Piercing Journal: Entry 7

13606687_10208958838282029_639333673592193996_nHowdy folks. So, I got my last tat for the summer yesterday. I am pretty tired, as I usually am after being inked. The technique used was awesome. No pain. No gushing blood. I don’t anticipate any scabbing. Wolfie is still healing as well as is to be expected, but there is no comparison between shop #1 and shop#2. Shop #1 is where I got my first tat and my 3rd. As I said, I won’t go back to shop #2. So here’s the photo of the finished product.

I also got my piercing jewelry downsized. In case you’re not familiar with that, it’s very similar to start earrings. You are pierced with a larger piece and then eventually you can where anything.

The change over went well. My piercer saw my little tiny scar and said that he didn’t think that the downsize would bother it. I really like the size and I definitely like the fact that the inside post is much shorter.

As for the scar treatments, I’ve changed some things up, which is why I’m posting this. Again, it’s for any poor soul dealing with hypertrophic scars or bumps. 13626525_10208958202386132_1066805665246370417_nI stopped using the chamomile tea compresses because I got frustrated. I also stopped using the sea salt soaks. Today confirmed that was the right thing to do. The piercing is healed inside. It’s just the outside skin that is trying to rebel.

So, I’ve switched to tea tree oil and Vitamin E. In the morning I dilute one drop of tea tree oil in 8 oz of water. I found if I put more than one drop it is just too much for my skin. I soak the area for 5 minutes using a sterile gauze pad.

In the afternoon, I do a 3 minute soak, especially if it feels “abnormal.” At night, right before I get in the shower, I do it again. Each time I do a treatment I rinse it with warm, clean water and dab it dry with a cotton bud (inside and out).

At bedtime I created a Vitamin E/Tea Tree Oil paste. I mix 1 tsp of vitamin E oil with 1 drop of Tea Tree Oil. I apply it directly to the piercing. I also apply it to any eczema I have or pimples that look like they are going to give me problems. By the next morning the acne is cleared up and the eczema looks contained. The piercing bump is smaller now that it ever has been. I started using the paste Saturday night. I really believe this is the beginning of permanency. The tea tree oil has to be diluted, in my opinion, because it is very harsh and can be quite drying.

So, there’s my update. I know, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but maybe it will help someone out there.


2 responses to “Piercing Journal: Entry 7

    • Thank you! I think I’m done for this summer. I’m sort of tired (LOL). I have some medical issues unrelated to the tat that are making thing complicated, but I think I’m getting over the hump, so to speak. I’m ready to go back to work! LOL!!

      Hey, did you ever get your nose pierced?


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