Spirit Animals: Kangaroos (final series post)

Welcome to the concluding post for this series.  I certainly hope you have enjoyed learning about the various animals that have come to my mind.  I believe this series was inspired by something greater than me, so someone out there needed to understand the phenomenon of spirit animals.  Since I published this blog, I’ve done some psychic readings and the animals have popped through.  I have been able to reference my blog to help them understand the creatures that have come to them.

Today I am going to focus on the kangaroo.  After all, we are bouncing into the new year as of tomorrow.  So, what better way to end the series than on a bouncy note?

The appearance of the kangaroo reminds you that the only direction you can go is forward.  You’ve had all year to gather momentum, and now it’s time to keep moving forward.  Don’t look back.  The past is only a chain around you ankle in the ocean of life.  All you need to understand is that forward-motion is adequate.  You don’t have to work at clearing a path.  Your spirit guides have already done that in preparation for the kangaroo to arrive.

The fact that the kangaroo is a Marsupial can also mean that you are in a nine month cycle (Spirit Animal Totem).  Take a look at the things that have happened in the last nine months.  There is a pattern that should be visible to you.  If you have been working on a project, it likely began nine months ago.  If you are beginning a new project, it will probably come to fruition in about nine months as long as you are committed to finishing it.

This also means that you need to leave a bad situation behind.  The kangaroo encourages you to bounce forward.  All you need to do is allow your instincts to take over.  When you settle and quiet your mind, the answer will be clear.  Overall, the answer means you need to drop the situation and bounce on.  How do you do this?  Read on.

The kangaroo offers strength and stamina as long as you go forward and do not cling to the past.  You already have the ability to balance your creative energy or your intuition to take that leap forward.  You are already a very focused individual.  In fact, you usually have to shield from other energies.  You have to keep that energy field clear of external influences.  Without that ability to will cling to what doesn’t belong to you.  Furthermore, if you do not center yourself and listen, you will not be able to ground.  Without the power of grounding, you are in flight.  With the situation you are in, you don’t want to be flying around.  You need to hop out of whatever it is that is holding you captive.  You already know the direction you need to go in.  Simply look at your kangaroo, and she’ll show you how to hop through the difficulty.  She will also say, “Don’t look back.  Focus on all that lies ahead!”  That should be really exciting! Further to that point, Love explains that the kangaroo represents a quantum leap that you need to take.

When I think of the kangaroo, I think of Kanga from Winnie the Pooh.  She was loving and nurturing.  On top of that, she was a beautiful symbol of “uncharted territories” (Love).

The arrival of a kangaroo inspires you to do more.  It helps you reach personal goals.  It allows you to pull pleasure into your life.  So, when you see the leaping and hopping going on, that means that your physical desires are something you should be looking at.

Physically, the kangaroo has a very long tail.  How is it used?  To balance.  Are you balancing?  If not, meditate with your kangaroo.  The animal will probably teach you to balance stress, choices, life, health, and a host of other situations.

Kangaroos also fight.  They “box.”  It’s rather disturbing to watch, but wow can these animals compete!  Whether you know it or not, you have a competitive streak.  You may not want to recognize it, but you have it.  The kangaroo may have hopped to you so that you embrace that part of yourself.  Additionally, the kangaroo could be a part of your life now to teach you how to express your competitive power.

The take-away message surrounding this special animal is moving ahead.  That sounds easy.  It isn’t.  Our nature is to hold onto things we should let go of.  Don’t deny it.  There is something you are holding on to.  Only you know what that is.  If you feel the presence of a kangaroo, you are being directed to move away from what is holding you back.

As I close this series, I want to let you know that I am working on The Thin Dark Veil again.  This series will be included in that book.  I wanted to publish the book over a year ago, but something didn’t feel right.  It was because there was much more coming that required inclusion in the book.  So, my goal is to put it out by Valentine’s Day.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know the psychic part of me and that you have connected with the animal especially made just for you!  Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve.  Stay safe!  Love and light to you always!


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Spirit Animals: The Cardinal

The cardinal is the state bird of Ohio.  So, I thought I would look into this beautiful little red bird to understand what he/she can bring to the spirit.  References always provided 🙂

The arrival of the cardinal signals that you might need to be clearer regarding your intentions.  As the new year comes crashing in, the cardinal tells you to start setting clear, meaningful goals for yourself.  By doing this, you can accomplish just about everything you set your mind to.  It’s time to spend less time thinking about the small stuff (the things that don’t really make a difference either way).  The cardinal also reminds you to think carefully.  Your thoughts propel through the universe, causing problems or positives.  In other words, if you are thinking positive things, you will pull positive toward you (the law of attraction once again).  In turn, if you are thinking horrible thoughts, you will create negative things in your life.  The cardinal reminds you that those thoughts can manifest.

The cardinal also wants you to understand that you come first, but not in a selfish way.  You should take care of yourself.  You should watch your health.  You should do this before looking after others.  If you have new projects, the time to begin is when the cardinal arrives.

Cardinal people often make great intuitive listeners.  They can interpret their inner voice.  They are usually in touch with the femininity that you they possess.  Are you sensitive?  You may want to look around you.  A cardinal could be afoot.  A cardinal person will likely be the pioneer of great ideas.  They make things happen.  You can also promote yourself well and enjoy leadership roles.  However, the cardinal totem gives you the ability to end senseless projects.  You know where to begin, and you know when to stop.

The cardinal also brings a sacred song to you.  Listen well.  You can gain direction from their beautiful singing.  The song will help you truly fall in love with your life.  This is difficult at times.  We face so many challenges, losses, and changes, that embracing our lives can be very heard, especially during the times we travel through the valley.  The cardinal may arrive to sit on your shoulder and show you the positives that surround you.  They can help you see the things that are wonderful, despite the darkness.

The cardinal brings the gift of seeing.  When I meet folks who are “seers,” I explain that they have the ability to see everything.  They don’t just see the future, the past, the dead, or other spiritual things.  They can see the big picture.

Believe it or not, the cardinal has a symbolism attached to Winter.  Therefore, I guess this post is very appropriate.  Winter is the natural time of hibernation.  We move a little slower.  In Paganism and Wicca, winter is the time to for the spirit and the soul to retreat after the gathering of the harvest.  It’s a time to reflect.  Even with the holidays, the winter months welcome the time of sacred rest.  It’s time to take things slow.  I am not a fan of winter, but understanding that it is needed so the spirit can recharge helps me cope with the cold months of the year.

The cardinal acts as a mascot of the holiday season as well as the winter months.  The bird tells us to slow down.  They help us focus on developing spiritually.  Even though we are resting, we can still move forward in our spiritual journey.  The cardinal embraces kin, but also balancing those responsibilities.  It seems that family can tear you apart at this time of year.  You are all coming together to try to enjoy the time of year, but in the process, if you are a sensitive, you are exposed to all of that energy.  Shielding yourself is very important, but for those who don’t know how, it can be overwhelming.  The cardinal reminds you to take it easy, and again, put yourself first.  If you feel like you can’t handle something, push away from it.  If you need to be alone, be alone.  Balance is the key with these animals.  Use their abilities to find the balance in your life.


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Before you understand the significance of animals, you first need to learn what Chakras are.  Everyone and everything has them.  They are points on your body (and an animal’s body) filled with energy.  The information I’m providing to you comes from some personal experiences, education through some of my friends, and online research.  For the sake of crediting, I grabbed most of the online research from Luna’s Girmoire (2017) and Erduman (2014).  I won’t reference each and every single passage of this blog today, but I at least want to give credit where it’s due.

Believe it or not, some say that chakras are mainly associated with the endocrine system.  They impact the area of the body where it is located.  In fact, some folks believe that if you can introduce balance to the chakras, you will see improvements in physical health.  

This first chakra is the root chakra.  It is found at the base of the spine.  In an animal, this is found near the tail.  The base chakra, or root chakra, deals with issues of survival.  It also honors the Earth, one of the essential elements in various Pagan and Wiccan rituals.  The color of this chakra is dark red.  The varying qualities of this energy source is grounding and stability.  The emotions associated with the root chakra are fear, courage, and trust.

The second chakra is known as the sacral or splenic chakra.  It’s usually described as deep orange and deals with the Water element.  It’s located in an animal’s belly, hips, pelvic area, or lower back.  It’s the creative center, but also deals with sexuality.  It also involves sense of family and the emotions that are encompassed in this area of the body are lust, attachment, letting go, temperance, and happiness.

The third chakra is a fire element and usually glows golden yellow.  It is known as the solar plexus and is located in the middle of the abdominal region.  Physically it’s involved with digestion, but it also undertakes will-power, authority, motivation, self-esteem, impulse control, and one’s ability to take action.  The emotions related to this chakra are quite intense.  Anger, resentment, and forgiveness.  In animals, it’s where power and the sense of self comes from.  In other words, it is the life force chakra.


The heart chakra is right in the center of the chest.  It concerns the physical heart, the lungs and breathing, and the thymus gland. This is also the chakra associated with love and compassion.  When this chakra is out of balance, emotional issues can come to the surface.  The heart chakra often glows emerald green and/or pink.  It is associated with the air element.  Not only does this chakra deal with the physical, but also deals with the emotional heart.  Unconditional love, trust, empathy, devotion, desire, greed, a lack of motivation, depression, grief, and compassion are all said to emanate from this chakra.

The throat chakra, usually seen as light blue or turquoise, is related to vocal efforts, hearing, and the thyroid gland. This is the chakra of animal creativity and communication.  It also deals with will, speaking the truth, personal expression, and faith.  Pride and humility come from this powerful energy source.

The often beautifully glowing dark blue or purple chakra is found in the middle of the forehead right between the animal’s eyes.  It reaches all the way to through to the brain and even the back of the head.  This is the chakra I’m most familiar with and have had experience opening this chakra in my son as well as countless others.  When this chakra is in perfect balance, you can see clearly into the spirit world through various means.  Psychic power is usually manifested in this chakra because it deals with intuition, perception, insight, spirituality, and vision.  Dream state makes great use of this chakra, and can involve clarity and interpretation of various seen and unseen stimuli.  The third eye is known as the Ether element.

The crown chakra is typically pure white or gold.  It encompasses the top of the head.  It deals with spiritual connectedness and controls aspects of the animal’s mind and body.  Connection to the divine (God, Spirit, etc…) is thought to originate from the crown.  Bliss and compassion also come from this part of the body.   Unhealthy thoughts can be result of this region being out of balance.

In another blog series I will explore the crystals that help with these chakras and how Reiki can be used to bring these chakras into balance.

As we move through this blog series keep these energy centers in mind.



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