RELEASE DAY! “Blessing of the Elements” is live!

release day posterIt’s here! Release day! Blessing of the Elements is available for download on Smashwords and Amazon!

Thanks for sticking around for the last two weeks as the date approached. I hope you liked meeting some of the main characters and reading some of the snippets!

To visit my Amazon page, click here.

To visit my Smashwords page, click here.

If you’re the kind of person who has to have the book in your hand, the paperback is due to release very soon!

Below is the synopsis for the book. If you grab a copy, please review it. If it was terrible, say it. If you loved it, say it. Reviews mean so much to an author! It’s how you show the love to a writer.

Princess Ziltra lives a blessed life in the Kingdom of Kaycon until Queen Osatam of Buscom fixes her eyes upon the prosperous nation. To avoid taking up arms and ending decades of peace, Ziltra’s father, King Jyson agrees to a treaty. However, Ziltra’s innocence is the primary condition of the agreement. She becomes a sacrificial lamb.

3-dHer world shattered, and her faith in her father gone, Ziltra finds solace among her small group of friends, especially her handsome bodyguard, Silwan. As their forbidden love affair blossoms, she suffers more betrayal and is banished from her own kingdom. She is forced to wander the wilderness seeking answers.

In a twist of fate, she discovers an ancient prophecy and becomes a powerful Shadow Knight, learning to wield the elements. She vows to take back everything that belongs to her, promising to avenge all who have been destroyed by Queen Osatam’s curse. When Ziltra realizes her destiny, she finds more strength within herself than she ever thought possible.


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