June’s Featured Services: Marketing

10966941_10153075886893959_1785230454_nSo, you’ve published a book? Now what? How do you drive traffic toward your work? During the month of June, Ozwind Publishing is focusing on the marketing services that are offered. Many people are finding it very difficult to publicize their books. Why? Sometimes they don’t know the right avenues to take. Sometimes they feel uncomfortable talking about their books. We can help!

facebook-logoIt doesn’t matter who your work is published through, if you need someone to make folks aware of who you are and what you’re about, look to us for marketing solutions. A 3 month marketing package for $100 ensures that you will have the 90 days of tweeting, posting, and cheer-leading. Our yearly package for $400 offers the same perks, just for a longer period of time. Both of these include a spotlighted blog post here once a month. Keep in mind that the blog feature will be reblogged by my own followers and I will be networking with other bloggers to advocate for a feature about the author.

twitter-iconAlso included are tweets up to 3 per day on my Twitter account as well as Ozwind’s, 3 times per week. Additionally, is posts on Ozwind’s Facebook page and my page up to 3 per days 3 times per week. Our marketing department will also place phone calls to set up books signings. Lastly, 2 posts per day on TSU.co 2 times per week is included in the package. 
tsu-logo-social-networkBook trailers are $170. Banners are $20. Facebook parties are $10 (2 hour hosting). Book teasers are $20. Posters range from $10 to $30. An ad on Ozwind’s website is $10 per month.
One last perk? I have my own radio show and any author who is being marketing through Ozwind will automatically be eligible to be a guest on the show and have your work regularly advertised on the broadcasts.
Please visit our website for contact information. Have a wonderful day!

Ozwind & Marketing

Ozwind banner (2)Each day I discover something brand new that Ozwind can do. So, I’m focusing on marketing for the post. I didn’t realize that clarification was needed about our marketing benefits until today. So, I wanted to relay some information about what we do as a provider.

There are two options available not only to Ozwind authors but also to those simply needing support. There is a 3 month package for $100 and there is a yearly package for $400. Both of these include a spotlighted blog post here once a month. Keep in mind that the blog feature will be reblogged by my own followers and I will be networking with other bloggers to advocate for a feature about the author.
twitter-iconAlso included are tweets up to 3 per day on my Twitter account as well as Ozwind’s, 3 times per week. Additionally, is posts on Ozwind’s Facebook page and my page up to 3 per days 3 times per week. Our marketing department will also place phone calls to set up books signings. Lastly, 2 posts per day on TSU.co 2 times per week is included in the package. 
facebook-logoFor authors taking advantage of the AUTHOR BUNDLES, 3 months of marketing is included in the bundles. This means that the marketing begins once the book is published and lasts for 3 months. Thereafter, an author can choose to renew for another 3 months or for 1 year.
tsu-logo-social-networkBook trailers are $170. Banners are $20. Facebook parties are $10 (2 hour hosting). Book teasers are $20. Posters range from $10 to $30. An ad on Ozwind’s website is $10 per month.
Please visit our website for contact information. Have a wonderful night!

Stop with the Hate! It’s Econ 101!

I wanted to address something that was brought up last night on LinkedIn. I was basically placed on the chopping block because the company I founded (Ozwind) actually charges fees to providing publishing services. Can you imagine? A company that asks for payment in return for services? And entry fees? For a contest? How unreasonable! Right?


This sort of situation is exactly why I left LinkedIn before. The nastiness and disrespect hasn’t changed much it seems. My stay here may be temporary yet again, not that anyone would notice it if I left. I don’t mind discussions and exchanges, but there is no sense in being involved in perpetuating harsh comments and arguments. I won’t. It goes against who I am and what I believe in.

I run my life with a positive outlook (or at least I try). I also use that same concept as a foundation for my business. STRENGTH-BASED approaches to problems, situations, and personnel go much farther than negativity. The old saying, “You attract bees with honey, not vinegar” still holds water.

econ 101Perhaps this will serve as an explanation for why Ozwind asks for fees. AND it may also give you an idea as to why we are charging entry fees for a contest we are running currently:

The fact is that everything in this world COSTS us something, whether it is time or money. When I get a hair cut, I have to pay for it. When I go to Wal-Mart, I have to pay for goods. When I want to be involved in a virtual book tour, I have to pay an entry fee. When I want to set up a booth at an event, I have to pay a set up charge.

Ozwind DOES charge fees because we are PROVIDING A SERVICE. Our authors get 60% of their net royalties. That is much more than a traditional publisher, whether they are large or a small independent press. I have personal experience in that area, so I know I’m speaking the truth.

We are a small business just beginning our journey. To ask for entry fees for a contest IS NOT unreasonable. The PRIZE is that the chosen works are put together with other stories and the winners WILL BE PUBLISHED. I would have jumped at a chance like that when I started out in my writing career. It would have been well worth the $5.00 entry fee.

I know there are “free” services out there, such as GoodReads, but formatting, editing, cover design are NOT free, unless you can take care of all of that yourself. So, as I said, in some form, there is a cost.

From researching our business model, I learned that large traditional publishers usually ask authors to sign over their rights, so essentially you lose the control that you have over your work. Vanity presses simply ask you for the money and then publish the work, whether it is ready for the market or not (that I know from my own experiences).

HYBRID PUBLISHERS, which is what we are, have guidelines that are put in place to ensure quality. The contest we are having right now is aside from all of this. It is to give first time authors a chance to add something to their history. It makes them more marketable. Essentially, we are helping one another by gaining momentum toward the same goal: being published and finding a fan base.


First of all, if you can’t be nice, don’t say anything at all. That’s how I was raised. So, if you disagree with our business model or anything I’ve said here, that’s okay. Not everyone is going to agree on everything. Nevertheless, if you’re going to be rude, keep your thoughts to yourself. We don’t mind being challenged, but there is no point in being hateful about it.

Secondly, if you have questions, we welcome those. We don’t mind explaining who we are and why we do what we do. It gives us the opportunity to help.

Thirdly, if you do leave a nasty comment, then we will rise to the challenge gracefully. I don’t believe in responding to hate with hate. That doesn’t solve anything. What I do embrace is professionalism. With that said, I will not tolerate hate filled language or hate filled criticism. So if life on LinkedIn is cut short again, I won’t go back. And if Ozwind “lost” you “at the fees,” then we wish you all of the best in seeking free publishing services, because trust me, you will not find them.

As Indies, and yes, Ozwind is an INDEPENDENT HYBRID PUBLISHER, we need to be helping one another. That is why I hosted three blog tours, devoted myself to countless other activities, and give away more than I need to. I believe we are all trying to reach the same goal and if we don’t give each stepladders to get there, what does that make us? Well, what it makes us is rather ugly, so I won’t get into that. The point is that we need to support one another in this market because it’s overwhelming. The market is flooded and to stand out is a hurdle in itself. So, I hope you read this post with an open mind and heart and leave the negativity in the dark.

I’m BACK in BLACK! All books are live & THROUGH GLASS DARKLY is all yours!

facebookBecause my titles have some element of darkness, I thought it was fitting for me to be “back in black” as a title for this blog.

Ozwind Publishing, LLC  and I are proud to present the Between Worlds Series. We would like to thank our partners for such dynamic covers and back-of-the-book summaries. I am eternally grateful for a job well done and am pleased to present this dynamic trilogy to you!

The books are available NOW through Amazon, Kindle, and Smashwords. The first book, The Fine Line is coming back out as a 2nd edition and the ebook is available on Smashwords for FREE!

We know that many of you have been waiting for the last book in the series, Through Glass Darkly. The wait is over!

Covers, synopses, and buy links are below. Social media links for Tracee are included below as well as her bio.  THE FINE LINE and VOICE OF THE DEAD are $12.00 for Paperbacks. THROUGH GLASS DARKLY are $14.50. Ebooks are $1.99 each, and as mentioned, “The Fine Line” is free only on Smashwords!


2nd edition

$1.99 Kindle

Free on Smashwords

$12.00 Amazon

 Abstract background
There is a fine line between the world of the living and the world of the dead, and Robin Hillard and her handsome husband Dr. Matthew Gregory are about to cross it. After the two meet in the ER of the local hospital, Robin and Matt begin a whirlwind romance. Matt surprises Robin when he proposes to her in the midst of the beautiful Pikeview Manor, the home that Matt has just purchased for them to begin their lives together. What the newlyweds are unaware of is that by walking through the front door they have walked between the worlds. The couple begins to hear strange noises, find objects moved, and they see the shadows once hidden within the majestic house.Robin has dreams of the past, while Matt struggles with the line between science and the world of the unseen. Matt’s young daughter Olivia begins speaking of the little girl that she plays with in her room, and of the darkness lurking within every board, nail, brick, and tile of the house. The family’s love and strength is tested as they realize that terror is not imagined…its real!




KINDLE: http://www.amazon.com/Fine-Line-Between-Worlds-Book-ebook/dp/B00V7ACJ2O/ref=sr_1_4?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1427385660&sr=1-4&keywords=tracee+fordSMASHWORDS: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/530522 (FREE)

AMAZON (PAPERBACK): http://www.amazon.com/Fine-Line-Between-Worlds-Volume/dp/0692413596/ref=dp_ob_title_bk





$1.99 Kindle, Smashwords

$12.00 Amazon

Dr. Lauren Harris is a brilliant nationally respected forensic psychologist with a secret. She is an empath who can emotionally connect with the spirits of dead, seeing through their eyes, and giving tHaunted Castlehem a voice. When she is called upon by the FBI to help track down and stop The Phantom, a hedonistic serial killer, she is confronted with the one thing she has always feared when she meets Agent Nicholas Bennette.The two find it difficult to work with each other at first due to their differences and the sexual tension building like wild fire between them. As Lauren connects with The Phantom’s victims she finds herself trying to make sense of the visions feeling overwhelmed with the knowledge that so much has been left undone in their lives. She learns that the dead will no longer be silenced when they have a voice through her.  As the body count rises and a passionate romance begins with Nicholas, Lauren discovers that she has been targeted by The Phantom, and she is frightened to learn that she too has left much undone in her life as well.


KINDLE http://www.amazon.com/Voice-Dead-Between-Worlds-Book-ebook/dp/B00V7MU762/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1427385699&sr=1-1&keywords=voice+of+the+deadAMAZON PAPERBACK: http://www.amazon.com/Voice-Dead-Between-Worlds-2/dp/0692413626/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1427393261&sr=1-2

SMASHWORDS:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/530610




$1.99 Kindle, Smashwords

$14.50 Amazon

Olivia Gregory, whom we met in the The Fine Line, the first book of the Between World’s series, is all grown up, and despite her stable upbringing, makes life choices that lead her down a very destructive path. Attempting to run from the horrors of her past, these choices lead her far away from her family and the safety of Pikeview Manor.After a near death experience, Olivia is forced to 11039514_10153108166348959_639178523_o (2)look through the glass darkly and her life takes another dramatic turn. Influenced by a special companion, Olivia becomes a cop in the K-9 division. One fateful April afternoon, she stumbles upon the hanging body of a murdered young girl—one of a soon to be long list of victims of the Tic-Tac-Toe killer.

Along with her smoking hot partner, Daniel Knight and Dr. Lauren Harris-Bennette, a nationally respected forensic psychologist and the key crime solver in The Phantom murders, Olivia is drawn into a case that could cost her everything.


KINDLE:  http://www.amazon.com/Through-Glass-Darkly-Between-Worlds-ebook/dp/B00V7M1MZ2/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1427385728&sr=1-1&keywords=through+glass+darklyAMAZON PAPERBACK: http://www.amazon.com/Through-Glass-Darkly-Between-Worlds/dp/0692413642/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1427393261&sr=1-3

SMASHWORDS DOWNLOAD: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/530535






Tracee Ford has been telling stories her whole life. Tracee dreamed big and worked to make her dreams come true by becoming an award-winning novelist revamped10363602_10205210472015215_270108344208148385_nand now founder of Ozwind Publishing, LLC. Tracee is a member of the Paranormal Romance Guild. Her first novel, The Fine Line, won a Reader’s Choice Award in 2013 and her second novel, Idolum: Visions of the Undone, was nominated by PRG for Best Paranormal Romantic Suspense novel of 2013, and secured and won second place.

Tracee has walked many paths in her life as a playwright, director, and a puppeteer. She has also delved into the darkest parts of our society and culture with the Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences and Psychology which she earned from Shawnee State University and a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology from the University of North Dakota. Tracee’s interest in the paranormal, her life experience, and education has given her a keen insight into the shadows that haunt our society making her a brilliant author of thrillers and suspense. Tracee is excited to expand her writing by exploring other genres inspired by her love of such classics as L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind. Tracee Ford is ready to take your hand and lead you on fantastic and thrilling new adventures.




YouTube channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/authortraceeford

Social Media connections









Hello everyone. I am blogging today to make a formal statement about a very important change that has happened within the last several days. As most of you know, my books have been published by PDMI Publishing, LLC since April 2013. That relationship ended Thursday, February 19, 2015. Due to irreconcilable differences, I am venturing out on my own as an author and possibly a publisher. This means that the books that were published under PDMI, THE FINE LINE and IDOLUM, are coming down off of Amazon and various other purchase sites. Because all rights are back in my hands, thankfully, the books will be reworked, redone, and re-covered. They will be released as 2nd editions very soon.

I am currently working with a very competent and creative company (I will not name names yet). Our first production meeting showed great promise. The books will be an official trilogy. They will continue to be the BETWEEN WORLDS SERIES, but some titles will change. However, due to the nature of the extreme content (i.e., haunted houses, demons, psychic abilities, serial killers, heroin addiction, adult situations, language, sexual references, and near death experiences), they will stay in the eighteen and over age range for readers. It would take months, if not a year, for me to revamp and rewrite each and every book to make them teen/YA friendly. The plots themselves are adult and very dark in nature. So, once THROUGH GLASS DARKLY (TGD hereafter) is published, it will be the last of the series and readers won’t have to wait another year to read it. It will be done sooner rather than later.

sinkin3To give you a bit of insight as to how I came to this decision, I think it’s important to understand that while with PDMI, I made some wonderful friends. No situation is all bad. My work with them up until the last year has been solid and they delivered on the two books that I put out with them. However, TGD was taking quite a bit of time in the process. October to February was nothing but waiting on edits. There were several passes of edits and I just happened to start reading through the “final pass” to find 130 errors. They were careless mistakes and things that would have caused devastation to my credibility as an author. In fact, the most glaring mistake that comes to mind is parentheses within the actual text manuscript with suggestions for edits. I can’t imagine if that would have remained in the copy. So, I addressed my issues with the publisher, and in doing so, here I am. It takes a strong person to smile as they take the blame for someone else’s mistakes. But, all in all, I was happy to be leaving PDMI, so as I said, no situation is all bad.

I won’t do a formal review of the company today. In fact, I would encouraged you to do your own research. The other night, as I waited for a response to my complaint, my business partner and I started finding horrible, gut-wrenching reviews of PDMI and their business practices. So, if you’re interested, you might want to check out what the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has to say as well as other review sites.

What I will say is that they started out on the right track. They were personalized in their approach and I think they genuinely cared. However, I feel that has been replaced with the desire to grow fast and we all know that growing too fast can cause growing pains.

logo.bigThe truth is, I hold no ill-will toward them. They did a huge favor for me. They gave me a lifeboat so I could get off of a sinking ship. I called them out on something and they disagreed. Happens all of the time. I count myself blessed to be able to go out on my own, still maintaining my creative works and freedom, and get those works back out there for readers. The publishing world has changed so much that a traditional publisher isn’t always the answer. At first, for me, the idea fit like a glove and then the glove got to small.

Even while with the publisher, I was marketing my own work, especially in the beginning. They currently have a very capable marketing volunteer that does a wonderful job. But, when I first started with them, I was the front woman for my own books. So, really, I’m not new to that. Now I have allies in the writing world that can help with marketing as well as other things necessary to help me become successful and most of all, to teach me. I have an editor that I am now free to use because I am not under contract with anyone. I have a talented web designer and web manager. I have a formatting person and a cover designer. What more do I need?

I am not the greatest writer on the planet. I am not a best seller. However, I do know that my writing is important to me. If the people who are reading my books or those that are following me would have gotten TGD with those sorts of atrocities in it, it would have been career suicide. I would have been more than ashamed. I will say this: the situation regarding the errors and the complaint was completely turned around on me as if it were my fault. I guess I was supposed to be quiet about it. That’s not who I am, especially when a fourth grader could hemorrhage all over the manuscript with a red ink pen. Like I said, all is well and I start this morning with hope and a new direction (and the possibility for at least 70% of my royalties when the books sell). It is an opportunity for me to learn and grow as well as to make new friends and find new allies. For that, I am grateful.



**Libel: a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation.

In this blog, I have presented nothing that is false as I have the appropriate documentation to substantiate my claims. Freedom of speech is alive and well.  For anyone that is offended by my opinions, I recommend that you quit following my blog. Keep in mind this isn’t a formal review yet.

Helping Authors is What I Do

Are you an author? Are you published? Do people know who you are? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by marketing? Does it tend to stress you out? If any of this sounds like you, then I have a solution for you.

I am now as a marketing coach and have started the business Dreaming Big Consulting. If you are wondering if this is some fly-by-night idea from me, guess again. I have also been endorsed by Willow Cross, a very well respected author, BlogTalkRadio show host, and a major assistant to Indie authors everywhere. She has launched her website, http://indiebookservices.weebly.com/ today.

DreamBig logoThe mission of Dreaming Big Consulting is to put tools in the hands of writers to build their audience and help them find success in what they love doing. By using positive thinking as well as tried and true methods of marketing, anything can be accomplished. All it takes is a dream.

Positive thinking is powerful. I use this to teach authors how to use marketing tools. I explain that everyone has their own way of doing things, but as I have experienced what it’s like in the writing world, I can bring something to the table to help others find success. Understand, I’m not a marketing firm. I teach, giving you the tools to steer your own future in the world of publishing. I will also be doing social media parties and activities for my clients and even after the lessons are taught, will provide continued support to them.

If you need help, contact me. Here are the website links:



and of course, my website, http://traceeford.com

Marketing Your Book: Advice for Any New Author


Promoting a book is not a small thing.  I didn’t realize how in-depth and time consuming it would be.  From purchasing my own domain to constructing my own website, to creating my own blog and making my book trailer, I’ve learned more about technology in the last two weeks than I have since I purchased my first computer!  Moreover, I’ve learned more about sales and marketing in the last couple of weeks than I ever did in undergraduate economics.  If it weren’t for the book that http://www.BookLocker.com provided to me, I would have had no idea where to even start.

90 Days of Promoting Your Book Online:  Your Book’s Daily Marketing Plan (2012) by Angela Hoy and Richard Hoy is an excellent resource for new authors.  It provides a step by step outline of how to get your book out there and into the hands of your readers.  Luckily, BookLocker helps promote their own authors through their website.  I haven’t yet become a resident of the their website because I’m waiting to do final approvals on my novel, but BookLocker provides your book to all of the major distributors.  This actually takes care of one entire section of their marketing strategies.  I don’t have to worry about posting to Amazon or Apple.  All of that will be taken care of for me.

My latest adventure has been learning to navigate YouTube and Twitter.  The book talks about how important book trailers and social networking can be for a book to find success in the market.  One of the things I liked most about the book was that each day there was an activity.  That is the way I learn.  I like things spelled out and put on a schedule.  Granted, it’s been less than 90 days since I started this journey, but if you are dedicated to marketing your book, you will sail through the daily activities and end up getting things done much faster.

In addition to some of the suggestions made by Angela and Richard, I feel like an author needs to consider their local market.  I have reached out to local libraries (for a possible venue for book signings as well as a place to house my novel), radio stations, newspapers (for possible interviews and features), and local stores (to act as distributors).  I realized after talking to my husband the other night that I’m actually a small business owner now and with that being said, I feel it is extremely important for me to promote other small businesses in my local area.

Because I’m just getting started with reaching out to distributors and local media, I have not yet seen results.  And I am working around a holiday, which isn’t going to yeild many results right away.  I suggest that you give yourself about a week to two weeks and then follow up with the initial inquiries you made.  That’s my plan.

On the other hand, I have heard from one local pharmacy that sells books.  More information about the book was requested as well as the cost of the book.   Hopefully, this inquiry will bring about some business.

The important thing to remember is that the learning curve with marketing and technology can be quickly overcome with the right handbook and the right attitude.  So, thanks to Angela and Richard, I’m about to see if all of the marketing efforts with The Fine Line will pay off.

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