How did it all start? “Blessing of the Elements”

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Rylish Rewal was the queen of Tonkipe. Tonkipe was poor and they were located directly to the west of Kaycon. Rylish and King Jyson Aeby were arranged; they were to be married. However, Rylish fell in love with Jyson’s bodyguard, Edward Eir. For the sake of his friendship with Edward and his immense love for Rylish, Jyson stepped aside, allowing them to marry.

Times were always turbulent. Constant war plagued the two cities. They were allies and when one went to war, the other sent in reinforcements. Jyson was a solider at heart, but because he was the king,he wasn’t permitted to go into battle. Edward, on the other hand, wasn’t constrained by a leadership role.

He defended his home city of Kaycon and his wife’s kingdom by playing his part in the theater of war. His passion for his convictions eventually cost him his life. But, Edward kept a secret. He was powerful and could embrace the power of the elements.

Rylish was great in her own right. She was kind and compassionate to the citizens of her nation. When she was left a widow, pregnant with their child, she fell ill. From Rylish and Edward came Ziltra. However, Rylish was weak and called upon Jyson. She made him promise to take Ziltra in and raise her. It joined their kingdoms in a way nothing else had.

But, was it possible that all of these circumstances, all of the things set in motion between the two nations, between the three of them, was a prelude to an ancient prophecy?


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