Thankful Challenge: Day 10

America: The VETS & Post Election Fall-Out

usa_desktop_1024x768_04I’m thankful for our VETS. Thank you so much for your service and your sacrifice. When I see people with upside-down American flags, burning flags, or they are stepping on the flag, I want to vomit. Those people have probably never seen a flag draped over a coffin and they’ve never been handed a folded flag for the sacrifice of their loved one.

As I watch the fall-out over our election, I’m sickened. The protests and walk outs fall under our 1st amendment rights, but I think it’s time to reflect on reality.

When President Obama was elected twice, you didn’t see those of us who did not support him marching in the streets screaming obscenities and spouting out hate-speech. If we would have done something like that, we’d have been arrested for a hate crime. We took our lumps and waited.

It takes strength, maturity, and determination to embrace things that you disagree with and, sadly, most people don’t seem to have those things, especially the folks I’m seeing on social media and in the streets protesting President-Elect Trump saying “Not my president.” Well, that’s how I felt about the Obama reign of terror, but I accepted the situation, lost my job, lost my health care, and was taxed to death.

I’ve been accused of being just about every monstrosity you can think of since I “came out” about who I was supporting during this election. People have turned their noses up at me. They still look at me like I’m beneath them. I don’t take it personally because I know what’s in my heart and I know that I’m open-minded.Β  I might have strong opinions, but I’ll make sure YOU have the opportunity to voice yours also! However, I won’t allow anyone to bash me, my family, or my opinions on my own profile.

Yesterday, social media was a horror film. I was personally attacked and my son was even brought into it. I’m a forgiving person and I will grant mercy over and over and over again, but when you trample on my mercies repeatedly, I won’t allow you to have any part in my life. That was just the tip of the iceberg. My husband was attacked on social media. We all took hits.

In any competition there will always be a winner and a loser. We may not like the outcome, but sometimes we must accept the things that we cannot change. Still, during that period of defeat, we need to show love and compassion for the side that lost. On the other hand, we need to acknowledge the winner, whether we agree or not. It’s called sportsmanship. That has become lost in a world where everyone gets a trophy. The hard facts are that someone has to win and someone has to lose. That’s just reality. Throwing out hateful words or glances at me and my family won’t change the facts of this competition.

I honestly do feel for the Hillary camp because I cannot stand to see others hurting. I know how hard it is to accept defeat. I feel like they were given false hope by the main stream media. I kept saying the polling didn’t look right. So, in a sense, the MSM set the Hillary supporters up to fail. That’s not right and someone needs to explain that. But, with that being said, it’s time to accept what is and start finding a common ground. Stop throwing out insults and threats and lectures and hate and marching in the street refusing to accept who was chosen by THE PEOPLE!

I think what folks have lost sight of is that we are all Americans. We are all humans. If we cannot come together, then we will remain a broken nation. Don’t you think it’s time to start binding the wounds of the land and move on?

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