Thankful Challenge: Day 13



Today, I’m thankful for goals. I’ve set many goals in my life. Some I’ve been unable to harness. Others, I’ve roped and have been able to check off. One of those goals was becoming a published author. My books are my life. They are a piece of me that I’ve decided to share with the world. Although my ability to give time to writing has become limited, my love for the written word hasn’t changed.

When I embarked on this adventure before I could even write. I was telling stories when I was little. I was creating worlds as a child. When I was 16, I finished my first novel. It has yet to be published. In 2012, I published THE FINE LINE. A publisher picked it up in February 2013. Another book followed and another, and another. I don’t have anything on the books for early 2017, but in the fall of 2017, my memoir is coming out. I decided to wait for various reasons, but it’s coming.

My motto used to be DREAM BIG, but something change inside of me in 2014 and this year I decided to change my trademark to THE SMART MOUTH WRITER. It suits me. I can be sort of brash if pushed. I don’t do politically correct. I don’t care what someone thinks about my novels. If you like them, that’s wonderful. If you don’t that’s okay, too. I don’t write them for anyone. I write them for me.

When I left the traditional publishing world, I started Ozwind Publishing. Without my husband, I couldn’t have accomplished this goal. Since its birth, I’ve learned how to format, create book covers, and publish without the help of others. That type of independence isn’t something you can buy. It’s the very definition of self discovery and reaching for the stars.

I’m working on several novels right now, but I’m not entirely committed to them. It’ll come. It always does. It is who I am and I am grateful to have been given such a beautiful gift.


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