Scholarly Features: Instead of Fading Away

I have decided to post some of my Ph.D. discussion boards and essays. Instead of simply fading away for the next four years, I would rather share some of my scholarly writing. It may be dry for your taste, but perhaps it won’t be. You may be interested in aspects of a Ph.D. program as well as various topics regarding educational psychology.

I am scheduling the posts for Tuesday. They will take the place of the “Teaser Tuesday” slot. So, get ready to get your geek on πŸ™‚Β  Keep in mind they will be written under my given name, not my pen name.Β  That will help me avoid plagiarism issues.


Beyond Fiction: Opinions Needed

Hi peeps.Β  So, as you know, I am knee-deep in scholarly writing as I make my way through my Ph.D. program.Β  I wondered if you might like to see some of my writing.Β  If so, please leave a quick comment.Β  If not, then I know the answer (LOL).Β  I figured it would be a great way to keep the blog going instead of letting it fall by the wayside while I work on my doctorate.

Thanks for the feedback!