Spirit Animals: Dragons

*Crediting:  In every post thus far you have seen a reference section.  In every post for this series you will see one.  Although it is standard, required practice to credit the reference in-text, I am forgoing this measure as this is not a scholarly article or scholarly research.  However, I will always give credit to sources that I use.  So what do you say we start explore spirit totems and spirit animals?

Remember that the totem is the manifestation of the entity in your life.  The spirit animal grants the emotions of that animal to the person.

Dragons are brilliant, mythical creatures that we attribute to lore.  However, from all lore comes some truth.  It is my personal feeling that at sometime in the past dragons roamed among us and could even be tamed by some individuals with gifts and abilities.  My personal dragon is white, much like the one you see in the picture.  The woman in the cloak just happens to be a perfect example of how I see myself in meditation.

The Dragon is a very powerful totem.  They range in traits.  Believe me, not all of them are the same.  There are fire dragons, water dragons, air dragons, and water dragons.  I thought mind was a fire dragon, but in writing this post, I am discovering he is an air dragon.  I will explain the differences in this post.

Dragons are synonymous with strength and fearlessness.  They are often messengers, bringing balance and magic to our lives.  When and if a dragon arrives, it is a pretty good indication that you need to look inward at your psychic nature.  It’s time to start those spiritual fires that have either burned low or burned out.  When you find that you are lacking personal strength, your dragon can offer that quality to you, thus the spirit animal portion of the totem.

The dragon totem is a wonderful ally.  They have the ability to help those of us who are feeling weary to pull from their strength.  They also impress upon us to be honest and engage in peace.  You would think that the dragon would represent dominance and destruction, but the opposite is true.

My dragon arrived last winter.  It was January, just after the start of the new year.  He is quite beautiful.  I have learned to honor him in two ways.  I have two tangible dragons knickknacks.  The first is made of stone.  The second is made of wood.  The wooden one is my favorite.  I often wonder, however, if he didn’t arrive much sooner.  When I wrote Blessing of the Elements, I included a dragon that looks just like mine.

According to the website What is my spirit animal (2017), the dragon is:

  • Fearless. (not me at all)
  • Passionate. (fits me perfectly)
  • Intensely loyal.  (another perfect fit)
  • Prone to rage issues.  (yep)
  • Not afraid of change.  (polar opposite of this)
  • Great sense of humor.  (I hope I fit this)
  • Think, speak, and act quickly.  (yep)
  • Old soul – wise beyond years.  (I don’t know about wise, but an old soul–absolutely)
  • Not afraid to speak your truth.  (sometimes yes and sometimes no)
  • Desires to rise above all circumstances.  (true)

My dragon represents air.  His color gives him away.  He is white, often glistening and sparkly.    His name is Xequa.  All air dragons bring insight, inspiration, and vitality.  Xequa commands respect.  I wonder if he is actually a spirit guide.  Most air dragons are.  When problems arise, Xequa’s job is to provide guidance and clarity.  He also tells me to trust my intuition and that inner voice.

The Fire Dragon represents energy and mastery.  He helps with starting the dimly fires of the soul.  When you feel like you can’t go on, the fire dragon pushes you forward.  This type of dragon helps with handling and overcoming problems.  He is a protector.  He helps with leadership as well.

Earth dragons possess power, riches and potential.  Their human will receive guidance and even prosperity much easier than others.  This dragon will also enable a person to find out what he or she can really do; how high they can fly.  This dragon is more self-reflective and educates the person on his/her own power.  Because this dragon is a representative of the earth, grounding is enabled with this animal.

Lastly, water dragons deal with depth and passion.  When memories and thoughts that you thought were lost suddenly pop back into your mind, you can thank your water dragon for that.  He allows for healing to take place, especially if you have experience trauma.  Water has the transformative power to wash away pain, bringing balance, contentment, and peace.  The water dragon give courage when the human is facing significant battle.

If you have a dragon as a spirit totem/animal, how can you connect?  Meditation is the first step.  Getting quiet and seeing your dragon can help you bond.  Collecting dragon images or knickknacks can help, too.  Some folks like to draw or keep a journal of interactions.  Read up on the dragon.  It will give you a great baseline, but remember each spirit totem/animal is different based on the individual it’s helping.

Whether it is factual or not, I know that Xequa is part of my distant past.  I believe he was alive at one time, and knew me.  If you happen to believe in reincarnation, this won’t seem so farfetched.  If you happen to believe that these animals once walked among us, it will be even simpler to believe.  If you don’t, then you likely have put the “crazy” label on me.  That’s just fine.  Sometimes you just know things.  My past with this beautiful, large animal is certainly more than my mortal thoughts can handle.  Not everyone is given a dragon, but for those that are, you’re in for quite a ride.




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