Piercing Journal: Entry 8

Hey all. It’s been a little while since I posted about my body mod. You’ll be happy to know that things are going well, for the most part.

Downsizing Is Key

For anyone out there trying to figure out whether to get pierced or not, let me tell you that downsizing is the key to the final steps of healing. I truly believe that. I think that if I would have started out with a 1.5 mm gem instead of a 2 mm, the healing would have been much easier. The larger jewelry seemed to complicate matters. Once I switched out to a shorter post and a smaller gem, the scar issue I was having started to resolve. However, I have noticed one thing. My piercing does not like Dr. Bronner’s soap, even if it is heavily diluted.

The only thing that has proven to be useful throughout this entire process is Tea Tree Oil. Last week, I did a little experiment just to see what would happen. I trimmed down on using Tea Tree Oil and switched to just washing my face. My nose didn’t like it at all. So, I’m back to using the E/Tea mask at night and washing my face with my Mary Kay cleanser in the morning. After that I put the warm Tea Tree Oil soak on for about 5 minutes. In the evening when I take my shower, I just wash my face as normal and let the warm, clean shower water rinse off any residue or make-up.

So, for all of those skeptics out there who say Tea Tree Oil isn’t the answer to piercing scars and complications, I have to disagree. As I’ve said before, and my piercer agrees, TTO isn’t recommended for fresh piercings. But after the initial healing, it seems to keep the area hydrated and clean.


Wonder Woman seems to be doing well. There were some initial issues with the yellow ink, however. The skin was very irritated and unhappy. The culprit, I believe, was Tattoo Goo. I think this product is good for the first and second day, but after that it should be abandoned. It seems to smother the tat instead of helping with healing. And I also think my body didn’t like the yellow ink, so there was a localized reaction. It has gotten much better and I’m at day 11 in healing. The skin has almost peeled away and the new skin is popping through.

The wolf, however, is still peeling and the skin is still raised somewhat. This confirms to me that too much ink was used and too much trauma was caused to the dermis. The research I’ve done suggests that I’m right. Shop #2 was absolutely careless and the worker, I won’t say artist, didn’t really understand the dynamics of the craft. Although the peeling isn’t severe, it is present. It’s my understanding that the peeling should stop after a very short period of time. It’s been 4 weeks and 3 days since I had the wolf done and it still isn’t flat to the skin whereas Wonder Woman was flat to the skin within days. This a good sign and this is what you want when your tattoo is healing.

Some of the black parts of the wolf even have tiny bubbles of dead skin. Typical healing time is actually 6 to 8 weeks for a healing tattoo. However, the peeling should have stopped long before now. Some of the black ink has faded, but I refuse to go back for a touch up. It will be what it will be. I’m not going to do that to myself again.


I think this will probably be the last entry of this journal. I wanted to keep a record of my experiences to remind myself of what I did and to help others. Do I regret my body modifications? Nope. Would I do it again? Yep. Sometimes it takes patience and an ability to listen to our bodies when we are trying to heal. I think this is the lesson I was meant to take away from this. If I wouldn’t have engaged in this process, I wouldn’t have seen the incredible uses for natural soaps and the cost savings there. I also wouldn’t have been able to truly express who I really am.

I’ve hidden for so long that it was high time I let the real me come through. The real me who loves tattoos and body piercings and admires the art of it all. While it’s true I’m done with body mod for this summer, I will probably get a tat next summer. I don’t know yet. As for piercings, the most I would do is a couple of lobe piercings. No more cartilage for me.

The next adventure I’m on is physical fitness. Now that the tats are permanent, it’s time to start working on other goals. I recently joined our local YMCA. I have a treadmill that I use in the cooler months, but in the summer, it’s too hot to walk on it in my garage. And, cardio isn’t all that should be going on. I want to tone my muscles.

I watched the special features to Man of Steel and was amazed at the before and after shots of the actors. I don’t want to bulk up. I want lean muscle and I know that with help, I can achieve that. My gym membership is good for a year. I am looking into the aspect of a personal trainer because I have no idea where to start with weight lifting. So, let the adventure begin!


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