Spirit Animals: Moth

The moth is a very different kind of spirit animal.  You wouldn’t think of these smaller creatures as paths to spirituality, but they drawn strong energy from the source.  Again, crediting is all in the reference section.

Moths live everywhere on the earth except in severely cold climates.  Their little bodies, legs, and wings have touch hairs that come off if the moth is handled.  They can feel, smell, taste, and determine temperature.  The moth’s sense of sight is very good.  This is why folks often equate their moth totem to an ability to see psychically and to heal.  However, those with the moth often have the habit of picking up the energy of others and carrying it with them.  This isn’t necessarily a healthy habit, but that comes with the ability to use empathic healing.  Reiki can often help guard against this natural flaw.

The moth spirit/totem has the ability to move easily in the darkness and they are the symbol of transformation.  They can easily confuse adversaries and find light in the dark.  They can help their attachment hear spoken and unspoken messages from the spirit.

Moths are the darker side of the butterfly.  The people who find a moth in their lives will likely be psychics who can clearly see things that have not happened yet.  They tend to be nocturnal people, doing well at night.  The people who have a moth attached to them often have an optimistic point of view, which can offer a refreshing change of pace for those who tend to see the glass half empty.  The moth people can see the silver lining, hence the reference to finding the light in the dark.  They are great listeners and usually find themselves in careers involving counseling, teaching social work, and/or psychology.  They tend to be popular and highly respected among their peer groups.  They are generous and can adapt well to change.  They love dancing and use their intuition more than they would ever admit.

My friend just discovered that she has a moth as a spirit animal.  She is a healer by trade and by nature.  She works with herbs and oils to patch up those of us that are sick, but she also works in the professional medical field.  She is a psychologists of sorts, nonetheless.  She has no credentials in this area, but can often put a psychological spin on almost anything.  She is a deep thinker and feels deeply even though she would never admit it.

So if any of these aforementioned sounds like you, you might just have a moth in your life somewhere.  Again, to commune with your spirit animal, meditate and gather tangible items symbolizing the moth.  As odd as it may seem to have a moth as a spirit animal, they can offer many positive things to your life.  Embrace your spirit animal, whether it’s large or small.  They have so much to teach you!


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