Before you understand the significance of animals, you first need to learn what Chakras are.  Everyone and everything has them.  They are points on your body (and an animal’s body) filled with energy.  The information I’m providing to you comes from some personal experiences, education through some of my friends, and online research.  For the sake of crediting, I grabbed most of the online research from Luna’s Girmoire (2017) and Erduman (2014).  I won’t reference each and every single passage of this blog today, but I at least want to give credit where it’s due.

Believe it or not, some say that chakras are mainly associated with the endocrine system.  They impact the area of the body where it is located.  In fact, some folks believe that if you can introduce balance to the chakras, you will see improvements in physical health.  

This first chakra is the root chakra.  It is found at the base of the spine.  In an animal, this is found near the tail.  The base chakra, or root chakra, deals with issues of survival.  It also honors the Earth, one of the essential elements in various Pagan and Wiccan rituals.  The color of this chakra is dark red.  The varying qualities of this energy source is grounding and stability.  The emotions associated with the root chakra are fear, courage, and trust.

The second chakra is known as the sacral or splenic chakra.  It’s usually described as deep orange and deals with the Water element.  It’s located in an animal’s belly, hips, pelvic area, or lower back.  It’s the creative center, but also deals with sexuality.  It also involves sense of family and the emotions that are encompassed in this area of the body are lust, attachment, letting go, temperance, and happiness.

The third chakra is a fire element and usually glows golden yellow.  It is known as the solar plexus and is located in the middle of the abdominal region.  Physically it’s involved with digestion, but it also undertakes will-power, authority, motivation, self-esteem, impulse control, and one’s ability to take action.  The emotions related to this chakra are quite intense.  Anger, resentment, and forgiveness.  In animals, it’s where power and the sense of self comes from.  In other words, it is the life force chakra.


The heart chakra is right in the center of the chest.  It concerns the physical heart, the lungs and breathing, and the thymus gland. This is also the chakra associated with love and compassion.  When this chakra is out of balance, emotional issues can come to the surface.  The heart chakra often glows emerald green and/or pink.  It is associated with the air element.  Not only does this chakra deal with the physical, but also deals with the emotional heart.  Unconditional love, trust, empathy, devotion, desire, greed, a lack of motivation, depression, grief, and compassion are all said to emanate from this chakra.

The throat chakra, usually seen as light blue or turquoise, is related to vocal efforts, hearing, and the thyroid gland. This is the chakra of animal creativity and communication.  It also deals with will, speaking the truth, personal expression, and faith.  Pride and humility come from this powerful energy source.

The often beautifully glowing dark blue or purple chakra is found in the middle of the forehead right between the animal’s eyes.  It reaches all the way to through to the brain and even the back of the head.  This is the chakra I’m most familiar with and have had experience opening this chakra in my son as well as countless others.  When this chakra is in perfect balance, you can see clearly into the spirit world through various means.  Psychic power is usually manifested in this chakra because it deals with intuition, perception, insight, spirituality, and vision.  Dream state makes great use of this chakra, and can involve clarity and interpretation of various seen and unseen stimuli.  The third eye is known as the Ether element.

The crown chakra is typically pure white or gold.  It encompasses the top of the head.  It deals with spiritual connectedness and controls aspects of the animal’s mind and body.  Connection to the divine (God, Spirit, etc…) is thought to originate from the crown.  Bliss and compassion also come from this part of the body.   Unhealthy thoughts can be result of this region being out of balance.

In another blog series I will explore the crystals that help with these chakras and how Reiki can be used to bring these chakras into balance.

As we move through this blog series keep these energy centers in mind.



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It’s Time to Educate You: Spirit Animals

Do you know what an animal totem is?  Do you understand the significance in spirit animals?  According to Urban Dictionary (2016) spirit animal is defined as an animal who chooses you or you choose it to get guidance & learning.  Furthermore, these animals help you through life, and the Native Americans believe in this phenomenon.  There’s something to be said for the ways of the tribal people.

Animal totems represent the way we use our spirit animals to help us.  Moreover, some of those animals are believed to focus on various energy sets that we need to cope with daily life (StarStuffs, 1997).  The animals that attach themselves to us offer us strength, healing, ferocity, and even peace.  Here is simpler way to put it.  The totem is the manifestation of the entity.  The spirit animal grants the emotions of that animal to the person it is attached to.  For example, if you have an owl as a spirit totem, you will likely be given wisdom as a spiritual quality.

Through the entire month of December I am going to introduce you to various animals, what they mean, and how they can help you.  Most of the time these animals find us in meditative states.  Sometimes they just arrive.  At other times we feel drawn to live animals and discover there is a much deeper meaning as to why.

Sit back and enjoy this journey into the spirit, and be prepared to gain a greater understanding of my world.



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Thankful Challenge: Day 12


85d1ef33e561f7ecf58db8aeca770cf6I raise my hands in praise for my ancestors. They are my bloodline. I am their legacy. I humbly honor them with glad tidings and offerings!

Whether you realize it or not, you are surrounded by those who’ve passed. They have a hand in your life. They offer knowledge if you can still your mind and listen. People become desensitized to their whispers. Many believe that hearing them is indicative of demonic activity. I’m here to tell you that’s false.

Embrace those who’ve gone on before you. They are wise and they want to help you through this life’s journey.

Blessed be!