When You Aren’t Wonder Woman

Hello peeps.  The last time I posted something personal, I discussed beginning my Ph.D. program.  I’m two quarters in, and I can’t juggle everything.  I receive two job offers this summer, so I am now teaching at the university I have been with since 2015 and an additional college.  That’s four days of work a week, plus grading and other essential functions.  Besides that, I’m a wife and mom.  I’m a friend and a daughter.  In order to prioritize, the Ph.D. has to be put on hold.  I’m okay with that.  After all, I want my family and friends to remember me for spending time with them, not for having a nose in a book (which is what I have done all summer).  Things may change between here and the first of the year, but I highly doubt it.  I am going back to my first love:  fiction.  I miss writing fiction more than I can even explain.  So, I am already picking up where I left off with my Between Worlds Series.

There are a few more weeks of scheduled posts coming, and then I will post this quarter’s work, but thereafter, it’s back to fictional writing and posting for me.  I am NOT Wonder Woman.  As much as I would like to be able to handle three jobs (I was also given a teaching assistant position for the Ph.D. program), being a wife, a mom, spending time with my family and friends, fitting appointments in there, and trying to find time to sleep, I can’t.  Something has to go.  For me, it’s the quest for higher education.  However, that doesn’t mean I won’t go back to it.  It may just be temporary.

So, thanks for reading my scholarly stuff!  Fiction will be on the way very soon!



Teaser Tuesday: Through Glass Darkly

TGD 3d bookHenry stood at the graveside looking down at the settling pile of dirt. Only two weeks had gone by since he buried his daughter. He visited the grave each day, hoping it was a nightmare he might awaken from, but it wasn’t a dream. The truth and reality was that his little girl had been taken from him. He tortured himself with all of the might-have-beens and what-ifs.

Heartbroken, he didn’t see much of a way out from this. He kept coming to the same conclusion about coping with Mya’s loss. Nothing seemed to temper the sorrow. Nothing calmed the raging grief overtaking his mind. All of the things he didn’t say to her and all of the things he didn’t do haunted him continually; every moment of every hour of every day.

Teaser Tuesday: Voice of the Dead

VOD 3-d“What happened to you in the woods today? Not just today, but at every crime scene we’ve been to, something happens to you. You go off by yourself, and then when you return, you look like you’ve had the life sucked right out of you. You told me you would tell me.”

“You want to talk about this now?”

“I want to know.”

She heaved a sigh and then stood and walked to the bed, sitting down beside him with her back resting against the headboard. Inside of her, the defenses began flying up.

She hadn’t talked about her abilities with anyone outside her family. Her mother talked about it with her a lot and then once she died, Annie encouraged it. She never told Chelsey or Selina–or anyone else. Visions and voices meant emotional instability and for a nationally respected forensic psychologist, it meant sure destruction of a career and credibility.

Nick’s tone became angry. “You’re shutting down. I can see it in your face.” He paused. “Why do you do this, Doc? I still don’t understand you sometimes.” He watched for a response, but she didn’t say anything. “I’ve talked to you about things that happened to me in the Gulf more than I’ve ever talked to anyone–even Jillian. I’ve trusted you with thoughts that I’ve never trusted anyone with, but you still shut me out.”

She sighed as tears brimmed in her eyes.

“Please, Lauren, let me in. I won’t hurt or betray you or judge you. Tell me what’s going on.”

Dropping her head, she looked down at her hands as they began trembling. “I don’t really know where to start.”

“The beginning is always a good place,” he encouraged as he took one of her hands into his.

Teaser Tuesday: The Fine Line

3d of the fine lineHe paused hesitantly as his mind went to a more serious place. “Let me ask you something Curt…”

“Sure,” he answered as he crossed his arms.

“The people who lived here before, did they ever say anything to you about strange things happening in the house?”

Curtis took in a deep breath and then exhaled. “Well, the house sat empty for about 12 years or so when you folks decided to buy it. The people that lived there before kept to themselves. They said ‘hello’ to us maybe twice the entire time they lived there; never said anything to us about anything strange though. Everything okay?”

“I was just curious.” He didn’t hide his unsettledness well because Curtis caught on quickly.

“You sure you two are okay?” he asked with concern in his tone.

“Oh yes. It’s nothing serious, but Robin and I hear things sometimes. And I’ve been feeling a little strange too.”

Haunted House“I don’t know anything for sure, but that house,” he said as he lifted his chin toward the daunting structure, “has a long history. You might want to research it. Maybe that’ll help you understand what’s happening.”

“Okay, Curt. Well, um, thanks. I better get back to work though. I’ll send Olivia over when she gets here,” Matt concluded as he waved and headed back to the mower.

Captain’s Log, Day 3

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Spring Fever Blog Tour featured Author: Brenda Franklin

Tonight’s featured author is Brenda Franklin.  She enjoys writing fantasy and paranormal romance. Thank you so much Brenda for sharing a little about yourself and your work with us.  Enjoy the read everyone!


Brenda Franklin was born and raised in Louisiana where she lives with her loving family and two cats. She’s been writing since she was little starting with her first horror story in Elementary school, but wasn’t serious about becoming a writer until middle school.

Now married, and living out in the country, she spends most of her time writing Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. But when she’s not writing she can be found drawing, painting, reading a good crime novel or enjoying long walks in a cemetery.

A Steady Pulse orginal      Barely Beating 3

flatlineTitle: Flat Line (Pulse Trilogy book three)

Author: Brenda Franklin

Genre: Paranormal Romance


In my World of Reading and Writing: http://beefranklin.blogspot.com/

Social Media connections:

My Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/brenda.franklin.5811

Author Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AuthorBrendaFranklin

Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BeeFranklin613

Release date:

May 1st

Where to Buy:

Amazon Page: http://www.amazon.com/Brenda-Franklin/e/B009TAXHI4

Smashwords Page: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/111454

Pulse Trilogy:

A Steady Pulse (Book One)

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Steady-Pulse-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B0099U5U02/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_1

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/111454

Barely Beating (Book Two)

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Barely-Beating-Pulse-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B00AA2F9UE/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_2

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/158741

Free Short ghost stories on Smashwords:

Drowning with Problems: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/248010

Lady with Blue Lips: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/248010

This is a conversational piece between Virgil and Garrison in BARELY BEATING (book 2 of Pulse Trilogy).

“How is Elizabeth doing?” Garrison asked leading Virgil in to the kitchen.

“She is endearing the pain better than I thought, but…”His eyes shifted anxiously. He wanted to do more to help ease her, but there was nothing he could do. It was a frustrating feeling to be so useless.

“That’s only natural. Every human turned is different.  But she seems to be doing well.” Garrisons said.

Virgil filled up a glass of water and sat it on the counter. Pinching the bridge of his nose he refocused.

“The first one is always the most difficult, but your body will adjust. It wasn’t so easy for me when I turned my first either.” Garrison assured him.

“But I thought when you turned William—”

“I am much older than you give me credit for Virgil. William was not my first. Even if he was my tolerance levels are much higher than yours by leaps and bounds. Turning is a painful process at times, but you can grow and learn to coop with it like I did.”

“I just hope she will be okay. No matter what I have to go through I wish I could do more for her.”

“You have done a lot more than you already know.” Garrison comforted giving Virgil a light touch on his shoulder before heading off. “Don’t forget to drink something yourself.”

“Garrison?” Virgil hesitated. “Your first turning how was it?”

Garrison paused. “The first person I turned didn’t survive.” Garrison spoke solemnly. He continued down the hall and disappeared into his room.

1)      When did you first start writing?

I wrote my first horror story when I was in Elementary. I began writing fantasy in Junior High (all of which I still have and want to rewrite). Then I wrote the first Pulse book one summer between school grades. I found it and read it back in 2010. It needed a redo. I threw out the old and rewrote the whole thing ending up with the one we now see today as A Steady Pulse.

2)      Did you always want to be a writer? If not what did you want to be?

When I was a little girl I first wanted to me a mother, then a singer, and then by middle school I was set on being a writer.

3)      What genre do you prefer to work within? Or do you mix it up?

I love writing Paranormal Romance, but that’s not the only genre I want to work in. I have projects I’d like to have completed within the year, one of which is a Middle Grade book, another is a Dark Young adult, and a fantasy based one that I’ll probably polish over the course of the next year, but will probably be considered for publishing in 2014. For the moment, at least, PNR is my favorite to write. I wonder if it has anything to do with the number of PNR books I’ve been reading this past year.

4)      Where does your inspiration for these stories (this story) come from?

My inspiration has come from not only my love for reading PNR books, but this story specifically started with a woman who could feel other people’s “pulses”. Though I did a lot of cutting back on what to give her ability wise, I started with this question, “what if you could feel someone before they entered a room?” Than the question became, “what if they felt different?” Add vampires into the mix and it made for a good recipe.

5)      What has your publishing experience been like?

Very rocky. I guess I should clarify that the start was very rocky. I didn’t prepare myself ahead of time; build up any kind of supporters. I just dove in without so much as a compass. All I knew was how to correctly lay out my books for Smashwords and Amazon. It was pretty easy to follow a guide and submit my books, but that was it. It’s easy to publish, but the real work is getting people to want to buy what you have written. Thankfully there are many groups out there who can give you great advice, help you with any question (no matter how silly), and many other things.

6)      Do you have a certain routine you do for writing? i.e. You listen to music, sit in a certain chair?

Okay, I get up with Shawn in the morning around four and tell him good bye for work. I’ll than grab a cup of coffee, Dr. Pepper, or Cinnamon Apple Spiced Tea and a snack before returning to my bedroom where my small desk is set up in the corner for me to work. I always tie up my hair and find my glasses, before turning on my music. I have several premade playlists. When my character needs a little pick me up or is struggling internally I have been listening to Mumford and Sons. Or for a fight scene I play Linkin Park. After enjoying my music for a few minutes it’s time to start writing.

7)      How do you come up with character names and place names in your book?

I have worked on pieces of my family genealogy and every time I find a name that is interesting I write it down. I have a whole list of names and ideas on what they were like which helps to build my characters. So in a sense, the majority of the characters are named after someone from my family line. Now when it comes to locations I have used real places at times. What doesn’t sound better than, Iron Spring, Ashland, Small road, ect.

8)      In your most recent work, who is your favorite character and why?

In my most recent work Lucas would have to be my favorite character thus far. He isn’t the leading character to Flat Line, but who doesn’t like a bad boy on a motorcycle? He has a bit of an attitude issue which can keep up with Bethany Jean, Elizabeth’s best friend. He’s a good counterpart for her and isn’t as easy to jump in feet first to save Elizabeth as Bethany is, but for her he’s willing–though very frustrated–to do what it takes to keep her from getting killed. I could go on about him! I really love working on him.

9)      Did you learn anything from writing your book? What was it?

The overall thing I learned while writing my book was, sometimes research is necessary. Don’t write a scene that makes absolutely no sense. Haha it’s the little things. What motorcycle is he driving? What is the correct pronunciation of that in French? Where are the cops? What’s his past? What War did he fight in and where was he stationed?

10)   How did/do you market your work?

Get connected with Twitter, Facebook, blogs, ect… Join groups, set up release dates, plan out a monthly schedule to keep up with all the things that are going on with not only yourself but other people. Stay as connected as you can with your audience as you begin to build yourself up.

11)   Can you describe the feeling you had when you saw your published book for the first time?

Fear! I suddenly realized that people would be reading my book. The first day I couldn’t get over my fear of someone hating my work, but after that first day (and my loving husband keeping me calm as best he could) I was excited. I was more than excited. I was beaming with pride that I had something published.

12)   Favorite authors?

Lynsay Sands with her (vampire) Argeneau Series, Sherrilyn Kenyon with the Dark-Hunter series, and Diana Nixon with her Love Lines Series

13)   Have you ever suffered from a “writer’s block”? What did you do to get past the “block”?

Oh yeah! I’ve sat in front of my computer and read the same paragraph over and over trying to force the next sentence, but nothing comes out.

What I have found is that when the situation occurs it’s best to either take a nice, long, hot bath or go on a long walk. I like the second one. Get yourself out of the house and get the blood pumping! Sunlight does the body good. We have a cemetery not too far from the house that my husband and I walk to. And if all else fails, it’s a sign to open a good book and set aside the writing for the day. J

14)   What piece of advice would you give to a new author?

Top things you can do is:

1.) Edit your story to perfection and then let someone else look at it (editor)

2.) A good cover goes a long way (Ashley Wied has done all three of my books for the Pulse Trilogy)

3.) Get social (Join Facebook and Twitter and be a part of the writing community)

4.) Advertise (you’re work isn’t going to sell itself when you first come out of the gate).

15)   Are you working on anything new? If so, can you tell me about it?

I am working on another book called “Guardian, A Fated Pairing” which will be coming out around the end of March.


Vampires are on the brink of disappearing.  After years of searching for the cure to turn humans into their kind, one vampire believes he has done it. But in creating the cure he has started a bloody hunt. A race among animals, vampires and Wolves, to find the cure and either destroy it or use it.

It is up to Alice Chambers to keep her sister safe as they try to out run one of the strongest vampires in search of what they are hiding, but is what she protects worth the life of the one man she is destined to be with? And can he get over the fact that she is everything he hates long enough to realize she’s just what he needs? Or will the sacrifice in the end be too great for either of them?

Spring Fever Blog Tour featured Author: Marissa Carmel

Tonight I have Marissa Carmel’s interview that I’m sharing. I want to thank her so much for being a part of this event!  Enjoy everyone!

Author Bio:

Me low resMarissa Carmel has been writing since a young age and although it has always been for personal enjoyment, she finally decided breakout and share her imagination with the world. She hopes that her universe is as fun and intriguing to her readers as it is to her. Marissa Carmel is originally from NJ but moved to Maryland several years ago, she enjoys reading, writing, and catching up on her ever growing DVR library. She is currently working on the sequel to iFeel, Gravitational Pull and the third and final installment of the Vis Vires trilogy, Constellation.

iFeel cover3Title: iFeel & Gravitational Pull books 1&2 in the Vis Vires trilogy
Author: Marissa Carmel

Genre: New Adult/ Paranormal Romance
Website: www.marissacarmel.com

Blog: www.marissacarmel/everything-but-the-girl/

Social Media connections:

GoodReads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5211765.Marissa_Carmel

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Marissa-Carmel/e/B005OKFXXU/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_2?qid=1361243544&sr=8-2

Twitter: https://twitter.com/marissacarmel

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/marissa.carmel.5

Web/Blog: http://marissacarmel.com/

Pinterest- http://pinterest.com/marissacarmel/vis-vires-trilogy/?fb_action_ids=355111804596148&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=246965925417366

Release Date: Gravitational Pull April 4th 2013
Where to buy:  Amazon
Other Work: i Feel, book 1 Vis Vires trilogy

Please provide a snippet from your most recently released book.


But every night I dream of him. The same dream, over and over like a broken record in my mind; me, in my apartment, at my ballet bar, a ray of sunlight cascading through the windows, lighting up small flecks of particles floating all around me. I’m dressed in a light pink leotard and a sheer wrap skirt. My hair is pulled up in a tight bun, white toe shoes are laced up my legs. Justice stands in the corner, heedfully watching me through the mirror. Slow piano notes play in the background. He walks up behind me and takes one of my hands. He spins me slowly in a pirouette, like I am his own private dancer inside a music box. His eyes intensely fixated on my body. They burn blue in the sunlight. After one turn, he stops me, and then leans my body out against the bar. My mind is imprisoned by the hold of his stare. He slides one hand up my torso, almost at the same tempo as the music. He looks so pained as he touches me, as if the want of my body tortures him. He cradles my head towards his face. I can feel every emotion he stirs inside me, like it is real. And then, as abruptly as the dream starts, it ends. Every night, like a broken record in my mind.

GP cover finalTitle: Gravitational Pull (Vis Vires Trilogy #2)

Author: Marissa Carmel

Release Day: April 4th, 2013

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

Cover Reveal Host: Lady Amber’s Tours


Touch me, and bring me to life…

How do you move on when you don’t even know where you were going in the first place?

The Spirit Stalker is dead and I have finally started to erect my life. But I quickly discover, that just because the structure is built doesn’t mean the foundation is sturdy. As much as I try to manage my abilities, I can’t completely control them. The physical impossibility of the relationship I have with Justice has reached a boiling point; our fundamental problem is my inability to control myself from absorbing his power, and his fears of touching me because of it.

As if that wasn’t deal-breaker enough, a new threat looms on my horizon – Darklings.

They are grim reapers of the immortal world who surface every five-hundred-years to feed off the souls of magical beings who are weak, aimless, lost; those who have given up and want to move on.

They also hunt power. Which means, they’re hunting me.

Abandoned by the one person I need the most, I find myself in Melenia’s realm.  There, I’m courted by Siberian, a dangerous pixie who covets me, hunted by Death personified; all the while hiding my powers and my ancient bloodline. The pixie prince is alluring, and I feel so broken and vulnerable. I know giving in to him means giving myself over to him. But right now, I don’t care. All I want is to feel anything other than the loss and rejection Justice left me with.

Anything other than pain.

So what do I do when I’m scared to be touched, even though I know it’s the only way to bring my soul back to life?


Mini Interview:

1      When did you first start writing? I can’t even remember, I’ve just always done it.

2      Did you always want to be a writer? If not what did you want to be? I always wanted to write, but the idea of being a writer was never really tangible to me. I always thought if I wrote a book, it would be in retirement and for fun. But I guess the universe had other plans.

3      What genre do you prefer to work within? Or do you mix it up?   I love writing New Adult.  I think it’s a really important genre because of the age it focuses on. Your twenties are such a pivotal time. I believe, it’s when you really find your footing as an adult. And I think it’s been overlooked in the literary community for a long time. I’m hoping it really establishes itself as a genre.

4      Where does your inspiration for these stories (this story) come from? I don’t know, I day dream a lot. I think my environment; the media along with my personal likes are what inspire my writing.

5      What has your publishing experience been like?  Hilly. Not terrible, but phenomenal either. It’s a long road, and I’m just learning as I go.

6      Do you have a certain routine you have for writing? i.e. You listen to music, sit in a certain chair? I make sure I make the time to write. Even if it’s just fifteen minutes a day. It keeps me focused and motivated. Music is a huge driver for me. It gets my thoughts flowing.

7      How do you come up with characters names and place names in your books? Sometimes the names just come to me, sometimes I stumble across them and they fit. The places, I write what I know. The Vis Vires trilogy takes place primarily on the Jersey shore; I’m from NJ originally so I’m familiar with its structure and its culture. It’s an awesome place to live.


8      In your most recent work, who is your favourite character and why? In Gravitational Pull, I wrote this character Siberian, he’s a pixie prince who tries to win over Liv. He’s got a lot of layers, on the surface he’s very charming and alluring, but he also has a dark side that is so sinister. He was really fun to write.


9      Did you learn anything from writing your book?  What was it? I learned writing is so much more then good dialogue. It’s a craft. There’s technique, and if you want to write a good book it needs all the elements. Scene structure, drama, emotion, characterization, plot, ect.


10   How did you/do you market your work? My publisher does internet advertising, twitter, Facebook, blog spots, giveaways. Sometimes I use a book tweeting service and there is always good old word of mouth.


11   Can you describe the feeling you had when you saw your published book for the first time? It was gratifying and at the same time a little terrifying. It’s hard putting yourself out there.

12   Favourite authors?  Jane Austin and Jonathan Swift. I love satires.


13   Have you ever suffered from a “writer’s block”? What did you do to get past the “block”? Yes, and when I get writers block, I take it as my brain’s way of telling me I need to step away. So I do, I know the inspiration will come when it’s ready.


14   What piece of advice would you give to a new writer? Make sure it feels right.


15   Are you working on anything new?  If so, can you tell me about it? Yes!! The third book in the Vis Vires trilogy, Constellation.  I can’t give too much away as I’m still writing it, but I can say it has all the elements of books 1 and 2, it’s emotional, funny, heartfelt, dramatic and I’m really excited about the ending I don’t think anyone will see it coming J

Spring Fever Blog Tour featured Author: A. Jacob Sweeny

Tonight’s guest is A. Jacob Sweeny, a very talented author.  Her writing is mysterious and suspenseful, as she describes below. Thank so much AJ for joining the blog tour.  Enjoy the interview everyone.


~Paranormal Reads~

My novels are long and complex, sweet and intense. They are mysterious and suspenseful. Find out the magic for yourself. I have been writing and storytelling ever since I was able to hold a pen. When I spent time working as a teacher with children of varying ages I was fascinated by the awesome power of words to excite and inspire the young mind. The art of Storytelling is what makes a good teacher great.
My degree in History with an emphasis on Ancient Near East, and my personal interest in world myths, combined with my fieldwork in archaeology have inspired my research and development of many elements in the story.
I also remember what it was like to be a girl myself and have often wanted to share my own thoughts, fears and dreams during that age with others. Books were essential to my development especially during my teenage years and helped me become the satisfied person that I am today.


Blog Tour Questions

Title: The Pulse Myths series: Pulse Of Heroes/ Of Blood and Pulse/Pulse Genesis

Author:  A. Jacob Sweeny (AJ 🙂

Genre: Mature YA paranormal romance/suspense
Website: http://www.pulseofheroes.com

Social Media connections:  Twitter: @AJSweeny  


Release Date: Oct. 31st 2010/ Oct. 31st 2011/June 21st 2013 Where to buy: Amazon

POHFrontCoverEBook072511Pulse of Heroes

5 of 5 stars -Melissa from Beneath the Covers-Blog.
Review: LOVE. LOVE. LOVE! This book transports you to a whole new world, even though it takes place now. The history in this book is amazing and it makes me wish I were Michelle so I could meet these amazing guys! This book has a mix of many things, history, love, betrayal, action, romance and it is a roller coaster of amazing!

5 of 5 – Joella

Review: I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! A. Jacob Sweeny truly has produced one of the best paranormal story lines I have read in a long time. She is able to incorporate mystery, adventure, suspense, paranormal, love and historical context all into one story. The characters are very realistic despite the underlying paranormal theme. It is not your typical paranormal romance and leaves you on edge wondering what will happen next. The story just pulls you in and you never want it to end! I could not put it down and actually finished it one day!!! Michelle and Elliot are definitely on their way to becoming the next big couple in the paranormal world!!

Of Blood and PulseFacebookcopyOf Blood & Pulse

Katrina Whittaker ** Page Flipperz blog

5 of 5  Review: Oh myyyyyy !! THIS CERTAINLY HAD MY BLOOD AND PULSE RACING …………
I’m a fast reader but was determined to drag this baby out!!! I savoured every chapter, and dragged it out for days… longer…. I know you say why if you loved it… I just didn’t want it to end!!
AJ has done it again!! More mythology, more history, more characters and so much damn action I’m sure the kids on the pinball machines would get a run for their money. Every corner is a page turner and something new. That ping you hear is your brain wandering which direction the story is headed! I laughed at the funny antics, shed a tear, and also had my reader in frenzy in the end. Silently screaming to myself NOO!!!!! Oh man what a climax…Like a roller coaster ride this story will take you on many twists and turns and have you guessing in which direction she is taking us. There love certainly took on a new level, one which I must say also had my heart doing flips, and my toes where curling along with Michelle’s lol.. Elliot is such a dream boat…. sighs.

5 of 5

Kathryn Grimes

Review: FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!! I couldn’t put this book down b/c I wanted to know everything that was going to happen and at the same time I didn’t want to see it end…I am in withdrawals right now b/c I finished it…NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW!!!
I am so in love with this series!! More importantly, I am in love with Elliot! He is so wonderful and funny, and the love he has for Michelle is mind-blowing…
A. Jacob Sweeney has created a world in which is like no other and I have fallen in love with it. With Pulse of Heroes and now Of Blood and Pulse, I can never put it down because each one is a page turner that has drawn the reader in, hooked them to the very last page…


Other Work: A sword for his Women/ Divine Love in time of Storms (Pulse Historia)

Please provide a snippet from your most recently released book.

Of Blood & Pulse:

“What’s wrong? What is it?” he asked, his eyes wild with fear. He grabbed Jessica’s arm because it looked as if she might fall.  She freed herself from him and stood up to look at him. There were tears at the corners of her eyes.

“Pain, heartbreak, there.” She pointed down the hallway. Elliot turned around but saw nothing. He looked back at Jessica in confusion and noticed that the tears were now starting to flow down her face.

“Go after her,” she said, her voice urgent. “She loves you.” Elliot’s mind tried to make the connection. He looked back down the hall and tuned his hearing. He heard the metal gates shaking. “Go!” Jessica ordered, her index finger extending in command. “You love someone, don’t you?” she asked as Elliot pulled his shirt back on over his head. He didn’t answer her. He disappeared into thin air.

Michelle hung on the metal bars of the gate in desperation. She pulled and pulled, building herself into hysteria. She looked up, trying to figure out if she could climb over the gate. She needed out or she might start screaming in panic. She already knew that the perimeter wall was impossible to get over. The gate was her only chance. Just as she put her foot up to climb, someone grabbed her from behind and her body went into overdrive.

Elliot felt Michelle’s adrenaline kicking in and soaking her entire nervous system. He could practically taste the sweetness of the glucose as her body used it up with fervor for extra energy. Michelle’s system was bursting in fight or flight mode. She thrashed her arms and kicked backwards with her feet. She shook her head from side to side and her teeth were slightly bared. All her muscles contorted and her jaw tightened in resentment. Her heart rate was at a dangerous speed. For Michelle, Elliot’s arms felt like steel around her body, the claustrophobia unbearable. When she finally turned to look at his face, her pupils dilated and her throat was dry, she yelled at him to let go of her.

“Michelle you need to calm down. You’re hysterical and…”

“Let me go. I don’t want you to touch me. I hate you! I hate you with all my heart!” Michelle yelled as loud as her voice would let her. It was gut wrenching, but Elliot wouldn’t loosen his grip. He knew that she was hurting. Nobody could hate like that unless they were in love.


Mini Interview:

1      When did you first start writing?  As soon as I could string words together. And before that I told stories.

2      Did you always want to be a writer? If not what did you want to be? I always wrote but never thought about it seriously. My first dream was to be an opera singer, then an archaeologist, then a fashion designer.

3      What genre do you prefer to work within? Or do you mix it up? My first published work is mature YA paranormal, But I have other stories ready to go that are not paranormal. Some are more romance driven, while others are suspense/mystery.

4      Where does your inspiration for these stories (this story) come from? From my time spend digging in archaeological digs. There I get a view that is different than what most see. I wanted to bring the reality of history back to the forefront, nit just as mere myth but as it was real and alive.

5      What has your publishing experience been like? Being independent it’s an up and down cycle. I do everything from concept to print-so it’s a 24 hour job. What I love is the control I have over my own work and how I don’t have to answer to anyone. I print what feels right-so far most people love it.  At this point I have had several publishers interested in picking up The Pulse Myth Series but I’m holding out. I will have other books published by different publishers coming up.

6      Do you have a certain routine you have for writing? i.e. You listen to music, sit in a certain chair? I love to write with my morning coffee. And at times I will make CD’s with songs that keep me focused on my theme and inspiration. I need to be alone. It’s very difficult to write when there are other people in the house. At times I write into the early hours of the morning.

7      How do you come up with characters names and place names in your books? With The Pulse Myth Series I had to adhere to names that come from the region where each immortal originated, but other than that while I research some name will grab me and I just know that, that’s it!


8      In your most recent work, who is your favorite character and why? Elliot De Costa! He’s the true classical embodiment of man/leader/teacher/warrior/lover. He’s beautiful and quiet at times. He is also flawed and he knows this.


9      Did you learn anything from writing your book?  What was it? I learnt a lot about the craft and a lot about myself. Most of all I have learnt to respect anyone that sits down and finishes writing a book. It’s a lot harder and demands way more crazy dedication than most people would ever realize.


10   How did you/do you market your work? Internet is king! Blogs, Facebook, website etc.  but I have also gone to a few conferences.


11   Can you describe the feeling you had when you saw your published book for the first time? I’m still shocked and it’s been almost three years. There is a certain emotional divorce that happened to me. I remember thinking wow look at this huge amazing looking book; but that I wrote it? It still doesn’t really connect LOL

12   Favorite authors?  William Shakespeare


13   Have you ever suffered from a “writer’s block”? What did you do to get past the “block”? Not yet


14   What piece of advice would you give to a new writer? An idea is great, a good idea is even better, but unless you are willing to put it down on paper, finish it, publish it and edit and face criticism, then you are only a dreamer. Dedication is a must, and readership is your only true scale of whether you have it or not.


15   Are you working on anything new?  If so, can you tell me about it? I am in the finishing stages of the last installment of The Pulse Myths Series novel: PULSE GENESIS! Hopefully crossing fingers it will be released June 21st of this year. I also have a romance story fully developed in my mind that I hope to have ready by wintertime. The title for that one is “86 Special” I also have short that will be featured in a collection: My Name is Bimbo Baghim

Spring Fever Blog Tour featured Author: Hunter S. Jones

Hello everyone and good evening! I am featuring Hunter S. Jones tonight. She is a talented author who agreed to participated in this awesome event. Thank so much Hunter! Enjoy the read everyone!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000447_00008]Title: A Celtic Tapestry
Author: Hunter S. Jones

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Website: http://www.Moon RosePublishing.com

Blog: Exile on Peachtree Street http://www.thehuntersjones.blogspot.com

Social Media connections:

Release Date: March 21st
Where to buy:  http://www.moonrosepublishing.com/#!a-celtic-tapestry/c1wc8

Other Work: Fables of the Reconstruction

Here’s the blurb for the anthology, A Celtic Tapestry:

The wheel of the year turns, bringing the joy of spring, the warmth of summer, the richness of autumn, and the merriment of winter. But eight Celtic festivals link these seasons together, bringing with them romance, lust, danger, and even magic. From a city under threat from night-time creatures at Ostara, to a selkie caught by the light of the Lughnasadh moon, to a writer caught in the flames of a fiery goddess at Imbolc.


Livia Ellis

Hunter S Jones

Laura De Luca

Elodie Parkes

Elle J Rossi

Miranda Stork

Carolyn Wolfe

Tara Stogner Wood

Eight authors have come together to give their own twist on these festivals, weaving each story with a blend of myth, magic, and contemporary telling…to create A Celtic Tapestry.

 Mini Interview:

1      When did you first start writing?


I wrote my first word at 6 months. Does that count?

2      Did you always want to be a writer? If not what did you want to be?


Well, I always wanted to do and be a million different things, so yes, maybe I did always want to be a writer.

3      What genre do you prefer to work within? Or do you mix it up? 

I’m very comfortable with explicit Horror/Supernatural fiction. A Celtic Tapestry is a romance. It was a true challenge writing about real people.

4      Where does your inspiration for these stories (this story) come from?


I don’t know where inspiration comes from. Magic in Memphis, my Yule story from A Celtic Tapestry, started as a thought. Simply…what if…?

5      What has your publishing experience been like? 


Publishing is a never ending roller coaster ride of action packed adventure.

6      Do you have a certain routine you have for writing? i.e. You listen to music, sit in a certain chair?


Music. Music is always involved in some way, but never in the same way twice. I have no rituals or set routine for writing, except I write something/anything/ everyday.

7      How do you come up with characters names and place names in your books?


Great question. So far, all the names and places have come to me. Then, I drive my friends crazy until we all agree that, yes, that is the name for those characters. In Magic in Memphis, Victoria Bryant simply started out as Vix. For the male lead character, I wanted a name that was impossibly English. His name is James Wellington.


Ray Ferrer-Urban Art8      In your most recent work, who is your favorite character and why?


Victoria Bryant is the favourite because she just leads a normal life and enjoys her career. She never expected to meet a man like James Wellington. James was fun to write. Beautiful cads are always fun, but I knew he had a heart and a brain so he would realize how special Victoria is.


9      Did you learn anything from writing your book?  What was it?


I learned that it is very difficult for me to write about normal people with real emotions. It really did take me a long time to get this story on the page.


10   How did you/do you market your work?


Social media, blogs…all the usual marketing.


11   What piece of advice would you give to a new writer?


Don’t quit your day job.


12   Are you working on anything new?  If so, can you tell me about it?


Let me get back with you on this one. There’s some exciting news on the way.

Spring Fever Blog Tour: It’s My Birthday!!!!


PDMI Direct Publishing

Hi everyone.  Because it’s my birthday, I am putting up my own interview not only to share more about myself and my work, but to promote the re-release of The Fine Line all thanks to PDMI Direct Publishing.  Within you will also find some character bios.  So have fun reading and enjoy 🙂


Tracee Ford is an Ohio country girl turned author writing paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and crime novels.

She began writing at the age of sixteen. Early works included poetry and nonfiction. Ford’s nonfictional writings focused on her areas of study as an undergraduate in social sciences and psychology at Shawnee State University. She completed more nonfictional research and writing while working on a Master of Arts in forensic psychology at The University of North Dakota.

Ford is also a playwright, director, and puppeteer. She has written scripts and directed plays for local churches as well as puppet shows for her local community, focusing on child abuse awareness and prevention.

Tracee Ford is a member of the Paranormal Romance Guild and her work will soon be published through Injected Ink Productions, an imprint of PDMI Direct Publishing. Ford brings to her readers inspiring tales of romance and characters who face insurmountable odds, yet emerge triumphant all sprinkled with the fantastical possibilities of the paranormal, of course.

 fine line cover

Title:   The Fine Line
Author:   Tracee Ford

Genre: Horror, paranormal romance, sci-fi, fantasy
Website: http://traceeford.com

Blog:  https://traceeford.wordpress.com

Social Media connections:

Twitter:  @FordTracee

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/AuthorTraceeFord



LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/pub/tracee-ford/63/56/753/

Goodreads:  http://www.goodreads.com/httpgoodreadscomTracee_Ford

RebelMouse:  https://www.rebelmouse.com/FordTracee/

PDMI Direct Publishing:  http://pdmidirect.com/project/tracee-ford/

Shelfari: http://www.shelfari.com/traceeford


Release Date through BookLocker: 1/1/13, Termination date with BookLocker:  4/3/2013

Re-release date:  04/12/2013
Where to buy: 

Amazon:  (ebook)


(paperback) http://www.amazon.com/Fine-Line-Between-Worlds-Volume/dp/0615799396/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1366200453&sr=8-1&keywords=tracee+ford+the+fine+line

Smashwords:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/302129



“I urge you, dear reader, to immerse yourself in the world created by Tracee Ford. Get hold of ‘The Fine Line’. Lock the door, take the phone off the hook and fall in love with a book, as I did. I’ve only scratched the surface in this review and with good reason; you need to discover the work of this brilliant author for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.”
Nathan de Ravin


“Tracee Ford has created a cute, fun and unique piece of ‘paranormal’ writing WITHOUT including vampires OR werewolves which is rare these days. I enjoyed the storyline, it was refreshing and different, even if it was a little jumpy at times.

The characters were believable and lovable. The dialogue flowed smoothly and there was no awkwardness.

I can’t wait to see what Tracee Ford brings out next!”
Skyla Madi, Goodreads

“Just wanted to let you know I finished your book today and it was very very good, I couldn’t put it down. I’ll be looking forward to your next one.”
Joe Collins, Facebook

mouse pad

“Just finished your book and it was great . Loved the story line and exactly my beliefs of how we got here and where we go from here!!!!Started reading and did not want to put it down. Good job!”
Jan Sturgill, Facebook

“I loved this book because it was the exact amount of fright for me. It made me think and be filled with angst, all without making me sleep with a night-light! This type of book I could devour everyday. The storyline and characters were excellent! The buildup with Robin Hillard, our main character, and Dr. Matthew Gregory was again perfect…  NOT going to say anything else except READ it NOW!! I can’t wait to read Undone which will be out soon!”
–Renee Giraldy, Reading Renee Blog


“This was a really good book with many facets! Lots of good twists and turns. I enjoy scary movies, haunted houses ect but the paranormal activity actually scared me! The author did an outstanding job in describing the events. I also think she handled the spirituality of it perfectly!! Read it! You will be glad you did!”

–Kim Tackett, Amazon

“There are just enough paranormal type occurrences to be interesting, and they flow through the storyline of their whole romance story without being dark and scary. She makes us remember that some dark could be out there without making it seem as scary. There are a lot of people that can relate to the characters and their individual beliefs.

I would certainly recommend this story to anyone that loves romance and a happy family ending. It is fun to join these characters in their journey and it is easy to read and follow along with what is happening in the story. It is filled with just the right details to keep it interesting.”

–Lisa Lambson, Paranormal Paranormal Romance Guild

“WOW. The Fine Line blew me away. From the synopsis I knew there is a paranormal twist and I couldn’t wait to dive into it. It is what drew me to read it in the first place…

I really enjoyed reading The Fine Line, such a beautiful story. It had everything that I would want love, angst, scars, spirits, paranormal twist. What more could I want?  My verdict? 4.5 brilliant stars.”

–Trisha Rai, Devoured Words


IdolumblueOther Work: Idolum:  Visions of the Undone , due to release in late 2013

Synopsis for Idolum: Visions of the Undone:

A hedonistic serial killer is on the loose targeting and abducting strong, independent college women.  Once he snatches his prey, he sets the woman loose in the woods, hunting her as if she is wild game. When each one is caught again her hope of escape quickly disappears as soon as she awakens buried alive in a plastic sarcophagus.

Lauren Hillard, a brilliant and nationally respected forensic psychologist, is called upon by the FBI to help track down and stop this murderer known to the public as The Phantom. It’s then that she meets Nicholas Bennette, the newly promoted director of the Dayton, Ohio FBI field office. A southern gentleman originally from North Carolina, he finds it difficult to work with Hillard because of her social awkwardness. It doesn’t take long, however, for their trust in one another to grow, realizing that it’s going to take teamwork to track down and stop The Phantom.

To solve the crime, Lauren must not only rely on her training and education, but also her supernatural empathic abilities. Through visions she sees, smells, and hears the crimes through the eyes of the victims and hopes that these fragmented visions will help her bring peace to the dead and stop the killings. The deeper she gets into the investigation, the more detailed the visions become, but she knows she can’t possibly solve the case through paranormal means alone. Lauren confides in Nick hoping he can use both her gifts, as well as, more accepted methods to bring justice to the victims. Yet, this isn’t Lauren’s greatest challenge. Making sense of the visions and trying to understand what the victims are telling her is the most difficult part.  Lauren is overwhelmed to the core because the victims feel so much has been left undone in their lives.

As time passes and the body count continues to rise, Lauren fits the puzzle together and discovers the identity of the killer. She soon learns she’s been targeted by The Phantom and she comes face to face with him. When Lauren Hillard finds herself at the mercy of the psychopathic serial killer she realizes she’s left much undone in her own life.

A snippet from The Fine Line

Chapter Seven

The gorgeous Saturday afternoon gave Matt the opportunity to mow the large yard and gave Robin the opportunity to work on laundry. As she stood folding the fluffy towels, she felt that performing a blessing on the house would be the first step in bringing peace to the home.

Richard had not agreed with her change in her faith, but he respected it. He had always told her he wouldn’t judge her. He had always encouraged her to seek out the truth in her own way and be independent in her beliefs.

She picked up her cell phone lying on the laundry table and dialed. The happy voice of her stepdad boomed from the device. With her head bent and the phone to her ear, she really didn’t have any idea where to begin. So, she made small talk, but after a few moments Richard knew something was wrong.

“What’s going on ladybug? Something’s wrong,” he stated bluntly.

“Daddy,” she started, “the house needs blessed. I thought maybe you could…”

“But I thought…” he started.

“I know. I know.”

“You told me you didn’t believe in all that anymore.”

“Daddy, I know what I said. But I’ve also said there’s a little bit of truth in every religion. How could a blessing on the house hurt anything, you know?”

“Why don’t you tell me what’s been happening baby girl? You sound scared.”

“I just want a blessing done on the house. It will make me feel better,” she answered.

“Okay. Well, tomorrow afternoon okay with you? Me and your mom will make a day of it.”

“The sooner, the better, Daddy.”

“See you tomorrow,” he concluded.

The sun’s heat wasn’t overpowering yet as Matt drove along the property line on the riding mower. The sound of the blades chopping up the grass reminded him of white noise as he zipped up and down the large lawn on the edge of the field. From the corner of his eye he saw Mr. O’Bryan waving and walking toward him. He turned off the mower, hopped off, and with a friendly smile, met him in the middle of the field, hands outstretched for a friendly shake.

Curtis O’Bryan had always been kind to Matt and Robin. He had conveyed a deep appreciation for the land and his family during the times he and Matt had talked. They met one another when the renovations on the house began. Curtis conveyed to Matt how happy he was to finally have neighbors again.

Curtis and his wife, Katie, had made Matt and Robin feel very welcome. The O’Bryan’s had baked pies. Robin and Matt had also been to their home for dinner a few times.

“See ya’all made it through the winter and the spring in that ol’ place,” Curtis said with a smile.

“Yes. Here we are in June already. Can’t believe it,” Matt said with a nod as he brushed the sweat from his face.

“You and the wife doing okay?” Curtis asked inquisitively.

“She’s tired, but we both are. Seems like all we do is work.”

“I remember what that was like,” he started, “Katie was a school teacher; seemed like we never saw each other much before we retired. Don’t know how we found the time to raise three kids. You two expecting any little ones yet?”

“Not yet.”

“I see a little girl playing over there,” he continued.

“She’s mine from a previous marriage.”

“I see. Well our grandkids are at our house constantly when the weather’s warm, so anytime she wants someone to come over and play, well, you just send her our way. We’d love to have her. I know my granddaughter gets awfully bored sometimes when she’s here. My son and his wife are airline pilots, so they’re gone a lot. During the winter months she is usually with her mom’s mom, but during the summer she can’t seem to get enough of us.”

“I will certainly send Olivia over. She’s coming to visit today.” He paused hesitantly as his mind went to a more serious place. “Let me ask you something Curt…”

“Sure,” he answered as he crossed his arms.

“The people who lived here before, did they ever say anything to you about strange things happening in the house?”

Curtis took in a deep breath and then exhaled. “Well, the house sat empty for about 12 years or so when you folks decided to buy it. The people that lived there before kept to themselves. They said ‘hello’ to us maybe twice the entire time they lived there; never said anything to us about anything strange though. Everything okay?”

“I was just curious.” He didn’t hide his unsettledness well because Curtis caught on quickly.

“You sure you two are okay?” he asked with concern in his tone.

“Oh yes. It’s nothing serious, but Robin and I hear things sometimes. And I’ve been feeling a little strange too.”

“I don’t know anything for sure, but that house,” he said as he lifted his chin toward the daunting structure, “has a long history. You might want to research it. Maybe that’ll help you understand what’s happening.”

“Okay, Curt. Well, um, thanks. I better get back to work though. I’ll send Olivia over when she gets here,” Matt concluded as he waved and headed back to the mower.

Diligently, he continued mowing the grass. He saw Sheryl’s car pulling up the drive and watched as Robin walked off of the porch. Her arms were outstretched as Olivia leapt into them. He saw Sheryl wave as she drove back down the long lane to the main road.

Things had calmed down with Sheryl, which delighted him. Time had played a large part in her adjusting to the current situation. Matt figured Sheryl had realized there was no point in fighting about Robin. After all, she had never been a trooper for lost causes and Matt’s hopeless love for Robin would trump anything Sheryl could throw his way.

As his eyes remained fixed on the house, something in the window of the study seemed unusual. Someone stood there. He studied the figure industriously trying to determine whether it was male or female. The figure stared right into his eyes. He felt it.

Without hesitation, he jumped off of the mower and ran up to the porch, throwing open the screen door. After kicking off his grass covered shoes, he flew passed Robin and Olivia, running up the stairs. He heard Robin trailing behind saying,

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

He felt the anger swell within him as he neared the study. He burst into the room to find no one.

“What the hell is going on here!”

“Matt, what’s wrong?” she asked calmly.

He plopped into his rolling desk chair and shook his head. Expressionless, he gazed up at Robin who stood in the doorway.

“Okay, Robin,” he began, “I am starting to wonder if you’re right. Something’s going on here.”

“What happened?” she whispered as she walked toward him. She pulled her own rolling chair over and sat facing him, her hands resting his thighs.

The words didn’t pass through his lips easily. His healthy skepticism failed him this time.

“I was in the field. I saw someone here, in this room, looking out the window at me. I got the distinct feeling it was the man that stood in our doorway the other night.”

“My dad is coming tomorrow to bless the house.” Her hand touched his warm cheek. “Everything will be okay after that.”

“There has to be an explanation for all of this!” His training and common sense forced him to backpedal. It wasn’t possible for him to give up on logic yet.

“We’ll figure it out together,” she concluded

The day wore on. Troubled by the conversation with her husband, Robin knew staying busy was her best option for keeping her mind off of things. So she continued with her laundry chores. Standing in the basement at the long table with towels scattered about, she listened to the music playing on her phone. Suddenly, the music faded out and then stopped. She grabbed the device and shook it.  “Damn,” she whispered.  She assumed the battery went dead.

Quickly, the room temperature dropped and the hair on her arms and neck stood up as the goose bumps peppered her skin. The fog from her lungs expelled from her mouth. She realized she was seeing her breath. An invisible strength wrapped around her neck unexpectedly and the gasps for air were futile. Terrified, she clutched her throat trying to remove whatever was choking her. Coughing and panting, the tears began falling down her face. Her feet felt as if they were lifting from the ground and the grip around her neck worsened. Unable to scream or even speak, she realized the urgency of the moment. Finally, she felt the grip release and bent over the table trying desperately to catch her breath. When her ability to speak returned, she screamed for Matt and heard him running through the house. The basement door swung open so hard it shook the drywall at the top of the stairs. He thundered toward her as she continued resting her elbows and torso on the laundry table.

“Robin!” he shouted.

She still struggled to breathe. “I felt like I was being hung.”


“Yes. My music on my phone completely stopped and the next thing I knew the room got cold. I felt like something was hanging me. I felt my feet lift off of the ground,” she cried.

She stood up and dropped into Matt’s chest, sobbing uncontrollably.

“I’m here now,” he said softly as he caressed her hair. “It’s okay. I’m here.”

With such a terrifying event, Robin knew she needed to meditate and find her balance. Later that night, she sat in the floor of the master bedroom, legs crossed with her eyes closed. She let the peace surround her as she tuned out the stimuli around her. The breathing came easy as she stretched out her hands on her knees.

After 15 minutes, she got up and snuggled into bed. She grabbed a book from the nightstand and began reading.

She felt someone staring at her and looked up, unsure what she might see. It was just Matt standing at the end of the bed with a peculiar look on his face.

“What were you doing?” he asked.

“When?” she asked curiously.

“Well, I walked by and you were sitting on the floor,” he clarified.

“I was meditating.”

“Do you do that a lot?”

“I do it when I have time, but I’ve been trying to make time each day lately. It makes me feel calm and I rest better. After today, I needed it. It seems to help me make sense of things sometimes.”

“Do you pray, too?”

His curiosity seemed heartfelt. Robin didn’t feel he was patronizing her.

“Sort of. I give thanks to the Creator and then I just let the Creator talk to me. I also commune with my spirit guides during my meditation.”

“Wow,” he said shaking his head, “I don’t understand any of this.”

“I have some books about meditation if you want to read them.”

“I think I’ll pass. I don’t know if I’m ready to buy into all this, but if it

makes you feel happier, I’m all for it.”

Matt struggled to find sleep. Disturbed by the events of the day, for which

For which no rational explanation could be found, he knew he had seen a man standing in the study. Then Robin telling him about her encounter didn’t help matters

He glanced over at her as she slept peacefully, but the atmosphere in the room felt anything but calm. In fact, he felt angry and very aggressive.

As he drifted in and out of sleep, he heard talking. It sounded like Olivia. He listened more carefully. She sounded as if she were having a conversation with another person.

Throwing the covers off, he sat up on the side of the bed. He grabbed his cell phone and looked at the clock. It was 4:00 a.m. Matt stood up, walked toward the hallway, and then stood in Olivia’s doorway.

“What’s up princess?” he asked. “Can’t sleep?”

“I was just talking to my friend,” she answered. “She woke me up.”

He walked in and sat on the side of the bed.

“It’s four in the morning Olly. You need to go back to sleep.” Finally, what Olivia said to him registered in his brain. “Who’s your friend?”

“She’s a little girl that says her mommy and daddy don’t live here anymore,” she replied factually as she traced the lines on her comforter.

Matt knew imaginary friends were common among children her age. He even remembered going through such a phase as a young boy. So, he entertained her notion.

“Really? What does your friend look like?”

“She is older than me. She’s got long curly black hair with a really pretty red ribbon. She’s really nice, but sometimes she gets scared.”

“Oh,” he said continuing to humor her.

“She said one of her favorite things is to watch you and Robin dance in the kitchen.”

He felt his heart thump and his stomach sank to his knees as he processed the statement. Olivia had never been in the house to see the two of them dancing; he was very aware of this fact. Sheer panic gripped him, but his face remained calm for the sake of his daughter.

Olivia continued, “She says she misses her mommy really bad, but Robin makes her feel safe. Cookie sees her, too. She likes him. She says he’s funny.”

This was horrific. Matt couldn’t find words as he searched for a way to deal with the information. Something he couldn’t see was forming a relationship with his very vulnerable, young daughter. There seemed to be no rationalization now, especially with the details she gave.

“Olly, honey, is she in here with us right now?”

“No. She left when she heard you get up. You scared her away,” she answered.

“Where does she live? What’s her name?”

“Her name is Emma and she lives in the woods out back.” She continued, “She says she hears you and Robin talking a lot about the others that live here. She said that Robin is scared sometimes and you get mad. She says that the man that lives here sometimes hurts her and won’t let her come in and play all of the time. She says there’s a lady that lives here, too. She said that the lady has asked Robin for help, but Robin won’t help her. The woman tells Emma that the bad man hurt her and her baby. And there’s something else here, but Emma won’t tell me what it is. She said it’s really scary.”

Shock filled Matt’s face as his mouth gapped open. Olivia knew too many details and he didn’t want her to be traumatized by the crazy things going on. He planned to send her away before Richard and Amy arrived.

“Go back to sleep honey. And if Emma comes back tell her you need to get some rest, okay?”

“Okay Daddy.”

Matt walked downstairs very shaken by the conversation with Olivia. Walking to the sink, he felt his body trembling as he looked out the window into the woods. Consumed by fear, he then felt the comfort of Robin’s arms wrapping around his waist. A relieved sigh left his lips as he closed his eyes and reached down to touch her hands, but nothing was there. He felt the embrace, but no warm arms or skin or flesh. He jumped and pinned himself against the countertop, his eyes wide with fear. He felt the color leave his face.

“Who are you?” he whispered. “What do you want from us?”

No one answered, but he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Then he saw Robin rubbing her eyes as she walked into the kitchen.

“Matt, what’s wrong honey?” Robin walked to him and put her arms around him. “You’re shaking. Baby, what is it? What’s wrong? Are you sick”

“It… it… it touched me,” he bit out as he pulled away from her.

“What touched you?”

He stammered. “I… I got up because I h.. I heard Olly talking. She… she told me that a little girl has been talking to her; said her name was Emma and she lives in the woods. She also said that Emma has watched us dancing… in the kitchen. Olly couldn’t know that.” He shook his head. “Olly also said Emma told her that there was a man here who is mean to her and that there is also a woman on the property. The woman has asked you for help, but you won’t help her. And the little girl told her there’s something else here, but it’s even scarier.”

Robin clasped her hand over her mouth, her eyes wide.

Matt continued, “I was so shaken up, I came down here to catch my breath and get something to drink. I thought you might have followed me because I felt… I felt… I know I felt your arms wrap around me, but… it wasn’t you… it… it was something else. It was someone else.”

“Honey, it’s okay,” she said as she pulled him in close to her again.

His heart pounded against the walls of his chest.

“Daddy’s coming tomorrow. It’s going to be okay,” she assured him.

They embraced quietly until she broke the silence.

“Honey, stop it,” she insisted.

“Stop what?” he asked.

“Stop pulling my hair.”

“Baby,” he began, “I’m not pulling your hair. My hands are right here,” he said as he raised his hands in the air.

“Something just pulled my hair.”

It couldn’t be denied that the activity in the house was intensifying.

“What is happening?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” he answered as he pulled her back into his arms. “I don’t know.”


  • How long have you wanted to be a writer?  I started writing at age 16, but I loved writing from a younger age than that.  Actually, I loved storytelling and it sort of developed into a passion for writing.
  •  Have you come up against any hurdles along the way?  Plenty.  Rejection upon rejection from traditional publishers.  Then finding the right publisher.  Many say they will provide this and that, but in all honesty, if you’re an indie I found I was on my own.  Also, writer’s block is also a hurdle for me.  For me there doesn’t seem to be enough time to write when I could get a great flow.  I work full time outside of the home and my family responsibilities take center stage, leaving very little time for much else.  I guess this is why it sometimes takes me years to complete a book; or I start one and then don’t get to finish writing it.
  • (1)72624_512237638819067_97788942_n What would you say is the most difficult thing about being a writer?  As I said, it’s finding the time to actually sit down and write.  I feel like I have so much going on all of the time that there’s hardly any time for me to do what I love most—write.  I am pulled in, what feels like, thousands of directions.  Balancing family, career, and writing… that sometimes takes superhero strength.
  •  What or who inspires you to write?  Situations, people, movies, songs, memories, dreams; all of these things inspire me.  My first book (the one I wrote at age 16, which isn’t published yet, BTW) came from a very vivid dream.  I got up at 3 a.m. and wrote it all down.  The next day I just started writing and there it was.  I found something I could invest in. 
  •  If  your books are a series, how many books do you plan to have in your series?  Right now I am kicking around an idea to expound upon Olivia Gregory’s life.  She’s the daughter of Matthew Gregory from The Fine Line.  I’ve also been thinking about a third book to follow some of the other characters in that book.  I suppose I will just have to sit down and see where inspiration takes me.
  •  Do you have any other writing projects on the go, apart from your current series?  I just finished my second book, Undone, and signed a contract to publish it with PDMI Direct Publishing.  They have offered to publish it under their imprint, Injected Ink.  That particular imprint focuses on darker or paranormal writing, which is a perfect home for Undone. 
  •   What genre would you say your books are in?  On Booklocker’s  site, The Fine Line is lumped into the “horror” genre.  However, it is a cross genre book.  There are also major inspirational components in the book.  I wrote it because I wanted to show that there are possibilities out there; ones that seem unreal.  I wanted people to watch characters face adversities that were tremendous and seemingly insurmountable, but then see them walk through to the other side unscathed with out a scratch (emotionally).  I also don’t consider it to be completely horrific based on the reviews.  There’s just enough paranormal in the book to make it interesting without it scaring you to death.
  •   If you had one wish that I could wave a magic wand and grant you, what would it be and why?  I would wish that my book sales would be so wonderful that I could begin donating to the charities I admire.
  • Did you always want to be a writer? If not what did you want to be?  No.  I wanted to be a musician or an actress or a model.  Then reality set in and I knew I needed to go to college.  So, once I left high school my writing lay dormant.  When I got married in 1998 I tried picking it up again, but it went no where.  Everything else seems to have always come before writing, but things are different now (somewhat).  It’s funny that I started out wanted to be involved in the fine arts somehow and am in child welfare, which has nothing to do with the fine arts.
  • What has your publishing experience been like?  I am not very good at sugar coating anything.  After being rejected multiple times from publishers and then nearly being picked up by a major publisher and then getting dumped by that major publisher, I guess you could say I was desperate.  I didn’t know what to do or where to look.  I was alone in the author community and I hadn’t started networking yet.  Looking back on it now, if I would have networked I probably wouldn’t have picked BookLocker, but nonetheless, I did. I am also not one to bash companies or individuals, so I’m going to say this to all of you who are searching for publishers:  READ YOUR CONTRACT AND ASK ABOUT COSTS!  I don’t regret completely the decision to publish with BL because if it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t have learned some very valuable lessons and it brought PDMI and me together.  So, it’s all good.  However, with that being said, I also realize that has cost me more money to purchase my very own book compared to others who have published.  I am hearing about authors purchasing their books for distribution for $5.00 to $6.00 a book.  Let me just put it this way:  I pay quite a bit more to purchase my own work then that… breaking the bank here!  But, all is well because The Fine Line is going to have a new home and be re-released by a fair group who believe in personal service and attention to their authors and they don’t believe in hoarding the profit.  When a store pays over $100 for your book and you get $24 of that, that’s not okay.  I know that when PDMI publishes my work, I’ll be much happier and can report a positive experience with publishing.

Injected Ink Media

  • How did you/do you market your work?  Now that you think I’ve bashed BL, I’m going to give you some positives about them.  They provided to me a marketing guide to help me through bringing attention to my work.  Granted, most of it has not worked well, but some things have.  I set up a Twitter account and have learned (and am still learning) how to use it.  I set up on LinkedIn and joined groups.  Shelfari, Amazon, GoodReads, Facebook, there’s your social networking giants.  I got my own website and this blog.  I also interview with local newspapers after blowing up their phones.  I have announced it everywhere I can that I published something.  I have also held a contest and there is a give-away that I sponsored in the month of March to bring attention to my work.  I also donate SWAG to fellow author events.  I have been involved in local events as well and a radio show.  Interviews and reviews also help get the word out.  My goal isn’t to become rich.  My goal is to give people hope when they read my stories.  So if I don’t become a best seller, I’m okay with that.  I just want to inspire people.  
  • Can you describe the feeling you had when you saw your published book for the first time?  Excited.  In awe.  And then I started reading it and found misspellings, errors, and other things that made me want to stomp on it.  Bad, huh?  Which is why I’ve used David Sprigg, an editor friend of mine on Facebook, to go through the book, make corrections, and then present a clean copy to PDMI.  Normally, PDMI provides the editing, but because I want the book re-released ASAP I am using an outside entity to perfect the imperfections.  It’s a poor reflection on me as an author to have errors in my work and frankly, it pisses me off.
  • What piece of advice would you give to a new writer?  DO NOT GIVE UP! And RESEARCH!  Don’t get sucked into something that you don’t have peace about.  Think everything through.  Make sure the decision you’ve made feels right.  If it doesn’t keep looking.  PDMI is my home now and I’ve waited a long time to find them.  I’m not saying they’ll accept what you send them, but I highly recommend them.  They are honest and will do things right.

So enough of the heavy.  Now to introduce you to the main characters of The Fine Line:

Robin Hillard (2) modified          Robin Hillard (5) modified

This is Robin Hillard, Gregory, the books main female character.  She is strong willed, yet has significant self esteem issues.   She has been through a lot as a child and as a young adult that has damaged her beyond repair; or so she thinks.  She is a child welfare investigator and very logical, but she also believes in the power of the paranormal.  Raised in a traditionally religious home, she diverges from that path to take on a more open minded approach and she works hard to relay that to her new husband, Matt.  She falls in love with Matt, despite her best efforts not to.  I hope that her character inspires readers because the adversity she overcomes is truly supernatural.

 major revisions

Matthew Gregory steps into Robin’s life as her attending physician at the ER.  He is kind and compassionate.  He takes an immediate interest in her.  He is confident without arrogance.  Matt works hard to show Robin that he’s different and helps her learn to trust him.  He spends time without her.  He gives her gifts.  He courts her.  He doesn’t expect anything from her physically knowing that this will only scare her away.  He wins her heart and proposes.  She accepts and they begin their journey together.  Unlike Robin, he is a skeptic.  Life as an ER doctor has brought him to the conclusion that there could be no God or a higher power and that after this life, things are over.  However, he quickly learns that his skepticism is no match for the paranormal activity he faces.

Olivia Gregory (3)modified

Olivia Gregory is Matt’s daughter from a previous marriage.  She instantly accepts Robin into her life with open arms.  She is an energetic, sweet child who is smart and does well in school.  When she comes to visit her father and step-mother, she encounters a guest she didn’t anticipate: a ghost child with whom she forges a friendship with.  Olivia doesn’t escape challenges in the book and faces a situation that could destroy her.  However, in doing this, her sense are opened up even further and it isn’t long before she is able to communicate with the dead, helping them find their way to the light and cross over.  She is an integral part of the Gregory family finding peace in their home.  It is very possible that Olivia will be the cornerstone of an upcoming sequel where the reader can learn who she grows up to be and what she does with her gifts.