The Knight, “Blessing of the Elements”

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Silwan comes from humble means. His family had been farmers and cooks through the generations. teaser5 silwanHe and his brother broke the mold by serving in the Royal Army. They both showed great skill, but it was Silwan who stood out to the General. His skill stood out so much that he was recommended for a special prestigious assignment.

Being the bodyguard for the Princess was far beyond anything he could have ever hoped for. However, he also had no idea how difficult it would be. Her beauty was unlike anything he’d ever seen and her capacity to love was unsurpassed. It was not surprise that he fell in love with her quickly. However, she was engaged to Prince Hoje. Watching her marrying that scum was more than he could handle. Retreating was all he knew to do.

Silwan fulfilled a much larger role, nonetheless. A role he didn’t even know existed. Could his destiny follow the same path as Ziltra’s?


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