Thanksgiving Challenge: Day 22

The Love Story

14947514_1101066956673240_8016910024220687289_nToday I want to show thanks for my grandma and grandpa. They practically raised me while my parents worked. I haven’t forgotten their kindness and how carefree my world was when I spent time at their house. I miss them both so much and can’t thank them enough for the impact they had on my life.

My grandma was the talkative one. My grandfather was quiet and very shy, but when it came to me that was a different story, at least until I got older. I remember being with him in is garden, playing outside with him, and being in his wheelbarrow as he pushed me around the yard.

My grandmother died of lung cancer in 1984. He didn’t follow her until 1995. I’m told that their story was that of legend. I can only speak to what I’ve been told because I was too young to understand. However, I do remember their rituals each evening.

They watched the news, then the Lawrence Welk Show, then some game shows and after that, they retreated to the kitchen for their “snack.” Grandma cooked every single day, so whatever goodies she had prepared, they ate it together every evening. I wasn’t allowed to go in the kitchen during that time. It was their time and that was sacred. So, I usually stayed in the living room with my aunts while they watched television.

I miss them. I’ve been visited by my grandfather, but I believe my grandmother has already been reincarnated. I don’t hear from her or see her; I never have. My feeling is that because she suffered so tremendously during her fight with lung cancer that perhaps she decided to come back. I don’t know that for sure though. How could I?

My grandfather, on the other hand, has visited me in dreams many times. It was one particular dream of him and of my Aunt Kat that called me back to a spiritual understanding. So, I offer up thanks to him, especially, for his role in leading me down the path I’m on now.


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