2 responses to “Today’s YouTube Presentation: Free Speech

  1. Hi Tracee.
    Well, I stopped having a shave (hey I can multi-task), and applauded.
    OK, we probably wouldn’t agree on some of the detail, but since I am a UK socialist & Roman Catholic no surprise there….. so what.
    The important thing is you made a stand, and you were eloquent, intelligent and balanced; well done you. Brave Lady.
    I agree with you about social media. To use an old 1960s phrase (yeh, like I’m that old) ‘Sorry, it’s too freaky for me man’. I did a ‘tour of duty’ on an amazon religious forum, trying to get dialogues going and along with a few others, just gave up. My son said about Facebook, ‘it’s like allowing idiots into your front room’. I’ve seen good stuff on there, but the spite always surfaces. This is why I spend most of my ‘social media time’ on WordPress
    I’m retired- I was in ‘public service’, so I understand the PTSD; always a risk.
    So you did well. You have said what you wanted to say. Bad Person? Most certainly, absolutely not!
    Keep on keeping on
    Best wishes

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    • Thanks Roger. I always love reading your comments. You have such great insight! Thank you again for sharing. My blog is always open to you as well as everyone else. I like it much better here. Everyone seems to be respectful of each other. Instagram is good too because there is really no where for anyone to put anything horrible. LOL

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