Thankful Challenge: Day 5

11889422_10203780513472947_5763672828036544683_nThe Job

I am thankful for my job. I love teaching. I’m a 2nd year instructor and I simply fell into the position I have at the university. However, nothing is coincidence. Everything is timed perfectly.

If it weren’t for my best friend, Bennie, I would have never gotten the job. It was the end of July 2015 and I was beginning to get pretty bored. I hadn’t been working since December 2014.

In November 2014, my husband encouraged me to quit my job and I was ready to. I was working in a pharmacy and, although I was very thankful for the job, it wasn’t for me. Standing on my feet for 8 hours and trying to figure out the complexities of pharmaceuticals wasn’t doing it for me. So, I put in my 3 week noticed and quit in early December.

I became a substitute teach for my son’s school a few weeks later and loved it. I filled in throughout the winter and spring of 2015. It gave me purpose. I felt like I was contributing again.

When I graduated with my master’s, my goal was to teach college, but everyone wanted experience. I had sort of put that goal away. It seemed that no one would hire me to teach at the collegiate level.

My best friend moved back to the area and told me that our Alma Mater was hiring instructors to teach English. But, my field of study was social sciences. Still, I called the university and talked to the chair. She invited me to an interview that day and I was hired on the spot. Then by late fall, the social science department picked me up to teach for them as well.

My students are wonderful, too. They teach me more than I could possibly teach them. I love interacting with them and discussing things with them. They are a blessing to me as well.

At this period of my life, I know that teaching is exactly what I should be doing. THIS is what I’ve been striving for my entire life. I love being a writer, but for now, my focus has to be on other things. There are plenty of other books in me and I will get to those. In the meantime, I keep teaching as long as they will have me.



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