Thankful Challenge: Day 16


chytenashevilleToday I’m thankful for my students. I have met some pretty incredible people through my teaching opportunities. More often than not, the students teach me more than I could possibly teach them. Sometimes it’s rough, but they work so hard and give of themselves. So, I’m grateful that we’ve been able to touch the lives of one another.

As every teacher will tell you, I’ve had good experiences and bad. Out of the 3 semesters I’ve taught thus far, I’ve only had 1 student who was completely disruptive. Since then, I’ve learned how to manage my classroom a bit better, so I’m sure he was put in my life to teach me how to be a little more controlling over the general environment.

The next generation is in our hands; all of our hands. It’s not just teachers who are responsible for raising this upcoming group of young people. It falls on the shoulders of the parents. We need to teach them ownership. The one fault I have noticed is that it’s usually everyone else’s fault or they want special treatment when they miss assignments or tests. I don’t offer that. I was taught that if you get an F, you usually earned it.

I got an F in college. It was my fault. I didn’t go to class. I flunked the tests. I learned my lesson, took the class over, and got an A.

Most of the people I teach do take ownership. It takes strength to do that and I see that strength come through each time I walk into a classroom.

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