Piercing Journal: Entry 2, Getting Inked

13254651_10208648896213671_8968596509173433926_oSo, today was monumental for me for two reasons. First of all, my nose piercing has healed. The bump is gone. The skin looks healthy. I know that it won’t be completely healed for a while yet, but the chamomile tea compresses have certainly helped with the scar tissue. I am still keeping my fingers crossed and using wound wash in the morning and afternoon and a compress at night. I won’t ease off of that until week 14.

I got inked today; my very first tattoo. I’m 40. I have wanted one since I was at least 16. I was so nervous and anxious about the pain. On a 10 points scale, it was maybe a 2. It was more irritating than painful.  I am so glad I did it. I just need to take really good care of it. Because the line is so thin, my artist told me to keep it moisturized otherwise it will flake. I know you’re supposed to do that anyway, but apparently the thinner the line, the bigger the chance that it will flake off.

So there it is. I can’t believe it. I will get another either before the summer is over or next summer. I still want the semi-colon for mental health awareness.

As far as describing the experience, I used Reiki and meditation to step outside of myself. It helped me deal with the discomfort. I used my meditation app, too. If no one reading this has ever had a tat, eat before you go, drink plenty of fluids, get a good night’s rest, take a friend, and bring some music or soothing sounds. It does help.


6 responses to “Piercing Journal: Entry 2, Getting Inked

  1. There is something quite invigorating about getting tattoos! I have three and enjoyed them all very much. Sadly, I let my nose and various ear piercings grow over many years ago now as every type of jewelry I tried irritated the skin. How annoying to be so sensitive!

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    • I totally understand both the tattoo interest and the piercing irritation. The piece on my nose is titianium and it hasn’t given me any irritating issues. I got the bump from over-cleaning it and moving it too much. Once I stopped that and did the tea compresses, it went away. So there is hope.

      The tattoo thing is very addictive. I want more!

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  2. Read your blog, and was thrilled learning about getting your nose pierced again, i.e., more importantly, healing well 🙂 You’re soO feminine and adorable with a little sparkling gemstone in your nose making your eyes and smile both brighter 🙂 You’ve always had the perfect nose for a piercing possessing a very pretty face and cute nose. Can’t ever imagine seeing your face w/o a beautiful little pinpoint light arising your nose. Truly, it is your signature look, since you appear unhappy and sad without it.

    Wasn’t terribly surprised to learn that you couldn’t shake the desire of wanting your nose pierced again when the prior piercing didn’t heal well. Tracee, sure you know how pretty a little pierced nose appears making you look more beautiful. It gives your face an ethereal and almost mystical look. The little flicker of light coming from your nose is like a beacon of inner beauty arising from your face for others to admire.

    You may not remember me, however, Susie, my sister, seeing a cute mom like you got our noses pierced too. We A-D-O-R-E the little sparkle looking back at us in the mirror 🙂 and credit you for the inspiration. Susie’s also had it re-pierced after a failed piercing. Her prior healing issues were solved with a titanium stud as well.

    Love to share the rest of my story if you’re interested. TIA


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