Thankful Challenge: Day 26


I am sincerely thankful for being in my right mind (don’t laugh). There are so many who suffer from cognitive diseases that take away their identity, their ability to think, and their memories. I am grateful that as of today, I have a working, capable mind.

As a university instructor, I teach two psychology classes; child/adolescent psyc and Lifespan for Health Sciences. The latter has been an eye-opener for me. We cover late adulthood pretty vividly. I have discussed many cognitive diseases impacting folks 65 and older. It is heartbreaking what they must go through and, moreover, their family suffers right along with them.

From strokes to dementia, the brain is at risk for major deficits. There are age-related deficits that come with wear and tear, which are also frightening.

As of today, I’m 40 and I still have a solid working memory and I still have that storehouse of information in my long-term memory. I’m thankful for that. Someday, things may not be that way. So, I’m going to live each day like it’s my last and enjoy all of the things life has to offer, including sharing and gaining knowledge.



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