Spirit Animals: The Jaguar

What a beautifully mysterious animal!  Most people equate the jaguar with the panther.  The black panther used to be a resident of Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky.  Some folks claim that they still see them from time to time.   Others who hear the word “jaguar” think of the car.  Either way it causes people to think of elegance and perfection.

When this sleek big cat strolls into your world, consider yourself lucky!  The jaguar is the keeper of the gate to the unknown.  When the jaguar becomes attached to you it means that it’s time to reclaim your inner strength and embrace your personal power.  It signals an awakening of sorts.  The jaguar are similar to the cougar in the fact that they are very graceful in the wild as well as in the spirit.  Her/his arrival means that it’s time for you to understand your dark side.

If you have a jaguar spirit animal you are probably pretty passionate.  You exude confidence and have the ability to understand life on a very deep level.  You roll with changes while maintaining your dignity.  You are creative and can see passed the here and now.  You rely on your intuition without any hesitation forging ahead toward the better you; the better life.  You rely on your vision to propel yourself forward.  The traits are what this animal encourages in you.  It amplifies these qualities.

Let me give you an idea of just how big these animals are.  The size might help you understand the traits that this big cat can offer.  The jaguar grows to 250 pounds.  This is twice as large as the leopard.  The jaguar is a physically powerful animal.  In saying that, these spirit animals will often help you find your inner strength.  The have mystical powers that are their greatest asset, which means they  are willing to share that with you.

The jaguar can help you see through the chaos around you, opening roads and even giving you the ability to understand the chaos.  They will teach you how to dash fear and go to places you aren’t familiar with.  The jaguar can shape shift.  This is a big deal.  That means they can change their appearance to blend in with many environments.  The jaguar has keen psychic vision, can assist with soul rituals, self-empowerment, and grabbing the power that already belongs to you.  The black jaguar in particular is the entity in charge of the circular time continuum.  This goes back to the role of gatekeeper.

The big cat is steeped in cultural references.  In South America the jaguar is associated with hunting.  According to Woolcott, an Indian legend exists that states that the gorgeous spotted coat of the jaguar came from the cat placing mud on its body.  The spots are what sets this animal apart from others.  Even the black jaguar has spots.  The other trait that sets them apart is their predatory skills.

The Mayans also have jaguar legends.  Moreover, this spirit animal is associated with both the sun and the moon.   According to Woolcott, the Mayans believe the following:

The journey of the sun across the sky and the darkness of night represented the infinite journey of human consciousness and its transformations. The midday sun’s position was compared to the Eagle, flying high in the sky, to then plunge below the horizon, just as we plunge into the dark to face our spiritual challenges and to be transformed. The hidden sun was said to be Jaguar, whose spotted skin represents the stars glittering/shining in the night sky…  Jaguar is the earth father, holding the authority over the sacred power of and in the earth, and the animals who live upon it. The force that lives within the mountains, giving them their volcanic and transformative power, is the same underworld source of energy and power contained within the Jaguar Sun.

What can you take away from this?  The jaguar is a motherly protector that empowers us to embrace our inner strength as a path toward the unknown with the goal of dispelling our personal fears.

The jaguar is a solitary animal.  They are patient also.  That is why solitary practitioners to gravitate toward the jaguar.

Another fascinating feature of the jaguar is its association with some Roman mythology.  The jaguar is directly linked with Bacchus (Harris).  According to Harris, as well as the history books, panthers/jaguars nursed Bacchus.  There are images showing Bacchus riding in a chariot pulled by jaguars.  For those who have been courted by Bacchus, they know that this God is linked to unleashing of desires (Harris).

As always, connect with your spirit animal by learning as much as you can about it.  Meditate.  Quiet your mind.  Every single animal involved in this blog series has the ability to speak to you.  That’s right!  Speak.  They can communicate with you if you are just willing to listen, but even more than that, to hear.  They can provide guidance in many ways.  They aren’t just silent pillars in your life.  These are living animals who tap into the spirit world, which means they have access to the wonders of the spirit.  This includes dropping ideas into your spirit and communicating with you in ways you don’t necessarily have to understand.  If you ever doubted how special you are, get acquainted with your spirit animal and you’ll have no doubt that you are important to Spirit and to the universe!


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One response to “Spirit Animals: The Jaguar

  1. “Another fascinating feature of the jaguar is its association with some Roman mythology. The jaguar is directly linked with Bacchus (Harris).”

    Do not confuse the jaguar and the leopard. Jaguars are native only to the Americas and the ancient Romans did not know they existed.


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