Thankful Challenge

The month of November always comes with a challenge. But, the challenge shouldn’t be pigeonholed into a single month. Each of us has so much to be thankful for that we should make it a daily practice.

Still, I’m stepping up and posting to my blog each day in November to share with you what I’m thankful for. Given I’m three days late, so for that I apologize. Better late than never right?

I want to invite you to do the same on your blog or on Facebook.

Day 1: My Husband


I am thankful for my husband, BJ. He is undoubtedly the driving force that keeps me sane. He is absolutely the best stepdad to my baby boy! He is my dream-come-true. I love him so much and appreciate him more than I can possibly convey to him. He is my soul mate, truly. He lights up my world and is my knight in shining armor. I love you him and I am beyond grateful for him!

My husband and I have been through a lot. Most couple experience ups and downs and we are no exception to that. The goal should be to become better people and to grow together. Sometimes that is easier said than done.

As of April 2016, we celebrated 10 years together. Our official anniversary is this month. We have split up and gotten back together many times. We even got married in 2012 and then divorced in 2014, yet we married each other again later that year.

This man takes care of him. It’s a debt I can’t ever repay. I don’t do nearly as much for him as he does for me. I try, but he sets the bar pretty high. Each time I look at him I know just how blessed I am.

Day 2: My Son10325534_10207484561546032_7329734074876613506_n

I am thankful for my son, David. He gives my life meaning and purpose. He inspires me. His beautiful soul shines so bright that it lights up the world. He will assuredly inspire others with his talents and his sincerity. His kindness and selflessness amazes me. He is my beautiful boy and I am thankful to the heavens that he was sent to me.

My son is so special and he sells himself short. That’s painful for a mom. I see how valuable he is and I know others see him that way, too. I am very proud of him. He is trying so hard this year to get good grades. He is a freshman and is striving to do better than he ever has before.

He will be playing basketball this year, which he isn’t very excited about, but it’s something he has to do so he can attain his physical education credit. He isn’t a physical kid. His brain is what does the work for him. He is brilliant when it comes to computers. Not everyone is an athletic machine. I wasn’t. I loved music and the arts. For him, it’s lines of code and building gaming environments.

He can do so much with his hands. That’s why we are enrolling him into a technical school next year (10th grade). He will be involved in the building maintenance program, which will teach him how to build houses. The goal is to move him into the HVAC program for his 11th and 12th grade year.

I am so blessed by him every day. He is my world.

14925299_10210005010435679_684820565393012929_nDay 3: My Best Friend

I’m thankful for my best friend, Bennie. He has always had my back. He is close enough to be a brother. I love him with all of my heart.

We met when we were in the 2nd grade and the stage was set. We clicked right then and there. We know now that it was due to something much deeper and much more spiritual. Still, as kids, we just knew that we loved playing with one another and creating “make-believe” worlds with our action figures and with ourselves as actors.

In 4th grade, I transferred to another school, but we stayed in touch. I came back to our home school in the 6th grade and we reconnected completely I moved again in 1991, but we managed to stay close all of the way up through graduation. We even reconnected during our college years. But then, when I married and moved away in 1998, we lost touch again. It wasn’t until 2008 that we found each other again.

We chatted on Yahoo and caught up that way. Our communicate was sparse, but we never really lost touch. When I published my first two novels, we really touched base and the stage was set again. Since then, we’ve been just as close was we were during childhood. We’ve never been at odds, per say, but people go different directions and lose contact. It’s when you see each other or you talk and can take up right where you left off that you know you have a true friendship on your hands.

Currently, Bennie and I are professional colleagues. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have my job. We teach at the same university. We talk almost every single day. I couldn’t ask for a more loyal, devoted friend. In the darkest times of my life, he’s been there to hold my hand. He’s been there to pull be back from the brink. I love him so much and will be forever grateful for his commitment to our friendship.

More to come tomorrow and the rest of this month!



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