Spirit Animals: Moutain Lion (Puma)

Mountain lions go by several names.  Some folks call them pumas others call them a cougar.  No matter what you call them, if one comes sneaking into your life, they can prove to be a difficult spirit animal to deal with.  Check out the reference section if you want to know where the research comes from.

The mountain lion is difficult because you are usually placed into situations where you can become a target.  The insecurities of others often causes you to be an easy target.  So, how does this relate to the mountain lion?  This animal is a natural leader, and you probably possess those qualities.  If you know anything about leadership, you can ruffle feathers and your decisions aren’t always easily accepted by others.  Others try to knock you out of your position if you’re a leader.  In other words people constantly try to knock you off of your mountain.

The mountain lion brings lessons of leadership.  These lessons can be painful.  The goal for you would be to learn to lead without caring whether anyone follows you.  If you watch the mountain lion in the wild, you can see how perfectly agile these animals can be.  They are balanced, have clear intentions, are physically strong, and even though they are big, they are graceful.  This ability in your spirit animal is put to use as they teach you how to have a balanced body, mind, and spirit.  Waste nothing!  Survival is the goal.

Here is something else you won’t want to hear.  If this animal pounces into your life, it means it’s time to take charge, even when you don’t want to.  Take charge of your life.  Take charger of your situation.  Opinions be damned!  The mountain lion also tells you to make your intentions crystal clear.  When you meditate, put your intentions out to the universe, but be careful about ill-intentions because it’s all about balance.

Another fact…  The mountain lion spirit animal will not use her power to gain control of you.  She is powerful because she can move through the world as an unseen force using and taking only what she has to have.  She is silent.  She teaches you that your soul doesn’t grow through dominance, but rather through silence.  This is different from being lonely.

As you travel through this lifetime, your spirit guides, spirit animals, and ancestors try to teach you values and lessons.  These lessons are yours alone.  You share these only with your higher power (deity, gods, goddesses).  The mountain lion reminds us of that.  Just because she is beautiful and powerful doesn’t mean she throws her weight around.  Her lessons are learned in silence.  She marks territory instead of engaging in conflicts.  She will guide you in your personal evolution.


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