What’s Good for the Gander

Warning: This is a political post.

As most of you know, I live in the U.S. and the political climate has been insane! Not only are we dealing with a devastating hurricane in the southern United States and along the Eastern Seaboard, but we’re also dealing with more political fallout after continuous scandal among the candidates. The storm clouds are brewing above the November 8th election deadline.

goose-gander21I’ve tried to analyze this from an educated point of view as well as from a female perspective. I keep coming up with the same answer. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose. Yes, I know that’s not the original story, but in this case the gander is Donald Trump and the goose is Hillary Clinton.

One of our political candidates is a woman. Big deal! What’s her record look like? Well, she defended a rapist against a 12-year-old victim and the fact is, that was her job. However, it was not her job to accuse the 12-year-old of lying and seeking out older men. It was not part of her job to delegitimize the assault. It was not her job to tamper with evidence.

As I watched an interview with the 12-year-old, who is now an adult, her life has been ruined. The rape was so devastating that she has not been able to have children. That is a medical fact. Thus, she did not lie about the assault.

Next, everyone seems to forget Bill Clinton’s repeated assaults against women. I’m not talking about WORDS. I’m talking about actions. I’m talking about women coming forward with their stories of attempted rape, sexual assault, and infidelity. Yet, his wife, the woman running for POTUS who allegedly champions women, accused the victims of being bimbos and trailer trash. Then the young intern who fell under Bill Clinton’s spell also took the brunt from Hillary. How quickly we forget.

Then you have Benghazi and the email scandal. Let’s forget all of the offensive transactions of her husband and focus on Hillary’s issues with national security. I would already be in prison if I did half of what Hillary did. She put lives in danger. She put this country in danger. Yet, she’s been able to walk away from the situation due to a corrupt FBI and Justice Department.

She and the DNC worked together to take the primary away from Bernie Sanders. My guess is she paid him off so he would drop out. This woman has no moral compass. She lacks ethics. She lacks empathy. She justifies her actions,no matter how horrible they might be. She is unable to keep her story straight and it’s always someone else’s fault. In case no one knows, I just described the characteristics of a sociopath.

Despite this laundry list of faults, and I’ve not even touched on half of them, her political party raises her up. They are calling for all Democrats to support her. They aren’t asking her to step down.

On the other side of the stage you have a person who was never involved in politics. He was a business man and Hollywood star. His life has been broadcast in front of everyone. He cheated on his first wife and married the mistress. He has said things that no one wants to hear. He’s rude and brash. He avoided paying taxes to the Federal Government (good for him) due to a massive losses. By the way, anyone who owns a business knows that this is well within the letter of the law. We do it all of the time. Does that makes us bad people?

You never have to wonder what Donald Trump is thinking. He says it. So, the media and the Republican party wants him to step down after this latest leak of information. They are hanging him on a cross for WORDS. He didn’t assault anyone. He didn’t rape anyone. Yet, they want him to step aside so the establishment can take their rightful place on the throne.

Am I offended by what he said? I don’t give a damn. I’ve heard worse. I worked in the underbelly of society. His words don’t change my mind at all. They don’t bring tears to my eyes or make me cringe. The statements were made over a decade ago before he decided to get into politics. Does that mean that I should be held accountable for things I’ve said 11 years ago? Or can a person change? Can a person grow? Can a person get better?

How many senators and congressmen and other government officials have engage in extra-marital affairs or said things to objectify women? Most of them have, but the difference is that they haven’t been caught. Does anyone remember John F. Kennedy’s history with women? Politicians aren’t saints, no matter what party you happen to support.

So, why are Republicans so willing to ask for Trump to step aside? Why are the Republicans turning their back on him for things they have likely done, too? It’s because his vision scares them. He is going to place limits on congressional terms. He is going to rip the rug right out from under the traditional political machine. He is going to kick over he tables in Washington and then burn it down. THAT’S what the real issue is. If you’re going to ask Trump to get out of the race, then Hillary should be asked to step aside as well. What you do to one, you must do to the other. That’s fair, right?

The sad truth is that we do not live a fair world. We don’t live in a utopia. These are the two people we have to choose from. Of course, we can write someone in or vote third-party. To vote for Hillary simply because she has lady bits is ludicrous. And to vote for Donald Trump because he’s an outsider isn’t enough. Dig into the issues. Dig into the meat. You’ll figure out what you believe based on the facts and the fact is that one of the candidates lets the public see a false face; the other is owning his mistakes. I’d rather have someone who can own his faults than someone who lies continually about theirs.

The last thing I want to say is that I’ve seen Donald Trump in person. I’ve met him. I attended a town hall with him. He didn’t disrespect me. He didn’t disrespect anyone. He was someone I could have easily had coffee with, discussed issues with, and had a conversation with. He spoke to us like we were real people with real problems and concerns. He answered my questions. He was personable and made sense. The media censors who I saw. The moment he took time to speak to us about our thoughts and our reservations was the moment he won me over. Otherwise, I would have stuck with my original position of staying home on election day.


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