Psychic Counseling & Past-Life Readings

I am what folks call a sensitive.  I have three core abilities.  I am a medium, I can tap into past-life information, and I can provide counseling (e.g., helping you connect with your gifts, spirit guides, and spirit animal).  I am proud to offer readings to the public.  I provide readings in person by appointment only.

It has taken a long time for me to come out publicly about this.  Many people fear these things.  They automatically pigeon-hole people as evil, possessed, or sinners if they either engage with a psychic or have psychic gifts.  However, I feel called to help people find their own abilities and learn how to use them.  Tapping into personal gifts can help a person succeed even during the darkest of times.  The goal is to live healthier, holistic lives.  If spiritual gifts can help with that, then I owe it to the Universe to help folks figure that out!

Facebook is where you can see the services and pricing. Click the link, and feel free to message me about setting up something!