Thankful Challenge: Day 14

The Open Mind, Open Heart Concept

openmind-openheartToday I’m thankful for an ability to be open-minded and have an open heart. I wasn’t always like that. I was obtuse and completely close up. In 2012 an event changed me. More recently, I’ve come to understand so much more. It’s because I’ve started to understand the importance of an open heart, that I’ve been able to embrace forgiveness more readily and understand opposing points of view with love.

As I’ve said before, no one agrees 100% of the time. Everyone experiences times of challenge. When our belief systems are challenged, that is when we can often be hateful and unfeeling. Additionally, political viewpoints can often start some arguments.

My best friend and I are on opposing sides politically, but our love for one another will not allow us to argue about things. We refute one another, but that is completely different from a full-blown disagreement.

I have come to understand that forgiveness is within my power. I held so much hate in my heart for so long, especially after what happened to me in 2014. I know I keep mentioning 2012 and 2014 a lot, but those two years were pivotal in my life. 2016 has been as well, but I believe 2016 is the culmination of the two years I’ve focused on for this November challenge.

Forgiveness isn’t without our human repertoire. It comes from a deeper, more divine source. I’ve learned to listen and adhere to that source. I’ve also learned to have an open heart and mind. Things aren’t black and white. Situations, and people, are filled with gray areas. So, it’s up to us to look at the entire picture before we make a judgement call.


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