Still Breathing

Hello all. If has been a very long time since I’ve been here, but I wanted to assure you that I’m still alive. My life has taken on so many changes, but I’m finally able to breathe.

In January, I unplugged from everything spiritual. I laid my dog of 12 years to rest, and I thought I would lose my mind. I took some time to shut off the spirits so that I could grieve. It was difficult coming home without my sweet boy to greet me. My son and I struggled with his loss, and we still do. However, we have a new family member that has really helped us.

Her name is Artemis Grace, and I am training her to be a therapy dog. She turned 5 months old on Saturday, and she still has a lot to learn. She is energetic and keeps me on my toes. She is a German Shepherd, and she is one of the smartest dogs I have ever met!

I’ve been spending some time writing, but I don’t have anything coming out soon. My main focus has been on my relationships. When I finally decided to plug back into the spirit world, that has also been a major focus. I have been doing private readings with clients for quite some time now, too.

I’ve been through a divorce since last I visited here. In the Spring of 2018 I met a pretty great guy. We’ve had our ups and downs, just like every couple, but the fact that our souls have traveled together almost since the beginning helps us when things get rough. We keep teaching each other every day. We challenge each other a lot. It’s hard when you’re on a journey, but you don’t know exactly how things will end, especially for someone like me. I am trying to keep the faith and rely on what the spirits tell me. That isn’t always easy, but I know this man was sent to me for multiple reasons. I trust that.

My son is doing well. He is seventeen now! He will graduate from high school next spring. I can hardly believe it! My baby boy isn’t a baby anymore. He’s working and is building his own life. As a parent, that’s what we shoot for. We want to raise our kids to be independent adults who can stand on their own and use the tools we’ve supplied them. It’s a double-edged sword. While I know he is more than able to do what I’ve taught him to do, I will eventually have to let go and watch him fly. THAT is going to be very difficult!

I plan on adding to my YouTube Series about spirit animals. It’s gotten a lot of attention, especially within the last six months. So, I think that’s a pretty good incentive to keep going with the series. A good friend of mine has a studio, so we’re going to shoot for a more professional feel to the series. I’ll let you all know when that is finished.

For now, I simply wanted to say hello and check in. Please leave a comment so we can catch up! I hope to be back sooner than later! I want to start writing in my blog again. I missed the release of writing. So, hopefully I will see you all again very soon!

Love and light!

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