Thankful Challenge: Day 24

The Don

10451848_10205205799138396_8661037064631316441_nToday I want to send thanksgiving to my Uncle Don. We lost too much time, but when we reconnected we formed a strong, close bond. From helping move until 5 a.m. to traveling with me to and from Southwestern Ohio, we’ve certainly had our fair share of adventure. I love you so much Uncle Don! Thanks for always bein’ there!

My uncle is pictured on the left. He is a good ol’ country boy. I wasn’t raised around him. My father’s family split in the 80’s and I didn’t find him until after I was married (1998). When the internet was in its infancy, we began chatting through Yahoo Messenger.

He and my aunt came to my house in Southwestern Ohio for my son’s 1st birthday. That was the first time I had seen him since I was a child. We talked almost every evening or when my son took naps. He as still working full-time and I was going to school.

When I divorced, he drove one of the Uhaul trucks. When I had to travel to pick up my son from visitation, he went with me. When I was sobbing at my house all by myself, he was online with me trying to comfort me. I won’t forget those acts of kindness.


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