Thankful Challenge: Day 9

The Beast

10849824_365837986923929_2902787034172429948_nToday I give thanks to my dog, Chance. He was supposed to have left us in the early winter of 2015, yet the Goddess has seen fit to allow us to keep him a bit longer.

Mr. Bookie has cancer, but he is full of divine life. He is fun and he has saved my life on more than one occasion. He has saved my son’s life, too. I have no doubt that he would die for his little pack. We love him so much!

Chance is a shelter dog. I got him in late December 2006. It was a snap decision, but it was certainly a blessed decision.

I came home from work and grabbed my son and my husband. We headed to the shelter. My idea was to find a dog who took to my son more than me. If the dog gravitated to my son, I knew it would be “the one.”

We went into the puppy room and I just let my son stand there. There were many puppies in the room. Most sniffed him and went about their business. One sought him out. One took an interest in him. One recognized my son’s soul and wouldn’t leave him. He was gentle and sweet and playful.

Chance (Mr. Bookie) because a part of our family that day. He has adapted to every single move and every single change. He has let me cry to him. He has let me laugh at him. He has saved me with his loyalty and his protection.

Diagnosed with carcinoma in the year from hell (2014), he was given a death sentence. H14925708_1100839643362638_8089515089102685390_ne would be dead by January 2015. In late August, he collapsed and we rushed him to the vet. He had a tumor in his belly that was 15 lbs. I just thought he was fat. I was wrong.

It’s November 2016. He has certainly extended his contract. The tumor has grown back, but you wouldn’t know he’s dying. Luckily, the cancer is encased in fatty tissue. It doesn’t appear to be attached to any major organs.

So, I want to offer up sincere thanks to the Goddess Diana, the Goddess of the hunt; the Goddess of children and animals. Thank you so much for allowing us to keep him just a bit longer!