Seriously? No one?

I posted an invitation the other day about Teaser Tuesday. Only two people have asked for a feature. I think that’s crazy. Seriously… I’m here to help you. If you want a featured teaser on my blog throughout the summer, just email me (traceeford@rocketmail). We’re authors. If we don’t help each other we’re missing the point. ziltra teaser

Let me clarify what I’m asking for and offering; that might help. You send me an email with either poster-type teasers like the one featured here, or you can send me a block of text from your book. You can even send a few sentences. It just lets people know what your work looks like and what you write. I won’t make a poster-type teaser for you, however. You have to send it to me already prepared. If I did that, I would have to charge you.

The feature is free, no strings attached. I’m doing this because I believe in holding other authors up. There isn’t enough of it. Too many are in competition with one another, so much that we end up under the bus from time to time. I’ve been under the bus with the wheel spinning on my face. I know what that feels like. I’ve deleted people from my Facebook, my Twitter, my life because of that sort of mentality.

So, take advantage of this opportunity. It posts here, on Twitter, on my Amazon account, and my Facebook page, so folks are bound to see it. When you email me, make sure you comment here so I can be looking for your message to come through. I am looking forward to hearing from you 🙂


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