Thankful Challenge: Day 27


american-flag-wallpaperToday I am thank for freedom. Simple as that!

I’ve watched in horror as our country tears itself apart over the election earlier this month. I have seen friendships die and hard feelings take over what used to be thriving relationships. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

Freedom comes with a price and that price is paid by our soldiers; men and women answering a higher call to serve this great nation to defend our freedoms and sustain our democracy, yet there have been people rioting, not protesting, because democracy didn’t swing in their favor. That’s just wrong.

I embrace the freedoms we have in the United States. I won’t degrade them. If I don’t give thanks for freedom, then I’m not a patriot. I, by the grace of God, don’t live in a country where women are told to sit down, shut up, and not to think. I live in America. A place that lifts me up for being a woman; for having ideas. Women’s rights were hard-fought. I may not agree with feminism, but I certainly tip my hat to those who fought for it. So, thanks ladies for giving us a voice! And thank you to the armed forces for continuing to keep us safe and hold up the flag of freedom!

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