Teaser Tuesday: “Blessing of the Elements”

Blessing of the Elements


Nevin shot up out of bed screaming. Natia and Shay-Fong rushed into the room. He was still shouting when Natia sat down and grabbed his shoulders, shaking him to consciousness.

“Nevin,” she shouted, “Wake up!”

Coming to himself, he looked around. “Mother,” he said as he threw his arms around her. “Oh, Mother. Something terrible is coming! I saw Ziltra standing before a Royal Court. She was pleading for her life. Jyson must resist the proposal of the Queen of Buscom. It will be the end of our kingdom. It will be the end of everything! It’s a trap. War is a much more promising proposition! I swear it!”

Shay-Fong, who was sitting on the side of the bed, stood up and walked toward the open window. “Your gifts are becoming stronger, Nevin. Tomorrow I will begin teaching you how to channel. You must learn to control this or it will overtake you.”

He turned back around and walked to the bed. “Son, you cannot put any stock in your visions yet. It’s too soon. You aren’t a master.”

“Father, please… Plead with Jyson. He will listen to you. I know he is entertaining this horrible offer from that despicable old woman! It will be our undoing.”

“What Jyson decides is up to him, my son. I can advise him, but the decision is ultimately his,” Shay-Fong said.

“He trusts you with all of his heart and all of his soul. Please, Father. You know this is wrong.”
Shay-Fong sat down on the side of the bed once again. “Nevin, try to rest. You’ll be of no use if you are not well rested. Ziltra needs an advisor-in-training who is fully functioning.”

Nevin sighed and nodded as he sunk back onto his mattress. He closed his eyes and heard his father and mother leave the room. Left with his worries, he tried his hardest to find sleep again but was haunted by the images of his nightmares.

Nevin knew that Osatam was frightfully evil. He could feel it. He knew her youth was false also. In his mind’s eye, he saw Osatam as an old woman.

Another woman with black, silken hair and beautiful blue eyes stood behind Osatam. The woman waved her hands around.

A ball of fire appeared in the woman’s hands and the glow of the flames bathed her. Osatam’s head fell back and she opened her mouth. She swallowed the flames and her physical form grew fairer and younger. Then the tall woman changed, becoming short, with frizzy black hair.

Nevin knew instantly as he reflected on his dream that Osatam was advised by a witch powerful enough to change human appearance. He was untrained but knew enough about Transformation Spells to realize that the witch must have deep roots in evil to cast such a spell.

His concern turned to fear. He didn’t know what was ahead. What he did know was that the Queen of Buscom and the witch were a real threat to the people of Kaycon, the Royal Family, and to Ziltra, the person he cherished most in the world.


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