Spirit Animals: The Buffalo

The Buffalo is one of my favorite animals.  The slaughter of thousands in the old west saddens me.  I am so glad that we have learned to respect he American Bison.  The Native Americans nearly worshipped them.  They made a day of hunting them, but the difference between them and the “white man” was that the tribal people used every single part of the animal to sustain life.  They used their bones as tools, their hides as clothing and shelter, their meat to eat off of the entire winter, and the list goes on and on.

Can a buffalo enter your life as a spirit animal?  If so, what would that look like?  To answer those questions, keep reading.  The crediting for the information provides is in the references, as usual.

The buffalo serves as a reminder that no matter how bleak the situation might be, you are always provided for.  It also reminds you to be thankful and that attitude can transfer to every part of your life as well as global wellness.  The buffalo also reminds us to honor the earth and the bounty she gives us.  We should be gracious and reverent.  The buffalo symbolizes prayer and praise.  The buffalo totem can lend these strengths to you.

If you find a big buffalo stampeding into your world, you are likely being reminded that you are walking a sacred path.  You may have ties to tribal people either now or in your past lives.  You are also encouraged to show respect for every single aspect of life, whether it’s your life or someone else’s.  These gorgeous beasts will tell you that you cannot achieve a thing without the help of the spirit and that you should be humble in asking for help.  When you get help from the spirit, you should be thankful.  The spirit of the buffalo will lead you on a journey to establish a very grounded connection with the Earth.  You will likely feel very deeply for animals, especially those that are endangered and/or mistreated.  This animal will also help you find the easiest path to the end result.

Let me offer some more history so you can truly appreciate the American Bison.  This information is taken from various sources as well as my personal knowledge, but there were things I discovered while researching this animal.  Buffalo are termed a “keystone” species according to Couch (2015).  This animal has a heavy impact on their environment.  They impact the ecosystem significantly.  They affect the distribution of the grasses in their environment and the way that fire moves through the Plains.  They even impact the wildflower species.  Also according to Couch (2015), “their hooves aerate the soil which helps the plants better uptake air and oxygen for faster growth.”  When the buffalo rolls around on the ground they create holes (vernal pools) during the spring rains which then serves as watering holes for many other species (Couch, 2015).  The holes can last for up to 125 years (Couch, 2015).  Now transfer these facts to your life.  As a human with a buffalo attachment all of these things should tell you what you are in the realm of the spirit.  You are a staple in the human world.  Think you don’t matter?  You’re wrong.

The buffalo is also a hearty animal.  They can survive the most sever winters.  This strength is also reflected in their attachment to you.  They are fierce fighters as well, often butting heads with opponents for dominance.  So are you thick-headed?  You might want to reflect on some of these characteristics.

I think the reason why I am so drawn to this animal is because of their ability to bounce back after such adversity.  They were almost killed to extinction, but look at them now!  500,000 to 1 million (Couch, 2015) is a pretty great recovery!  What I’m saying is that just when you think you’re ready to give up, don’t!  This spirit animal will remind you how thankful you should be that you’ve made it this far and to keep going!  If the American Bison can contribute so much to our natural world, think of how much you can contribute to the spiritual world!


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