Piercing Journal: Entry 3

So I am really frustrated. Remember how I said chamomile tea compresses helped the “bump.” Well, somehow my body keeps trying to outsmart me and work against me. The nose piercing keeps wanting to scar. There’s no bump. It is just desperately trying to create a scar.

I switched back to sea salt soaks and my skin is so angry with me that it isn’t even funny. I am so upset with this entire process I could scream!

I keep looking for answers in forums but no one wants to reply to questions. Will this ever stop trying to scar? Should I just stop doing anything to it?

Everyone says that the bump happens if you knock the jewelry. I don’t think that’s true. I think some people just have bad luck.

If any of you have had experiences with piercings PLEASE comment. It will be 2 months next week that I had my nose pierced. Allegedly it heals in 2 to 4 months. For me, probably 6… diabetes complicates EVERYTHING!

I love having my nose pierced but the aftercare is a monster. I know some people who get it done and do everything they shouldn’t and it heals just fine. Me? I do things I should, and it goes wrong.

8 responses to “Piercing Journal: Entry 3

  1. Tracee, love your books and follow your blog. Adore your cute little nose stud since it so becomes your pretty face. Also had some difficulty with a cartilage piercing and scarring similar to what your describing.

    Went to a dermatologist and she recommended Mederma Advanced Scar Gel (OTC) applied w/Q-Tip. Worked better than other things you’ve used in your “Piercing Journey.” Don’t give up! Your two months + out and beyond the risk of infection stage. BTW, it loOKs soO adorable on you! Promise your tenacity and determination will be rewarded.


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    • I may try Mederma. Thank you so much for the beautiful comment about my books hun 🙂 Angie, should I stop with the SSS and just do rinsing in the shower along with the scar gel? I know you’re not a piercer, but I needs some guidance here.


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