Realism and Orlando

My heart is broken for the families and the victims of the Orlando slaughter. Although it isn’t the worst massacre on American soil (I look to 1890 for that), the shooting was fueled by a hatred rooted in religion and dogma.

The media isn’t being honest with us either. I have it on good authority that the gunman wasn’t alone. I also am under the impression that the authorities in concert with the media are keeping the American people in the dark to prevent further hatred toward the Muslim community and to keep a lid on panic.

I have already had my belly full of hate speech about how the victims got what was coming to them because they were gays and lesbians. In fact, I’ve heard this from folks in the “religious” community, one recording of a pastor spouting off this garbage from the behind the pulpit. So, you see, Islam isn’t the only radical religion out there. Someone said that Christians have just become more evolved and accepting of homosexuality, when in fact, that is the furthest thing from the truth. There are many incidents where a radical Christian or radical Christian groups are to blame for the deaths of people. The victims usually embraced an alternative lifestyle or made a choice that the Christian community didn’t agree with, so one nut-job stepped out and took innocent lives in that situation.

The other thing that I’m going to rant about, and you can feel free to call this post whatever you’d like although it is a rant, is that I live in a country where liberals embrace homosexuality, yet they will not utter the words “radical Islamic terrorism.” If you cannot put a title to the problem, you cannot solve the problem. Our leaders refused to say the words. They refuse to acknowledge that this is growing problem. Not all Muslims are terrorists. They aren’t all bad, just like there are plenty of good, true Christians out there. However, if we refuse to face the music of what is happening and embrace ignorance, then the body count will continue rising.

Guns are not the issue here, either. Again, ideology is. Taking guns from those of us who exercise our right to carry them doesn’t do anything for some crazy person who wants to kill people. It doesn’t prevent criminals from being criminals. That last time I checked people who broke the law didn’t listen to the laws anyway. They just chart their own course and to hell with everyone else.

The last thing I am going to say about this horrific loss is this: Don’t tell me, “We hate the sin, but not the sinner.” The word “hate” still exists in that sentence. I’m tired of that! Hate is hate no matter how you slice it. Love is love no matter how you break it down. Stop using that as an excuse to condemn someone! That makes you a bigot!

I predict a major shift occurring. The civil unrest in our country just keeps getting more profound. The last time this amount of unrest occurred was in the 1860’s and from that came the bloodiest battle on American soil. Sadly, we have an administration that keeps promoting the unrest as opposed to trying to mend the wounds and bring a realistic view of current events.


3 responses to “Realism and Orlando

  1. I understand your pain. I understand your anger. God knows (literal- Christian Roman Catholic writing) how often I’ve walked that path.
    There is much hypocrisy spoken & written. If the authors only knew they are the different side of the same coin. (It’s chilling when one realises that)
    There are Compassion, Tolerance and Respect. These should be our watchwords.
    To those who preach extreme views, any views…which do lead to violence I would hold up a picture of a weeping child and ask them “Are you ready to take responsibility for this? Because tis is where you are going. Are you ready to live with a child’s tears?”
    Take care Tracee.
    Best wishes to you and yours

    PS: On your final paragraph; As an outsider and reader of histories I’ve been wondering that myself for a few years.

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