Ozwind & Marketing

Ozwind banner (2)Each day I discover something brand new that Ozwind can do. So, I’m focusing on marketing for the post. I didn’t realize that clarification was needed about our marketing benefits until today. So, I wanted to relay some information about what we do as a provider.

There are two options available not only to Ozwind authors but also to those simply needing support. There is a 3 month package for $100 and there is a yearly package for $400. Both of these include a spotlighted blog post here once a month. Keep in mind that the blog feature will be reblogged by my own followers and I will be networking with other bloggers to advocate for a feature about the author.
twitter-iconAlso included are tweets up to 3 per day on my Twitter account as well as Ozwind’s, 3 times per week. Additionally, is posts on Ozwind’s Facebook page and my page up to 3 per days 3 times per week. Our marketing department will also place phone calls to set up books signings. Lastly, 2 posts per day on TSU.co 2 times per week is included in the package. 
facebook-logoFor authors taking advantage of the AUTHOR BUNDLES, 3 months of marketing is included in the bundles. This means that the marketing begins once the book is published and lasts for 3 months. Thereafter, an author can choose to renew for another 3 months or for 1 year.
tsu-logo-social-networkBook trailers are $170. Banners are $20. Facebook parties are $10 (2 hour hosting). Book teasers are $20. Posters range from $10 to $30. An ad on Ozwind’s website is $10 per month.
Please visit our website for contact information. Have a wonderful night!