of April and some of the foreseeable future was a little ominous. However, I discovered that by using Reiki as a healing tool I could possible change the outcome of the the future. So, he attuned me in May. At first it was no biggie. It just opened up some gifts that had been dormant. Before I was a medium. Now I can see glimpses of the future. Before I could communicate and be present with someone from long distance. Now I can feel when that person I’m connected to is upset or anxious. There are vast amount of other things that opened as a result of my attunment, but there is no way to even put all that into words at this point.

The moment I was attuned, my spirit animal showed up. My friend and I both saw the animal appear in the room (remember, we’re not on drugs). We don’t see anything with our naked eye. Everything is seen through the mind’s eye and through the use of chakras (you’ll want to look that up if you’re interested). My spirit animal is a grey wolf. I’m not necessarily surprised about this either.

485198177I had a dream about a grey wolf and a woman standing in a mirror. The grey wolf was beside her. I won’t go into that now, though. The point is that I was familiar with the wolf and recognized him when he came after the attunment.

The goal of my attunment has been to treat my dog’s cancer. Studies have shown that people diagnosed with chronic or terminal illness have shown improvement and have even been cured. My dog isn’t visibly ill, but he looks pregnant because he has a massive fatty tumor inside of his body. It isn’t attached to any major organs. It is encased in fat. The reason I know this is that we’ve already had it removed once and it grew back to the same size within 6 months of removal. He has carcinoma and was given a death sentence. He should have been dead in January 2015.

The day of my attunment I told my son because he has some abilities of his own. We agreed to work on the dog together. He was a natural at Reiki and turned it on immediately. I still had some trouble quieting my mind enough. So, our first session with the dog wasn’t very successful. The second session was a little better. The third session involved my husband. That was the last time we did anything and I’m about to tell you why.

If you research Reiki you will likely be paired with a guide of some sort. You can call it an angelic being or something along those lines, but you can really tap into the power of healing through your guide. I meditated alone for a few days and my ability to turn the Reiki on became more pronounced and much easier. I started by healing myself physically. My nose piercing was the first place I focused. However, Saturday, my healing ritual revealed that I was sick and by Sunday I was at the E.R. Nothing serious. Just a UTI/bladder infection.

During my meditation Tuesday, the most amazing thing happened. I met my guide. Her name is Iaya. She told me that the wolf’s name is Oakoe. Iaya has long black hair and came dressed in a white linen gown. She had very fair skin and crystal, almost see-through, blue eyes. Then I saw her change into the image I remember from the dream I had of the woman in the mirror. In an instant she was back in the linen gown.

She told me that Oakoe is simply my spirit animal and my warder. She told me that he serves as a protector. What this means is that whenever I’m attacked spiritually, he acts as a defense. I believe this is true. That connection ability I told you about; sometimes it is a double-edged sword. Whenever someone doesn’t like me or throws hateful thoughts my way, I can feel it. It drains my energy. Since Oakoe has been around, I haven’t had that problem.

Iaya also told me that she wants me to work on self-healing for 30 days. I will not be able to focus on and heal my dog if I don’t look inward and heal myself. She told that she wants to teach me how to heal my spirit and my anger. In fact, she put it this way, “If you don’t heal your own soul and your anger, you’ll be of no use to anyone, especially your dog.” The moment she said that, the scripture “Physician, heal thyself” came to my mind.

She told me that she was a sister to me in another life, but wouldn’t reveal anything else saying that her purpose is “the here and now.” At one point she stood, grabbed a bowl, and poured oil over my head. Most of the meditation, however, she sat across from me, her hands in mine. Oakoe was beside me most of the session as well.

isis2When I talked to my best friend, he told me to look up the order of the Magdalenes. Turns out they were an order of priestesses and it is believed that there is some association with the Egyptian Goddess, Isis. This made sense because I have been digging into my past life in Egypt. But, the Magdalenes were Gnostics, which I’m still learning more about.

And there’s my crazy reveal for today. I guess my point is this. In order to truly embrace life and YOUR potential you not only have to think outside of the box, but you have to be open to ALL of life’s possibilities. I have learned more studying ancient religion, relying on my own soul to guide me, and depending on my spirit to take me in the right direction than I ever did sitting in the church. I’m not knocking Christianity, mind you, but for me there was more to be discovered. I believe the teachings of the Bible are very important and I do believe that Jesus was the God-Man, but I also believe that we weren’t created to be indoctrinated into a stifled way of thinking.

If you adhere to science, you know that energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be changed. So, with that said, if you believe in a soul, isn’t that what it’s made up of? Energy? So, wouldn’t it make sense that we can reincarnate? It makes sense to me.

I know. You can call me a radical if you want, but I’m tired of keeping all of this a secret. I love being spiritual as opposed to religious. In fact, I’ve been happier away from the church than I ever was in it. I went down the Atheist path as well, but was then called back to the “spiritual” way of life.

My next set of books are going to recount each of my past lives. I may put it in a series. I may not. I am not going to hold myself to a time frame. I’m going to let my guides take me where things need to go and that usually doesn’t happen quickly. So, it’s going to take personal patience as well as listening to my inner-self to figure out what I need to learn and take away from this life experience as well as why I share with the world.

Recovery, Being Thankful, and Admiring the Warriors


Happy Friday everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has been sending up love, prayers, and support on my behalf. If any of you out there have been following, I had a scare not too long ago when my very first mammogram revealed a mass in my left breast. Upon further investigation, it was determined to be very suspicious and I had a biopsy.  The samples taken showed noncancerous tissue, but my doctor wasn’t satisfied by that, so I saw a specialist. I am currently recovering from a lumpectomy. The official pathology results came in yesterday and I DO NOT HAVE CANCER.

I have received unbelievable support from fans, friends, and family. It is overwhelming, in fact. All of the comments, prayers, support, positive energy, and interaction I’ve received during this ordeal has been so encouraging. So, this blog is to shout out a THANK YOU to everyone who has contacted me.

The nightmare is over for me, but somewhere out there the nightmare is just beginning for someone else. After this horrifying experience I intend to donate to breast cancer research. In fact I’d like to have fund raisers for not only breast cancer research, but diabetes, ADHD, and Wounded Warrior Project. Hopefully, my books will become popular enough that I can host these fund raisers each year and give a significant amount to such worthy charities.

If it weren’t for the great advances in technology, who knows how my situation might have turned out? For those that have battled cancer and kicked its ass, my hat goes off to you. For those who have been left behind as a casualty of such a terrible disease, I want to tell you how much I admire your courage. A very good friend of mine lost her battle with breast cancer and the moment I was told about my situation, hers came to my mind.

I didn’t fully understood the terror or appreciate such a situation. Thankfully, I can embrace the feeling of victory.  Still my thoughts gravitate to those who are currently fighting for their lives. I offer you positive energy and light. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Again, thanks everyone for your unwavering support!2013-09-049512-09-5895356 (2)


Bumps In the Night: Part 7–My Own Tales of the Paranormal: Energy cannot be destroyed, only changed

Last weekend I left off on sort of a cliff-hanging note. So, I’m going to start off there today. I left off with my intense depression and how a holistic physician was helping me through it. The supplements certainly helped. However, it didn’t go to the root of the problem. I feared death. Whenever I thought about it or thought about leaving my son behind, I could cry uncontrollably. The finality of it terrified me.

I sat in the waiting area of my healer’s office and looked down at a book. Its title: Soul Proof (http://www.amazon.com/Soul-Proof-Mark-R-Pitstick/dp/0966141962). I brushed it off for whatever reason that time.  It wasn’t long before the dreams began.  3300_1082307191747_1126350_nThe first I remember was about my grandfather (maternal). I could see him standing at the top of concrete stairs. He was dressed in his gray pants and a light-weight button-up shirt. I remember being a child and running up the stairs to him, leaping in his arms and saying, “Please, Papa, don’t go. I don’t want you to go.”  He said, “I have to go for a little while.  Go to Kat now. You’ll see me again, just go to Kat.”  Kat is my eldest aunt who had been dead for a year.  I turned and saw her; she looked like she did when I was a small child and I begged again for my grandfather not to leave me.  When I woke, I could still smell his Old Spice cologne. I had no doubt I’d encountered his presence, but my limited faith at that time didn’t allow me to process it.

Other dreams were of my aunt; her touch on my forehead and assuring me that everything was alright and that she was in a wonderful place. Again, the doubting Thomas I was at that time, wouldn’t allow me to embrace what was really going on.  Another dream, my paternal grandmother, who died long before I was born, came to me. She had passed away tragically in a car accident when my dad wasn’t even out of high school.  She told me that she was always with me and that she loved me. I remember her face and how beautiful she was. I remember hearing her laughing and saying how much she loved watching me grow up.546502_3718372331728_702784292_n

After all of this, I went back to my healer again and sat in his waiting area. This time I opened up Soul Proof and read the introduction. I couldn’t put the book down. I asked to borrow it. This is just a part of the review I wrote about the book.  I think once you read it, I won’t need to say much more about it in this blog:

“I decided to check Soul Proof out for my own evaluation.  How was I to make an educated decision or even an assumption about my existence without complete exploration of all the possibilities?  After reading just the introduction, I was in tears.  So many of my questions were being answered and so many of the feelings were being confirmed.   I prefer to call God, The Great Spirit now.  God feels too negative to me, but that’s just my own personal opinion.  The Great Spirit is bigger than we could ever imagine and isn’t a vengeful old man sitting on a throne waiting to strike us down when we fall.  These are things I think I knew all along, but it took Dr. Pitstick’s book to confirm this for me.  The paranormal phenomenon made sense to me now.   The fact that I’ve had dreams of dead (or rather transformed) loved ones and could still smell them when I woke up was explained.  The vivid dream I had only days after the passing of my aunt in which she was talking to me telling me she was alright and would see me again made complete sense now.  The fact that there are times when I know I’m not alone in my room or in the house or my car or at work; explained.  But the beautiful part is that I’m not afraid anymore!

In my heart, I think I always knew that we were beautiful sources of divine energy.  I knew from years of schooling that energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be changed.  I also now understand The Great Spirit and why I was so drawn to compassion toward nature, animals, and children.  I had lost all of my empathy toward others and instantly, it was restored.  It is very difficult for me to put this transformation into words.  I can say, however, it is wonderful to be walking in the most divine light I’ve ever experienced.  I am new at this type of journey, but I can feel it to my very core!

Everything made sense.  The struggles I had endured throughout the years.  The fight I had within myself made total sense and the conflict was now over.  It all fell right into place.  I have never felt such utter peace in my entire life.  Peace that cannot be bought or explained.  Peace like no other.

I know my soul’s mission.  I know that I am in the right job (child welfare) doing exactly what I have been called to do.  You can’t imagine how much easier it is to get up and go to work every day knowing that I am doing what The Great Spirit has asked me to do.

51MVi5uuvJL._SL500_AA300_I know that when I die there will be more waiting for me; I will see my transformed loved ones again!  I will be with The Great Spirit.  I will be changed in the twinkling of eye; I will be divine.  And I will not burn in an eternal hell for thinking with the brain that The Great Spirit gave me.  I know now why I’ve been questioning so many things.  I know now why I felt at such a young age I was an “old soul,” because in all reality, I probably am!  How wonderful is that?!  To know that you are blessed and divine and loved and that there is possibility for second chances!!!!

The Bible never confirmed any of these things for me as many times as I read it.  I felt that there was something more and also knew that so much had gotten lost in translation.  I realize now that it was The Great Spirit giving me wisdom to question such fundamental, organized beliefs.  It didn’t mean that I was a nonbeliever, but on the contrary, it meant I was following the still small voice and my thirst for knowledge was just as divine as anything else touched by Source.

When I began my agnostic journey I didn’t take the Bible literally anymore, but the profound guilt I felt overpowered my ability to see the truth.  All of my doubts about life, existence, Source, religion, death, dying… all answered and now I understand.

I have made it a point, because of reading this book, to change.  I feel more positive now.  I desire meditation because it gives me the opportunity to commune with The Great Spirit.  I don’t ‘pray’ anymore, I talk and converse with the Source of all existence.  You can’t imagine what it’s like not living in daily fear of being sent to hell and burning for eternity!  That weight around my ankle… it’s gone!”

So there it is. The defining moment that set my life on a completely different path. The transformation happened and I opened my arms back up to the one entity that hadn’t ever left me; He just needed to reach me in a different way.

In early April my husband cousin died of cancer. He was young and vibrant and everyone loved him. I never personally met him. However, as I stood in the line at his viewing, he definitely made sure I got to know him. At first I thought my husband was talking to me. Turns out it wasn’t. Now this is where you can either decide whether I’m crazy or not.  This dead person made an effort to communicate with me. Yes, I know it sounds like I’m schizophrenic, but I assure you I’m perfectly health and very mentally sound. I wasn’t sure what was happening to be honest with you. So the next day at his funeral, it worsened. I felt like someone was screaming in my ear. He begged me to comfort his mother and to send messages to his loved ones. Because I didn’t understand what was happening, I didn’t entertain any of this, but when we were standing at the graveside I could literally feel this man’s presence.  During the service I felt his agony and grief and found myself losing emotional control. I didn’t know this man. Why was I crying? I’ll tell you why. Because I felt his emotion and empathized. In my mind I told him to crossover and that there were others waiting to help him. I didn’t hear him anymore that day.

I went to a person that day that I knew could help me. She did. She helped me understand what was happening and that I have an ability that I still don’t understand.  I associate it with having a genetic feature. If you have green eyes, you just have them and that’s the way it is. I have this thing that I can do and that’s the end of it; I don’t question it or flaunt it or advertise it or talk about it unless I’m asked, but it’s there; always a part of me and always will be.

Since this encounter I’ve had regular communication with many of those who’ve passed on from my grandmother, who is truly with me at all times, to my husband’s relatives. I am also in constant communication with the Creator and I make sure I take time to thank Him and to commune with him. I also have a direct like to what I call, spirit guides (the Christian faith calls them angels). They help me and guide me and teach me; they comfort me when I’m sad and they help me stay focused when I need to. An entirely new world opened to me when I decided to change my life and walk down a positive path and I don’t regret one decision I’ve made in this new life.

When this happened to me, I rewrote my book. The Fine Line took on a more opened-minded approach to solving spiritual problems and confronting spiritual battles.  In fact the still small voice made if very clear that in order for my book to be published I would have to change the content. So, I did and I let the Divine take over. In the early summer, my book was on the desk of a very popular publisher and I thought for sure they were going to publish it, but they said it was “too inspirational” and things like that didn’t sell well. I had all but given but, but by early fall I found BookLocker and the book was published by January.

Please note that you do not have to agree with the way I see things. You can think I’m being mislead or misguided or lead by the devil, but honestly, I’m seeking out my own salvation and I encourage you to seek out yours. Just because mine looks a lot different that the rest doesn’t me its wrong. Who am I to judge anyone for who they believe? It’s not my right. I don’t need you to agree with me; I don’t need anyone to agree with me. I do know, nonetheless, that I have been lead to do the things I do and my legacy, I hope will be positive. This is my human experience and I am making the most of it.

Next week we’ll talk about how I came to leave Pike County Children Services and the encounters I had as a ghost-hunter as well as a more in depth look at how The Fine Line found its way to the public. Thanks for joining me this week!

Bumps In the Night: Part 6–My Own Tales of the Paranormal

In 2009 the State of Ohio’s financial stability took a turn for the worse and because I worked for an agency that was dependent upon State and County funding, my job hung in the balance; another motivation to get my masters.  I started looking for other job opportunities. The climate at the agency I transferred to in 2007 was drastically declining with the possibility of lay offs.


November 2010, Cruise to Key West and Cozumel

I applied for a job in Pike County, closer to my hometown, in 2010. My eldest aunt was failing fast and I wanted to get closer to home to be with her. I knew she wouldn’t be around for much longer. So as I stood enjoying the aquatic animals on the Island of Key West, my phone rang and it was the director of children services in Pike County. She offered me an interview and on Columbus Day she and the supervisor took time on their day off to interview me. It was one of the best interviews I’d had. We met for two and half hours. We did not stop laughing and talking the entire time. Needless to say, I got the job, but this proved to be a double-edged sword.

My taking the job meant that my son, who has special needs, would be starting at another school. Not only that, but his father would be very angry that we were moving again. Although when I originally left him in 2003, arrangements were made by the court for a half-way point to be used for the visitation exchange. Simply put, things would go back to that arrangement.

There were certainly pros to moving, too. We’d be closer to family. Although the pay would be less than my current wages, the security was priceless. No threat of lay offs; a new working environment that my prove to be much more positive. The school district we would be moving into would also be better. The agency would also allow me to finish my masters and fly out to North Dakota when it was time to graduate, a factor I knew would cause problems at the job I would be leaving. They didn’t like if you took any time off at all with their regimented, non-family friendly attitude. You were to eat, drink, and breath that job; not very realistic when the job is a high-stress, high maintenance situation. They frown on vacations or sick leave. Pathetic.

So, I took the job in Pike and started in December 2010 and as I settled in, I found a wonderful group of women. The agency was very small, employing only nine people or so. I was partnered with a person that would become a central part of my life and her friendship has been an absolute inspiration to me.

As I got to know these ladies, I found that they had tremendous faith. Since my faith was all but gone, it was interesting to listen to others talk about their faith in God and the power of prayer, especially when I had none. I was somewhere I finally felt like I belongs and was accepted. They helped prop me up. They helped me feel whole again. I had never felt more connected to people I worked with. We laughed together each day. We all got along. There was no back biting or caddy problems. We were more like family; a family that got along with each other. We celebrated triumphs for one another and cried when someone got hurt. I needed what they gave me; hope.

Amidst all of this positivity, negative lurked.  My ex-husband, once more, took me back to court to argue over visitation. No matter how hard I tried to settle in and get things right, he was always there to steal; to steal my joy, my peace, my happiness, my money! I went back to court in 2011 to fight with him.

185646_1756004513759_1679768_nIn February 2011 I bought my house. Finally, something was mine. I had lost one house in foreclosure. I had rented ever since. I’d filed bankruptcy in 2008. But, finally, I’d gotten on my feet enough to buy a home of my own. Something I could be proud of.

In August 2011, I flew out to North Dakota and finished my masters degree. Part of the project during my time there was that we had to present a solution as a group; we were given a project topic and we were graded on how well we presented. I did the write-up for the presentation and presented the material while the others helped research and put it in report form. The way I presented it was as if it were a story. It covered the aftermath of two rape victims and how it associates with PTSD. When we were done, many of my colleagues told me I should write a book.215152_2151407078576_5291143_n

That brings me to finishing The Fine Line. I started working diligently on it and my friend from work read the very first copy of the manuscript. It was after she read it that I seriously sought out publishing. Still, something didn’t feel right. The book originally came from a fundamentalist, religious perspective of solving problems, but I felt like I was writing empty words because I didn’t even believe that way anymore.

In April 2011 my eldest aunt passed away on my birthday. I hadn’t grieved over any of the other relatives like I grieved for her. I think it was because in my mind I saw her death as final; I would never see her again. If there was no afterlife, this was it; nothing beyond this.

I had been under chiropractic care for some time and the physician was wonderful. In fact, I found out about him from the director where I worked. I noticed after my aunt’s death I began experiencing intense depression and anxiety. I cried over nothing. I felt lost; broken. I didn’t want the intervention of traditional medicine and anti-depressants.  Because my chiropractor was also an holistic physician, I sought his help first. I started the journey to healthier mind by engaging in a natural regiment of minerals and vitamins to straighten out the depression and anxiety. Ironically, what I feared most remained untouched:  death.


My eldest aunt is on the far right in the blue dress.

Anyway, you’re probably asking how the paranormal fits into all of this. Well, the aforementioned is the back story to where I’m going with this next Saturday. I know this sort of leaves you hanging, but it will be very important for next Saturday’s blog and how my life completely changed in the Spring of 2012.

Hope you enjoyed today’s reveal.