Spirit Animals: Whales

I have never seen a whale in the wild, although I would love to.  I have watched nature shows about them.  I think they are beautiful, gentle animals.  They were nearly obliterated off the planet because of their physical properties.  Why we think we have the right to destroy just because we “need” something, I will never understand.  However, thanks to activists and wildlife groups, they have been able to come back from the brink.

Let’s dive into the realities of the whale in the wild first (no pun intended).  According to Couch (2015), it is important to note that there are two suborders of whales.  There are toothed whales and baleen whales (Couch, 2015).  There are 26 types of toothed whales, which includes the killer whale (Couch, 2015).  Baleen whales include the humpback and gray whale (Couch, 2015).  So, the first thing you have to do is figure out whether you have a baleen whale or a toothed whale.  All of the whales have similar symbolism in the realm of the spirit, but there are subtle differences that have to be understood in order to bond with you particular whale.

Also according to Couch (2015), the “paleontological records and molecular data indicate that all whales lived on land and migrated into the sea over 50 million years ago.”  The whale is a mammal like us, which means it breathes air and has hair on its body.  It gives live birth to young as well.  Couch (2015) states that the “whale evolved spindle cells in her brain as long as 15 million years before us. These cells relate to self-awareness, compassion, and linguistic expression. As a warm-blooded animal living in cold oceans, whale relies on a thick layer of blubber as insulation. Legends say that whale spirit animal carries the history of the world, remembering back to the time when she was on land.”  Fascinating stuff, huh?

There’s more…

According to various sources, the whale is has a sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, especially the one produced by the earth.  The field acts as a map for migration.  This means that the whale can help you navigate through the perils of life.  You can find your way back to balance.  You can use the whale as a compass for the soul.  In fact, you may not be able to explain how you know you are being pulled toward a certain destiny, but it could be possible that there is a whale guiding you.

Those of us who truly believe in the law of attraction never have to think about where to go.  They know they are supposed to head in that direction.  The whale helps us stay in the flow of things.  She gets there when she needs to and it happens in perfect time.  This also speaks to the whale in the wild.  The animal can follow the coastlines, but sometimes the field runs right up onto the land, which is why you will see beached whales at those points (Couch, 2015).  Thus, if you feel like you have followed the map and now you’re on land, stuck with no way to get back out to sea, wait.  The tide is coming.  On the other hand, it may be time to let go of what drew you to the shore.  Either way you are in the capable hands of destiny.  Remember, before you can reincarnate/resurrect, you have to die.  I’m not saying you will die physically, but there may be parts of yourself you must die to.  You must let the past die at times.  you must let your selfish desires die at times.  These are all signs that a whale has entered the picture.

The whale is as old as time itself.  Therefore, the whale spirit is the record keeper of the earth.  The whale teaches their charge about listening to the intuitive voice that speaks from deep within.  It will teach you how to understand your emotions and how those emotions impact your daily life.  They also encourage you to follow your own truth.  When the whale swims to you it may be time for you to look at who you really are.  Look at the actions you take and the emotions that drive those actions.  Look at what has brought you to this point in your existence.  How can you seek peace?  The whale tells you to maintain a connection with the true reality that surrounds your life.  The whale people are nurturing and they go after what they want.  However, they know that there is so much more to life than what is seen.  That is why they provide mystic vision passed our current existence and into the realm of the spirit.

The whale is symbolic of history and using that history to heal emotionally.  They have a strong connection to family, which then can be personified through you.  You will likely feel a strong connection to your kin and to the community in which you live.  The whale also signals that it’s time for an emotional rebirth.  They offer peace and strength.  It isn’t the ferocious strength of some of the animals we’ve discussed, but it is more calming strength.  The ability to center and balance comes with this kind of strength.  They also encourage you to use your words.  The whale doesn’t deal well with suppressed emotions.  They teach you to express yourself.  Say it!  Stop shutting your mouth and speak truth to power!  Speak truth to everyone!  Here’s why…

Whales can communicate and coordinate with other whales over thousands of miles of ocean (Harris).  Therefore, the whale wants us to communicate through truth.  Speak from the heart to bridge the distances.  Because this animal is very family oriented, much like the dolphin and many other mammals, the whale can help the human connect with loved ones on a deeper level.  Get rid of the superficial talk and start meaning what you say!

In writing this post, I realize that I have a whale in my life.  It explains the pull I have always had toward certain things.  It explains my belief in the law of attraction.  It explains why there are things that I just can’t shake.  I have a sperm whale.  A female named Raples.  She appeared to me clearly today.  So, I welcome her into my pantheon and now I will begin communicating with her.  I will meditate with her and learn more about her.  She is here to teach me.  She has been with me all along, but she wasn’t permitted to come through until today (December 23rd).  It’s time for me to start collecting totems of the whale so she can be tangibly represented among my spirit animals.

The other animal that popped through today is the ram.  I previously posted that I knew the ram spirit was a part of me due to my Zodiac sign, but today I realized I actually have a ram spirit animal.  His name is Tye.  I will need to refresh myself with the post about the ram.  And I will have to begin speaking to him regularly to learn what he has to teach.

I’m so glad you were able to be a witness to these discoveries.  They can happen to you, too.  All it takes is a little focus.  Sometimes they won’t appear immediately in your life, but gradually as your start piecing things together.  How is it possible to have a dire wolf, a dragon, a raven, a whale (sea animal), and a ram?  Because with the Spirit ALL things are truly possible.  Take comfort in that!  That means there is a higher power guiding you through your journey!  You are special!  You matter!  You are divinely created for the benefit of the universe and everyone in it!



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Spirit Animals: Sheep

“When you’re worried and you can’t sleep just count your blessings instead of sheep.  And you’ll fall asleep counting your blessings.”  In case you don’t know where that came from it is a song featured in the movie White Christmas.  Many also associate sheep with people.  For example, I’ve heard people say that “she is a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” meaning that sheep have the appearance of being unthreatening and docile.  Those in the Christian faith equate sheep (a lamb) with Jesus.  He was the sacrificial lamb to save everyone on earth from Hell.  So, it seems that the sheep and its meaning may be very entrenched in our society and our cultures.  If you have a sheep, or even a lamb, pop into your world, what should you know?  What should you do about it?

Remember that the male sheep is a ram.  We’ve already discussed the ram, so it stands to reason we should discuss the female counterpart.

When the sheep comes into your world the creature offers a way for you to retrieve your innocence.  Although many of us don’t want to admit or accept it, we are vulnerable.  That makes us feel weak, but the sheep reminds us that the two emotions are completely misunderstood.  The sheep tells you that there is still a small, innocent child inside of you who needs nurturing.  On the far end of the spectrum, the sheep could also mean that you often conform to societal rules and norms.

The primary symbols of the sheep include sacrifice and nurturing.  They are also synonymous with gentleness.  On a deep spiritual level they represent fertility, spiritual connectedness, magic, power, and sun energy.

In nature, the sheep divide into two groups on their own.  They consist of nursery herds and bachelor herds.  According to All Totems, the nursery herd is made up of ewes and lambs.  The group members cooperate to find places to graze while providing protection to one another.  The bachelor herd, on the other hand, is a group of mature males who are constantly reorganizing the pecking order (All Totems).  They consistently challenge each other’s strengths in contests.  The winner gets to mate with the females.  Both males and females have distinctive bleats and voices.  The females are the best at figuring out the voices of the baby lambs.

A sheep person is usually a very good listener.  They will likely be in the field of counseling or therapy.  They are also wonderful friends because they are so good at listening.  They are supportive people who are usually active in their community.  They take care of people.  They are loyal, and even when things get rough, they can be counted upon.  They don’t have a problem stepping outside of the box to offer care to other people.  They are experts at it.

Back to the tough subject:  vulnerability.  The sheep is there to help you recognize those feelings of vulnerability.  The sheep helps you see that you are overwhelmed with those feelings, and in turn you feel powerless.  By looking inward at the innocence you still have, the vulnerability can be turned into a positive.

The sheep is also a doctor.  They can help balance chakras by encouraging you to take control of your health and wellness.  According to Harris you can use sheep energy to do the following:

  • Lessen aches, pains, illness, and disease
  • Create deeper happiness, satisfaction, and contentment
  • Increase focus, clarity, and productivity
  • Renew balance, health, harmony, and well-being

By relying on your sheep, you can revert back to the child inside of you making everything new and wondrous.  When you can look at things with fresh eyes, you may be able to use positivity to your advantage.

It is very possible that a lamb (a baby sheep) may appear to you at first.  As time passes, you may see the lamb grow into a ewe or a ram.  Keep an eye on that because there is a difference between the female and male spirit of the sheep.

As you charge into the new year, perhaps the appearance of a sheep will help you decide that vulnerability doesn’t mean you’re weak.  In fact you should feel empowered.  Children often feel like they can overcome all odds.  That’s the spirit the sheep lends to you!  That’s the spirit you need in order to make changes.  New challenges come with every new year; every new day!  With the sheep as your ally, you can open doors that have been locked, and you can learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible!


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Spirit Animals: The Hawk

The hawk is a bird of prey much like the eagle, so you might be wondering how they are different?  This post will explain the differences.  It will also help you recognize whether or not you have a hawk as a spirit animal.  If you do, you will be able to pick out key components regarding temperament and attitude.  References are always provided.

If a hawk has flown into your world, you might want to be open to receiving messages from the Spirit (God).  The hawk is signaling that you need to not only receive the messages, but take the time to understand the messages and then apply them to your life.  The hawk is the gatekeeper to higher consciousness, therefore, enlightenment is in your grasp.

Hawk people can see meaning in hum-drum situations.  The key is that you have to be more observant.  Many messages that the hawk brings to you will be about freeing yourself.  Lay down old thought patterns and beliefs and pick up the new.  Stop limiting yourself.  The bigger picture is where you should focus, which will then help you flourish.

According to Harris, the hawk has several other attributes and meanings.  One of those is using the power of focus.  Another is that you should take the lead when the time is right.  Like the eagle, the hawk encourages you to fly high.  The hawk also encourages magic, especially divination.  The hawk totem can increase and reinforce your abilities involving guidance.  Intuition is a big deal with the hawk.

The arrival of the hawk tells you to be laser focused.  The hawk on your shoulder can help you move through your day effortlessly, yet help you receive underlining messages you could normally miss.  The hawk acts as a daily blessing to you.  You can rely on their connection to the spirit world to learn and act.

As always, connect with the hawk through meditation and prayer.  Tangible totems can also help with this animal.  The hawk possesses a vast knowledge of spiritual actualities and facts.  Learn from their wisdom!


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Spirit Animals: The Horse

The horse has been a part of our culture for a very long time.  In the Americas we killed them to extinction.  However, in the East the horse was used for speed, mobility, and advancement.  When the settlers came to the New World they brought the horse with them, which helped the animal rebound.  We too used the for their speed.  We also used them to help us with farming as well as transportation.  Wild horses still live among us, nonetheless.  I have friends who own horses but I have never touched one or been close to one.  I’ve never ridden one.  I would like to, but they are a little intimidating to me.  I’m not completely sure why.

When a horse gallops into your life and decides that your soul needs some help, what does that mean?  Always check the references to supplement the reading.  I intend to answer the question and help you understand the signs.

The spirit horse signifies your personal ambition.  It also is significant to your passions and your yearning for freedom.  The horse spirit animal enables strong motivation to follow through.  The animal literally carries the human through tough times.  The thing you have to look for when it comes to your horse is whether or not the horse is tame, wild, bridled, or roaming free.

The horse is symbolic of masculine energy.  You may have a very high sex drive, but also a tamed side to your personality.  You are probably very emotional and can be overly passionate about things in your life.

Your horse spirit animal also lends inner strength when it is needed.  In essence, you can hop on and ride out the storm, charging head-long toward your personal goals.  You’ll make it to the finish line, too.

As a psychologists (not licensed, but degreed), I love it when spirit animals are associated with psychological concepts and theorist.  Harris includes information about Carl Jung in her blog and his association with the horse spirit.  Jung equated the horse with “natural forces by human beings” (Harris).  In other words, we manage to rope the horse and use its power, which should teach us how to rope our own energy stores.

When my son was small, he underwent occupational therapy.  I took him to a farm.  The OT owned many farm animals.  In the summer she offered Equine therapy.  This is therapy using horses.  These animals are emotionally aware, yet they can provide such phenomenal therapies for individuals with delays.  Perhaps you are much like this animal.  You may be extremely aware of your emotions as well as the emotions of others, but you have the ability to offer something that can help people.

According to Couch (2016), a lot of folks who train horses say that in order to tame a horse emotions have to come under control.  Horses often mirror the emotions of the human.  For instance, someone who is high-strung can impact the maneuverability of the horse inadvertently.  The horse won’t calm.  Then you have the rider who becomes more frustrated, and with that frustration, the horse climbs equally into a very anxious place.  So how is it that these animals can provide the therapy I just outlined?  Do they have the ability to differentiate the differences between disordered individuals, delayed individuals, negative people, positive people?  The list could go on and on.

Couch also points out that the horse spirit isn’t telling us to be unafraid.  It’s telling us not to masquerade our fear.  Further to that point, fear is often accompanied by other emotions:  guilt, shame, low self-esteem, poor confidence.  These secondary emotions can then trigger fear.  The horse is meant to teach you how to exist with those powerful emotional without judging yourself; without calling yourself a failure.  This means you have to go to a place where you simply do not care what people think.  If you are a horse person, let your horse guide you through this process because it isn’t an easy one.  Once you learn to stop harming yourself you can move toward some pretty unbridled potential.  The horse will keep you centered and balanced.  After all, if you lose balance, you fall.  Hold tight to the reigns.

The take-away with the horse is that you possess the power to change anything.  The freedom that the horse symbolizes can be used to help you grow.  The horse is wise and intuitive.  Keep family and humanity in your sights.   The arrival of a horse means there are new paths ahead.  You must be brave enough to climb on.  Use the horse’s observant powers to assess the challenges ahead, but then decide with the deep gifts of the spirit.  Once you choose, ride.




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Spirit Animals: The Fox

Sly like a fox.  That is a very popular statement.  I’m sure you’ve heard it uttered at some point in your life, but why does that statement even exist?  Moreover, if you have a fox that has trotted into your world, what will that look like?  I hope to answer those questions as well as to provide more information about the fascinating fox.  References are below as always.

Despite its reputation, the fox isn’t the type of spirit animal to play tricks on you.  Rather, they are teachers.  The fox spirit animal can offer guidance during quickly moving challenges, pointing out the quickest way around the blockade.  These animals are very clever, wise, and intelligent.  They can think well on their feet.  They are cunning as well.  They can see through the deception, too.  They also are very activity during dream state.  They can often lend these traits to you in times of need.

If you are having problems adjusting to various situations in your life, this spirit animal can assist with that as well.  The fox tells you to open your eyes wide.  See the situation for what it is and take action.  The fox will help you adapt to those new situations.

Who do these animals attach to?  You are probably a very loyal person.  You are likely full of energy, very extraverted, personable, and you probably use flattery a lot.  Fox people aren’t always super social but they can use adaptation to fit in.  Fox people are very good at observing and blending in.  You may also have an intensely creative streak.  You can also think outside of the box very easily.

Next question.  How can the totem lend its power to you?  The fox totem offers inspiration.  It can also help you development your mental abilities, analytical prowess, deductive reasoning, and dealing with daily issues.  The appearance of the fox, and its great strengths, may also mean that you are being taught how to become physically alert and respond accordingly.

Now we walk back to the sneaky reputation of the fox.  The fox has been dubbed as such because they are cunning.  When the fox comes to you, it may mean that you need to be more observant of the things going on in your life as well as who is involved in your life.  It may indicate that you are a victim of being tricked by others.  Therefore, the fox might come to you as a means of teaching you discernment.  The fact that you may be falling victim to the deceit of others may mean that you aren’t reaching your full potential, that you may not be grabbing your full financial rewards, and that someone might be using you to their benefit.  You might need to re-examine your world when the fox sits at your feet.

Foxes in the wild are more like cats.  They are a member of the dog family, but their behaviors mimic the feline family.  Nevertheless, they are also like other animals when it comes to diets and their environments.  According to Couch (2015), the fox eats anything from fruits to bugs.  They don’t always invade the hen-house.  Because they are so adaptable with their diet they have become a staple in our ecological world.  As I said, they are related to the coyote and wolf (canine), but they resemble skunks or raccoons when it comes to what they eat.

The fox is like the feline in the fact that they are graceful.  They jump, leap, and run like a cat.  Have you ever watched any nature shows?  The fox in wintry climates can listen to what lies beneath the snow and then dive into it, taking whatever they want.

As far as mating, the fox mates for life.  They stay close to home.  This means that if a fox has attached to you that you probably like being home and that you have chosen a mate for the remainder of your days on this earth.

The fox spirit animal is also heavily entrenched in magic.  In fact, the fox is typically known for its ability to assist in dark magic.  They are often associated with negative situations like a bad omen or that something awful is going to happen.  However, they are also seen as a gateway to new beginnings and new projects.  The Native Americans believe that the fox represents the practice of dark sorcery and dark manipulation.  Don’t let that scare you.  The fox has been associated with high intelligence.

The important thing to take away from the fox is that the appearance isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  You high intelligence and the ability to see through the lies helps you get through situations that may otherwise sidetrack you.  The fox can help you avoid being used.  Listen to your fox or take the qualities that it offers to better your situation!  Then you can be sly like a fox!



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Spirit Animals: Moth

The moth is a very different kind of spirit animal.  You wouldn’t think of these smaller creatures as paths to spirituality, but they drawn strong energy from the source.  Again, crediting is all in the reference section.

Moths live everywhere on the earth except in severely cold climates.  Their little bodies, legs, and wings have touch hairs that come off if the moth is handled.  They can feel, smell, taste, and determine temperature.  The moth’s sense of sight is very good.  This is why folks often equate their moth totem to an ability to see psychically and to heal.  However, those with the moth often have the habit of picking up the energy of others and carrying it with them.  This isn’t necessarily a healthy habit, but that comes with the ability to use empathic healing.  Reiki can often help guard against this natural flaw.

The moth spirit/totem has the ability to move easily in the darkness and they are the symbol of transformation.  They can easily confuse adversaries and find light in the dark.  They can help their attachment hear spoken and unspoken messages from the spirit.

Moths are the darker side of the butterfly.  The people who find a moth in their lives will likely be psychics who can clearly see things that have not happened yet.  They tend to be nocturnal people, doing well at night.  The people who have a moth attached to them often have an optimistic point of view, which can offer a refreshing change of pace for those who tend to see the glass half empty.  The moth people can see the silver lining, hence the reference to finding the light in the dark.  They are great listeners and usually find themselves in careers involving counseling, teaching social work, and/or psychology.  They tend to be popular and highly respected among their peer groups.  They are generous and can adapt well to change.  They love dancing and use their intuition more than they would ever admit.

My friend just discovered that she has a moth as a spirit animal.  She is a healer by trade and by nature.  She works with herbs and oils to patch up those of us that are sick, but she also works in the professional medical field.  She is a psychologists of sorts, nonetheless.  She has no credentials in this area, but can often put a psychological spin on almost anything.  She is a deep thinker and feels deeply even though she would never admit it.

So if any of these aforementioned sounds like you, you might just have a moth in your life somewhere.  Again, to commune with your spirit animal, meditate and gather tangible items symbolizing the moth.  As odd as it may seem to have a moth as a spirit animal, they can offer many positive things to your life.  Embrace your spirit animal, whether it’s large or small.  They have so much to teach you!


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Spirit Animals: Elephant

How in the world can an Elephant spirit animal even fit in your front room?  If a dragon can fit into your life, an elephant can easily make its way into your world.  As always, the crediting will be at the bottom.  So, if you want to see where some of the information for this post came from, take a look at the reference section.

Elephants are beautiful animals.  These magnificent animals have a cognitive ability that amazes me.  They remember their dead.  They cry, and exhibit emotions like humans.  What does it mean when one of these animals attaches to your spirit?

When an elephant arrives in your life it is likely a reminder that you need to be mindful of self-care.  I’m not just talking about bathing and brushing your teeth.  Spiritual self-care is just as important as hygienic self-care.  The arrival of this animal may also signal that you need to help others, but our first priority should be ourselves.  The elephant is there to tell us that we have natural instincts that will take us where we need to go, and that there are parts of ourselves that require nourishment.  If you’ve isolated yourself, the arrival of this animal may tell you to find your way back to the ones who love you.

The other option is that you’ve lost focus.  Maybe you have been focusing on parts of your life instead of looking at the whole picture.  In some cases, it may mean that you have to dig into some buried, and even painful memories, and then learn to let them go; learn to heal.

Elephants are strong, robust animals.  In fact, no other land animal can match an elephant’s strength.  Better yet, the elephant knows its own strength.  It is acutely aware of how powerful it can be.  They also have an incredible memory bank.  They often bring those qualities with them when they attach to your spirit.

The other quality that elephants possess is patience.  I think I heard a collective sigh out there.  Patience isn’t something that most of us want to consider, let alone practice.  In our instant gratification world, we want everything right now!  The elephant teaches us that sometimes waiting is what we need to do to discover our true destiny or even our deeper strengths.  You need to rely on conscious processes, not speed.  Your elephant can help you with that.

Most of the time, according to the research I’ve completed for this post, a person who is highly intelligent attracts the elephant spirit.  These people feel deeply and respond to “those feelings from a place of inner knowing” (Elephant Symbolism, 2017).  Family tends to be first in your life, and you are especially mindful of the children in your life as well as the elderly.  You have compassion for those who need help, and the elephant is attracted to those who show a strong sense of loyalty in all situations.

Elephants are selfless.  They will look after each other, and provide for the weaker members of the group.  That is likely a quality you possess, but remember that the elephant is also calling you back to self.  How can you take care of you?  When this animal trumpets into your life, you have found a motherly figure.  She will look after you and bring things to your mind when you lease expect it.  She is gentle, but when the time comes that discipline is required, she will exercise it for your betterment.

As I always say, in order to connect with your animal, meditate.  Quiet yourself.  Collect tangible totems that represent your connection to the animal who has chosen you.  Reflect.  Take the time to commune with the animal because bonding is crucial.


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