Spirit Animals: The Swan

In college, I was the member of a sorority.  The mascot for the organization was a swan.  We’ve worked through just about all of the mascots from my education (Tiger:  high school; Bear:  undergrad; Buffalo:  grad school), so I knew I had to include this legendary creature in this blog series.

If the swan comes to you, she is there to help you discover new ways of thinking.  She is helping you to go with the flow.  This goes back to feminine energy as well as intuition.  The swan reminds you of your personal beauty, too.

Swan people are able to see the future.  They welcome healing and transformation.  They are monogamous and mate for life.  The swan folks usually find true love at a very young age.  They stay together for years.  They can balance everything; work, family, play, and even personal space.  They know when it’s time to steal away and recharge.  They also have the ability to be individuals.  They don’t necessarily bend to the group.



The swan is steeped in lore and fairy tales.  It is one of the most powerful and one of the oldest animal totems.  I think of the Ugly Duckling when I think of the swan.  The story says that as we grow we become more and more beautiful.  the other thing that comes to mind is a swan song.  In some cultures it was believed that the swan’s song signaled death (transformation).

The swan may arrive to tell you to be mindful of some of your negative feelings; jealousy, insecurity, self-doubt.  Avoid arguments.  The arrival may also mean that you may be or will be mourning a loved one.

As you head into the new year, you may consider that the swan is telling you that it’s your time.  You’ve been growing.  Use your intuition.  Get away from argumentative people.  Examine your emotions.  These are all calls to help you meet your maximum potential.



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