Corruption and Scandal: The Low-Life Triumphs

Catering to low-life individuals is becoming more and more common. Guess who is catering to them? Local, state, and federal officials.

For those of you who run small businesses or even own property, you’ll start seeing this trend, if you haven’t already.

FREE, FREE FREE! Give it to me for free! Why should I have to pay? Can you look at my book cover just to tell me what you think? Oh, and by the way, I’m contracted with a publisher, but pretty please with cherries on top… look at my cover and make sure it’s okay. Um no!

But, this post isn’t about publishing. It’s about a much bigger issue, one that causes hardship to the folks that don’t deserve it. It’s the local government killing small businesses without any thought that it might just be plain wrong.

A very close friend of mine owns many houses in a nearby town. Within six month, he has evicted two sets of renters and it’s still not over, even though, by law, it should be. What I’m going to share with you is just one example of what happens when the local system becomes corrupt and as Donald Trump says, “crooked.”

I’m only going to hit on the first set of renters because the second set has yet to cause a stink, but I’m sure they will…

The first set of renters were running drugs out of the home, refused to pay their rent on time, and when they did pay, they didn’t pay the entire amount. There were also rumors of drugs, neglect involving their children, deals gone bad… These folks didn’t used to be like that, however. That’s why they were chosen at tenants. They didn’t fall into these bad habits until they started manufacturing and using drugs. Their references were checked out, they had an income, and seemed to do well.

So, the landlord got tired of the drugs, not getting his rent, and decided to go through the proper legal channels to evict them. At the initial hearing two people showed up. One adult to represent the family and a minor to plug at the judge’s sympathy.

I’m getting ahead of myself though. The judge is noted for favoring the tenants, no matter how they’ve treated the landlord; no matter how much money they owe and no matter how horrible they’ve been. Months of nonpayment… it doesn’t matter. The renters are given two full weeks, sometimes longer depending on the docket schedule, to vacate the property. Now, keep in mind, the renters likely owe back rent already. And if the rent is, let’s say $600 a month and they haven’t paid for three months, the low-life renters are already outstanding $1800 and the crooked politician just added two weeks to that.

So, they got two extra weeks to live in the house rent-free and to DESTROY the property. And they vacated on the date they had to be out. They wait until the last-minute to leave. Then that’s when the real fun starts.

My friend walked into a disaster. Thousands of dollars worth of damage had been caused to the property. THOUSANDS. So, that’s what they had renter’s insurance for, right? And the landlord filed a claim with the insurance company. The adjuster inspected the property and agreed that it was a deliberate act of neglect and vandalism. They wanted to pursue their own legal case, in fact, however, after speaking to my friend, they didn’t. Their logic was that since the landlord was pursing damages, they would step back and support the landlord in his pursuit.

The insurance company held up their end of the deal. After the assessment, the insurance company gave the landlord the damages in the amount specified. However, the landlord had to dip out of his savings to pay the $10 thousand plus worth of damages and back rent. So, he replenished some of his savings with the claim.

The judgement hearing happened. No one showed. The damages were awarded by default because no one showed up. The damages were to be received via garnishment. This is according to the judge rending the decision, mind you.

Two garnishment checks were obtained, however, by the time the third pull came out, the renter wants a do-over. The renter is past the allowed thirty-day appeal process. But, here’s the kicker… the judge set up another hearing to deal with the proposed “do over” by the people who owe thousands of dollars to the landlord. The likelihood of the judge overturning his decision or requiring a lesser amount for the renters is very high. Why else would another hearing be scheduled when the time frame is expired and he has already rendered judgement. Isn’t that contempt?

Whenever someone disrespects a judge’s decision, it usually falls under the contempt card, right? So, what does it mean when a judge won’t respect his own decision and will allow worthless renters to escape accountability? How does that work exactly? I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’m not.

I worked in the government for a long time and I saw a lot of corruption. However, I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like this. So, I wouldn’t say I’m surprised. I am perplexed. The renter says it’s too much of a hardship and the insurance amount is inflated, as in the amount is a lie. So, let me get this straight and put it in simple terms for all of you:

RENTER: I am running drugs. You found drugs and firearms on the property when you cleaned out the property. I don’t take care of my children. We left our own possessions on your property. I destroyed your personal property. I didn’t pay my rent.

LANDLORD/INSURANCE COMPANY: That’s fine. We’ll just take you to court and the judge will render a decision, allowing us to re-coop the cost. We will used certified contractors and assess damages legally, itemizing everything that you’ve destroyed.

OVER 3 MONTHS LATER, RENTER: I don’t want to pay! You can’t make me! This is too hard! You’re lying about what I did! I didn’t show up to the judgement hearing, but I want a do-over! You’re taking too much out of my check!

JUDGE: Okay. We’ll have another hearing. It’s okay. Don’t cry. We’ll get that bad landlord and that powerful insurance company. Yes, I know I’m way passed the appeals date and I know you stiffed the landlord for thousands and I know I’m not technically allowed to have another hearing after I’ve already rendered the judgement, but it’ll be okay. I’ll do it anyway. No one will do anything to me because I’m above the law.

SOLUTION: Sue someone. Let the insurance company sue the renters to re-coop the loss they paid to the landlord. Let the landlord sue the tenants civilly or the judge for conducting illegal business while on the bench. Someone WILL render the damages that were incurred by the low-life renter, whether it’s the city, the state, or the Judge him/herself. The other option is to appeal the entire relief decision and take it to a higher court.

Anyone else see a problem here? People wonder why everyone is “sue-happy.” This is precisely why.


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