Aspiring Author Autumn Blog Tour: Gwyn Brodie

Gwyn Brodie PhotoSo it is the eve before the blog tour’s end. Tonight, Gwyn Brodie sits down with me to talk about her life and her work. She loves Scotland, its amazing history, its wonderful people, and travels there whenever she can. While in Scotland she enjoys learning about her ancestors the Murray, Clark, Boyd, Ramsey and McTavish clans. She lives with her husband in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina and besides writing Scottish historical romance, she also loves gardening, reading and refinishing old furniture. Contact her at, Facebook, Twitter, or at

Book title: Beneath a Highland Moon  (Available at Amazon)

This work is a Scottish Historical Romance that takes place in 1600’s Scotland. The hero of the story is Kade MacLachlan. He is strong, loyal, brave and will let nothing stop him from saving the woman he loves.


Jillian had just crawled into bed, when someone softly knocked. Perhaps ’twas her mother come to tell her good-night. She opened the door. Kade.

He stood in the doorway, the scent of whisky on his breath. “Might I come in?” he asked, his voice low.

She hesitated. No man, other than her father, had ever stepped foot inside her bedchamber.

“I ken ’tis late, Jilly, but I must see you. I promise it won’t take long.”

The look in his eyes begged her to allow him entrance. She couldn’t refuse. Jillian stepped aside.

He hurried into the room, locking the door behind him.

“If my father finds you in here, there’s no telling what he might do.”

“Aye.” He nodded, but I had to see you.”

Jillian shivered.

He moved closer to her, his gaze settling on her lips. “Jilly, you make me daft. I’m as a thirsty man in need of a drink, and I’m afraid the only thing that will quench my thirst is a taste of you.”

Her knees trembled and her heart raced.

He leaned down and gently brushed his lips over hers.

She closed her eyes, savoring the amazing sensation. Then he covered her mouth with his, devouring her. He tasted of whisky and smelled of sandalwood.

Slipping his arms tightly around her, he pulled her closer, softly moaning.

Her whole body feverish, she clung to Kade’s shirt as she returned his kisses. His muscles felt hard beneath her fists and she yearned to touch him. Jillian let go of his shirt and ran her hands over his chest, his shoulders, his back. What was wrong with her? She could barely breathe.

He lifted his mouth away, leaving her wanting more kisses.

“Och, lass,” he whispered against her throat, “I must leave you now or I’ll not be leaving you at all this night.” He kissed her one last time before her bedchamber door closed between them.

Jillian still trembled as she slipped beneath the covers, certain she’d get little sleep. Her whole body felt strangely different—more alive, all because of those marvelous kisses of his. Jillian knew she’d have been considered wanton if they’d been found out, but she wished he’d not left so soon. She’d never realized how much she might enjoy kissing and being kissed.


Beneath a Highland Moon Cover 500 WideKade stepped out of Jillian’s bedchamber and immediately spotted Shaw, a good friend, and a MacLachlan guard, standing in the corridor. He’d obviously seen Kade leave Jillian’s bedchamber. Shaw grinned broadly and gave him the signal that all was clear. Kade nodded his thanks and hurried back to his room. Once inside, he breathed a sigh of relief and grabbed up the whisky bottle, pouring himself another dram.

He’d believed that if he kissed her, he’d be satisfied—he was wrong. It had but whetted his appetite for her. And the way she’d passionately returned his kisses with a need that surprised Kade, had fueled his already heated body. When her hands moved over him, he knew he had to stop—before ’twas too late. As much as he hated leaving her, it couldn’t be helped. Even now, he wanted her so badly that every part of him ached. She would be his. For Kade couldn’t stand the thought of anyone else touching her.


I spoke to Gwyn about what draws her to the genre. She said, “I love Scotland! I’ve had the opportunity to travel there more than once and fell in love with the place, especially the Highlands. Also, my family roots extend to at least five different clans.  While I’m writing and doing research, I learn more and more about my ancestors.” We also talked about her methods; how she gets from start to finish with her books: “I’m not much on doing any sort of outline. I tend to put down the ideas that pop into my head and piece them together like a puzzle. After my initial draft, I add and subtract what I need and don’t need to push my story forward.”

We also talked about research in preparation for this book. She told me this: “I visited Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven last year and used it as a template for Ravenskull Castle, where Kade MacLachlan is laird. I found all sorts of sites that I bookmarked for future reference such as Gaelic names for boys and girls, period clothing sites, like History Undressed, etc.”

When the subject of balancing time came up, she said to me, “I try to write at least some each day, but that doesn’t always happen. Day to day life sometimes gets in the way of that. When I do sit down in front of my computer, I try to write as much as possible and reach a specific number of words at each sitting.”

Some of the authors that inspire Gwyn: Vonda Sinclair, .Eliza Knight, Teresa Medeiros, just to name a few.

Gwyn said that she felt lost when she first published, especially when it came to promoting her work. However, since she published the book, she said that she is thankful for all the many sites available for new authors. So these were her marketing strategies specifically: “I’m using many of the promotion sites, some free and some paid. I also did a two day free promotion through KDP. I will be doing another free promotion for Beneath a Highland Moon,” when I publish Once Upon a Highland Moon, —which I hope will by the end of October.”

She also discussed her current projects: “I’m currently working on my second book in the series, “Once Upon a Highland Moon,” which is about Galen, Kade’s friend in Beneath a Highland Moon.  In my second book,  I’m introducing two characters mentioned in my first book. They each of will have a book of their own.”

How long has she been writing? She told me she has been writing all of her life. She explained that she’d never published anything except several short romantic fiction stories to magazines.  “Taking that first step is hard sometimes, no matter what you do. I love writing stories and, and with the help of a good friend, took a leap of faith.”

One wish: “That I do a good enough job of research and storytelling that something I wrote will touch the reader enough to have them want to read my future stories.”

Hardest thing about being an author: “Finding the time to write and keeping my focus.”

Best thing about being an author: “It is such an amazing feeling to see your book on Amazon and other sites. And knowing that people are interested in reading your story. Also making the characters in your head come to life is something I love to do.”

The thing she wants others to know about her and her work: “I do my utmost to correctly portray the Scottish Highlands during the 1600’s. I try to write about heros and heroines that I would like to read about.”


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