Teaser Tuesday: Guest Post, Jill Dobbe

cover kids, camels, cairo“I really enjoyed this book as I spent a month in Cairo working for the US Air Force. The story really starts as their son heads to college and their daughter agrees to spend her senior year in Cairo. I really would have liked a little more about how the daughter handled that year. Anyone thinking about going to work in Cairo or for a visit to Egypt should read this book. I experienced many of the same things just on my month there. I highly recommend this book.” S. Jackson

“The author takes the reader on an exciting journey in a Muslim country. For readers who know very little about Islam and its dress code, how males and females should conduct themselves and what is expected from foreigners, this memoir is very informative. The climb up Mt. Sinai, even though very difficult for Jill Dobbe, was fascinating.
Ali, the daughter had a lot to tend with having to spend her final year of high school in a foreign country, a very courageous, young lady. Jill compliments her husband on giving her support. I believe that this kind of lifestyle can only be done if all members of the family are both helpful and positive.
I recommend for anyone interested in learning about life in Cairo, teaching in a foreign country and making sacrifices in order to coincide with the Muslims’ way of living.”

“I have wanderlust incredibly so. I am also a mother to young children. I have been trying to wrap my mind around how to combine worldly travel and young children for a while now. I book coverreally liked how Jill presented their adventures in this tale. She did not sugar coat life or their travels. She provided a nice account of their life as it unfolded for them. I appreciated that. A part that spoke to me was when Jill was in a train station right before rush hour. She could not get her son to cooperate and get in his stroller. She feared he would be trampled by the crowds as they disembarked from the trains so she rammed him with the stroller. Only in his crying fit was she able to get him to safety. This really spoke to me and I understood that sometimes you have to make the choice for you children that might cause them some initial sadness but is ultimately chosen for the greater good. I think Jill and Dan made wonderful choices by living abroad with their children. I really enjoyed reading her account and it has sparked a fire inside me. Perhaps we shall cross paths someday.” Sprecher
“Two teachers live and work in various countries around the world. Sounds interesting, right? Well, add in that they did this with two young children! The long plane trips were a major challenge, never mind new schools and keeping everyone safe! In one of their homes they had guards 24 hours a day. One of the guards killed a poison snake on the patio with his blowgun! This was an interesting and exciting book. I highly recommend it!!!” Bryann Jones

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