Teaser Tuesday: The Fine Line

011ef8b80b63a56 (1)Robin watched him walk to drawer and pull out an ace bandage and walk back to the gurney. He put the bandage on the gurney and then walked to a nearby closet where he pulled out a pair of crutches, propping them against the wall. “These are going to be your best friends for the next week.”

She frowned.

He walked to the end of the gurney and started wrapping her foot with the bandage, his touch tender and careful. He smiled a lot as they made small talk.

Wendy walked out to respect their privacy.

He grinned sweetly as he helped Robin stand with the crutches.

“Thanks, doctor… I mean, Matt.”

He smirked.  “Listen, you’ll probably think I’m crazy or something, but I was wondering if maybe sometime you’d like to go out for coffee or something.”

3d of the fine line “I don’t drink coffee.” Robin said with a vague smile.

“Oh.”  His eyes dropped as the rejection registered.

“But, I could handle a meal sometime,” she said invitingly.


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