Dispelling the myth: Blessing of the Elements

The belief that Blessing of the Elements (BOE hereafter) IS NOT for adults is a myth. So, I wanted to take the time to explain why both YA and adults can enjoy this book. Rumor has it that many of my friends and readers ARE NOT picking up this book because it falls under the YA genre. It’s true the this novel is geared toward that age group, but it isn’t limited to that group. If you’ll remember, Twilight and The Hunger Games as well as Harry Potter were all in the YA genre. Still, countless adults immersed themselves in these novels.

From a certain point of view, BOE deals with adult themes. For instance, it’s impossible to write about romance without putting some sort of adult spin on it. Granted, there are no explicit love scenes or sexual content, but romance, in and of itself, “adult.” It takes a more mature mind to embrace all of its counterparts.

In the same token, a young, innocent girl being offered up to atone for the sins of an entire people, forced to sacrifice her innocence, is also quite adult. It isn’t something that is limited to the YA genre. Additionally, understanding the dynamics of power and the thirst for that power also should appeal to a more adult audience. When a strong antagonist is presented in a story, it’s simple to see how this aspect can and does appeal to all ages. Every good story has to have a struggle; a situation between the forces of good and evil… light vs. dark. This book embodies that.

If you have the capacity and the desire to understand the sacrifices of war, the intense emotions elicited by betrayal, and if you have ever felt alone, as if no one in the world could understand your pain, this book was written to appeal to all of those feelings and so much more. To anyone and everyone who has ever felt cornered by situations beyond his/her control, this book is something you will be able to relate to. That’s precisely why I wrote this book.3-d

So, if you think that BOE isn’t for you because it isn’t age-appropriate, you’re wrong. I purposely wrote it for YA so that they could read it and understand everything in the plot. However, I also wrote it with adults in mind. There’s no language or sex or anything like that. But, adults can certainly relate to many of the things that go on in this book. Just because it’s set up in a fanciful world, a time that none of us really remember, with dragons and magic and castles, doesn’t mean an adult won’t be able to pick it up and get lost in that world.

Therefore, if you have been making a decision NOT to take the plunge and read it, please rethink your position. This book is the personification of events that took place in my life. Instead of writing an autobiography, this book is the result of all of that pain and hurt. So, trust me, it was conceived with an adult heart, adult emotions, and adult thought.


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