The Wizard: “Blessing of the Elements”

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Nevin was wise beyond his years. He and Ziltra had been friends since they were smalteaser 8 nevinl. Nevin’s father, Shay-fong, had been Jyson’s advisor for as long as he could remember. He didn’t dream that because of a pressing situation he would be assigned as Ziltra’s advisor before her eighteenth birthday.

Nevin could see into the Spirit Realm and he was much more powerful than his father. He had insight and the things he could do were mythical. He was a mighty wizard and learned many spells to protect not only the princess but a colony of rebels.

He had heard of a prophecy. He knew that he played a part in that prophecy, but the timing confused him. All things were dependent upon his abilities to see the future and to monitor the Queen’s decisions and movements. What would happen if he were wrong? Wrong about everything? Could it be that he was mistaken and had led thousands to their death?



8 responses to “The Wizard: “Blessing of the Elements”

  1. Hi, Tracee. I’ve read the snippets and impressed with the web of subplots you seem to have created here. This is not a genre I read, but I will be following. Thank you for visiting and following my blog.

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