Help Wanted: Still Seeking Ambitious Writers

I have received a lot of feature requests. I still have plenty of dates open. I am providing this post to tell you what dates I still can fill.

Remember Teaser Tuesdays are for published authors with books they’d like to provide blurbs, artwork, and/or teasers for.

Tuesday’s Tales is designed for folks who have not published anything, but wish to provide inspiration poetry, artwork, and/or short stories. If you are a published author, you can also submit to this feature. If more interest seems to be in Tuesday’s Tales, I will run these twice a month.

Please email me with your teasers or your inspirational work! I am looking forward to introducing my followers to your work!

The open dates are as follows:

4/11: Teaser Tuesday opening

5/23: Teaser Tuesday opening

5/30: Tuesday’s Tales opening

6/20: Teaser Tuesday opening

6/27: Tuesday’s Tales opening

7/4, 7/18: Teaser Tuesday opening

7/25: Tuesday’s Tales opening

8/15, 8/22: Teaser Tuesday opening

8/29: Tuesday’s Tales opening

9/12, 9/19: Teaser Tuesday opening

9/26: Tuesday’s Tales opening

10/3, 10/17, 10/24: Teaser Tuesday opening

10/31: Tuesday’s Tales

11/7, 11/21: Teaser Tuesday opening

11/28: Tuesday’s Tales

12/5, 12/19: Teaser Tuesday opening



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