Sunday Share: Shall I Count the Ways? #IARTG

For the month of July, I am going to take time to share at least one thing about why I love being an indie author with you every Sunday. It will help you understand why I am running the Independence Inventory Sale.


I am so thankful to finally have my independence from traditional publishing because I can run things the way I want to. As an indie author, I have total control and total dominion over my world and my work. Being able to stay true to my vision is priceless.

People don’t understand that traditional publishing may not cost any money up front, but the price comes with other things. Separating from traditional publishing was the right decision for me, but it isn’t for everyone. With that said, freedom is exactly what attracted me to end my relationships in the traditional world and stand with hundreds of other indie authors. Although I’m supported by my husband’s publishing company, Ozwind is ran in an entirely different way than most publishers. I keep my rights, my freedom, and my independence. So, when you support me through my books, you also support the idea of dreaming big and spreading those wings to fly far beyond what was thought possible.


saleEach year I try to have one big sale on my books. In October and November, I try to have another sale to raise money for Breast Cancer Research and the American Diabetes Foundation. To kick off the 2015 specials, I wanted to do a month long inventory sale. The Independence Inventory Sale lasts until July 31st. You can buy two of my books and get the third free. Cost is $26.50 plus shipping/handling. The books have to be purchased directly through me. This is the only way I can sign them and enclose a bookmark.

PayPal is the payment I accept. It is safe and dependable.

To order, simply contact me at or through my Facebook messenger,


vdaysaleI am running a special sale until Sunday night, February 15th. I realize that I have no new material out right now, and I am working on that. However, I’m trying to clear my inventory, so I’ve decided to offer a BOGO event. I do this a couple of times a year now. If you are interested, please email me (see ad) or private message me on Facebook.

Black Friday Sale Announcement: Paperback 50% OFF!

Black Friday Sale Announcement: Paperback 50% OFF!

It’s the gift giving season, so if you have people in your life that like to read, stop by to purchase a paperback for 50% off. I will be signing them and they will sent directly to you. Please note that if you are purchasing outside of the United States, the shipping is typically upward of $22.00, so I will have to send a separate invoice for that.